This week's feature group - Rotary Clubs by nrk14057



                               This week's feature group – Rotary Clubs
               S    ervice above self – the motto
                      of Rotary International –
                brings together a cross section of
                                                      The Kapiti and Horowhenua Clubs have cer-
                                                      tainly played their part in that."
                                                      Fundraising for flood relief has also been on
                                                                                                          Kapiti Community Centre.
                                                                                                          Neville Boyce, outgoing president of the Kapiti
                                                                                                          Club, says the club was formed 26 years ago,
                the community’s business and pro-     the agenda. “When the floods of February 15         after Paraparaumu and Waikanae.
                fessional men and women, