2000-01 PRSSA Annual Report

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                                             2000-01 PRSSA Annual Report

         Letter from the National President

         Dear fellow members,

         This has truly been a monumental year for PRSSA. The Society now has a membership of more than 6,500
         students at 225 colleges and universities nationwide. Our newest chapters include Mississippi State
         University, Villanova University, Portland State University, George Mason University and Hampton
         University, with more potential chapters on the horizon.

         We have definitely accomplished great things in a short time. To start, delegates at the 2000 National
         Assembly in Houston elected one of, if not the most diverse, National Committees in our Society’s history. I
         had the honor of becoming the Society’s first African-American National President and the pleasure of
         working with a wonderful committee, comprised of students of Russian, Colombian, Hawaiian, African-
         American and European decent. This motivated committee was also lead by seasoned advisors, who are
         successful public relations educators and practitioners. This group would set the tone for a year that will go
         down as one of the Society’s most successful.

         Probably our greatest accomplishment was hosting the largest National Conference in PRSSA history. Held in
         Chicago last October, the 2000 PRSSA National Conference gave over 1,300 students the opportunity to
         learn from and network with some of the industry’s most respected practitioners. Members also had the
         opportunity to participate in Agency Tours for the first time ever at a National Conference. Prior to the start
         of the conference, 10 of Chicago’s top public relations agencies hosted over 250 PRSSA members, showing
         them what it’s like to work in an agency environment. After four days of chapter and professional
         development sessions on such topics as fundraising, crisis communications, high-tech public relations and
         making the transition from college to the work force, conference attendees went back to their campuses
         motivated and armed with innovative ideas to further develop their chapters.

         Building off of the momentum from the National Conference, PRSSA then went onto host the largest
         National Assembly in Society history. Ninety chapters sent a total of 161 representatives to New Orleans in
         March to elect the members of the 2001-2002 PRSSA National Committee. One of the special things about
         the National Assembly is its focus on shaping the Society’s future leaders. Through the Officer Roundtable
         Discussions and Leadership Training Sessions, attendees were given the opportunity to see what goes into
         running the Society. And I don’t think anyone will complain about the Assembly’s location, because after a
         full day of business, everyone went out and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the French Quarter.

         This year we have also laid the groundwork for the future of the Society in many ways. Final arrangements
         are being made to secure Canada’s Seneca College as the Society’s first international affiliate chapter, giving
         PRSSA a stronger presence in the international arena of public relations. In an effort to provide students with
         ideas on how to best prepare for the fast-growing field of public relations, PRSSA is now offering A Student’s
         Guide to Public Relations. This 40-page booklet, created by the Florida International University Chapter,
         takes information compiled in A Port of Entry: The 1999 Report of the Commission on Public Relations
         Education and adapts it into a quick reference for students who are thinking of or are currently studying
         public relations. To increase PRSSA’s visibility among public relations practitioners, PR Tactics, the monthly
         newspaper of PRSA, will now feature a monthly column focusing on various aspects of PRSSA. Establishing
         this monthly column will give the Society the opportunity to showcase our accomplishments to our future
         employers and colleagues. And the list goes on and on.

         We also saw a changing of the guard at National Headquarters. After 20 years of dedicated service to PRSSA,
         Elaine Averick retired as Director of Education. During those 20 years, Elaine touched many lives both

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         directly and indirectly and will be remembered most for her love of the students. In honor of her years of
         unselfish service, the Elaine Averick Outstanding National Committee Member Award was established. This
         award will be given annually to the National Committee member who goes above and beyond the call of duty
         to better serve the members of the Society, which is exactly what Elaine did for 20 years. Stepping in to carry
         the flame is Jeneen C. Garcia. With sound leadership and 10 years of PRSA experience, Jeneen has picked up
         where Elaine left off and is poised to lead the Society onto greater heights.

         As I said before, 2000-2001 has been a monumental year. Your National Committee has worked tirelessly to
         provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to help make you a stronger public relations practitioner. Through
         scholarships and awards, Regional Activities, a Web site that will soon feature live on-line chat capabilities
         and so much more, we have tried our best to make everything you’ll need as a member “All Within Your
         Reach.” Please continue to take advantage of these resources because they are there solely for you, the
         members. It has been a pleasure to serve you as president and I thank each of you for your continued support
         throughout the year.

         Warmest regards,

         Cedric L. Bess
         National President 2000-2001

         2000-2001 National Committee Accomplishments

         Sarah A. Sims
         Vice President of Chapter Development

             Coordinated Chapter Development Sessions at the 2000 National Conference in Chicago
             Implemented the Daring Duo Program (16 chapters participated in 2000-2001)
             Coordinated Leadership Training Sessions for 2001 National Assembly in New Orleans
             Recruited chapters to present Chapter Development Sessions at the 2001 National Conference in

         Vision for the Future
               Increase participation in the Daring Duo Program
               Increase number of chapters bidding to present Chapter Development sessions

         Kelly McNab
         Vice President of Internships and Job Services

             PRSSA on-line Job Center database was completed and launched, making it the user-friendliest site to
             Approximately 300 internship and job listings are available, more than ever before.
             PR News article was published about internship programs and the Job Center.
             Networking 101 was added to the On-line Career Resource Manual.

         Vision for the Future
               Explore other outlets to better promote the Job Center.
               Include the Job Center fact sheet with the Member Services Guide.
               Profile a student and employer as a success story for Forum.
               Work on generating more international job and internship opportunities for students.

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               Send more messages to PRSSA-Talk promoting the manual and listings.

         Teri Yanagawa
         Vice President of Member Services

             Developed "Each One, Reach One"
             Created "Each One, Reach One" logo
             Promoted scholarships and awards at national events and in monthly mailings, PRSSA-talk, FORUM,
             Connecting with PRSSA and the PRSSA Web site
             Updated and revised Member Services Guide
             Strengthened PRSSA E-mail Tree
             Oversaw increase in membership, scholarships and awards, and establishment of five new chapters

         Vision for the Future
               Launch on-line Chapter President Directory
               Create recruitment and retention tools to monitor awareness of PRSSA programs
               Further increase membership and participation in scholarships and awards
               Strengthen PRSSA and PRSA relations through PRSA Student-To-Professional Task Force
               Continue to promote PRSSA-talk, scholarships and awards

         Ben Blair
         Vice President of Professional Development

             Laid technical groundwork for live chat sessions, including overseeing the installation of Chat Pro to
             the Website
             Assisted more than eight chapters in the creation or re-establishing of a student-run firm
             Dispersed more than 200 Associate Membership applications
             Increased awareness of the Associate Membership program
             Compiled list of chapters with/without student-run firms (in progress0

         Vision for the Future
               Increase the amount of chapters with student-run firms and eliminate most of the problems that have
               been hurting student-run firms
               Establish the PRSSA Chat program as a major resource for the society
               Encouarage more members to take advantage of Associate Membership

         Flora Beal
         Vice President of Public Relations

             Produced bi-monthly newsletter Connecting with PRSSA
             Made Connecting with PRSSA available to the members via the website
             Produced press releases to promote society news
             Expanded web site newsroom to include news from individual chapters
             Created promotion templates and made them available to individual chapters’ public relations directors
             and newsletter editors via the website.

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         Vision for the Future
               Use the monthly column in Tactics to promote the society, build awareness of the society among PRSA
               members and address issues pertinent to the students
               Look for ways to promote the society through outside mediums
               Encourage and work with local chapters to promote the society at the grass roots

         Todd Bailey
         Vice President of Regional Activities

             Oversaw the execution of 11 Regional Activities across the country.
             Created a listserv for Regional Activity Coordinators to use as a resource for help and advice while
             planning their events.
             Revised the Regional Activity Bid form and Regional Activity Handbook.
             Coordinated the promotion of Regional Activities using PRSSA-Talk, FORUM, Connecting with
             PRSSA and the PRSSA Website.
             Plotted every PRSSA chapter on a map giving a visual representation of the areas that need served.
             Organized Regional Activity Workshop at National Conference.
             Created a new sample bid available to interested chapters upon request.

         Vision for the Future
               To increase participation in the Regional Activity bid process across the country.
               To provide each member of PRSSA with the opportunity to attend at least one Regional Activity a
               To increase the number of members taking advantage of the opportunity to attend a Regional Activity.
               To encourage every host chapter to apply for the Regional Activity Teahan Award.
               To encourage chapters to host a variety of events that will showcase the diversity of interests within

         Serge Golitsinski

             Created a new national web site
             Developed a new information architecture
             Developed an online database for JobCenter, providing easy access to and maintenance of more than
             three hundred job and internship listings
             Designed all visual elements, took part in writing the content
             Developed all coding and programming
             Integrated the content from the 2000 Conference Web site (50 Web pages, 200 images)
             Maintained and updated Web site throughout the academic year; Web site currently contains more than
             400 Web pages and 500 images
             Created a new logo for PRSSA
             Designed National Committee business cards
             Recreated the FORUM logo
             Maintained communication with members, providing information on Web development, design, careers
             in public relations, and PRSSA
             Together with other members of the National Committee, oversaw PRSSA-Talk

         Vision for the Future

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         Create new Website, with more user-friendly features
         Create new logo for FORUM

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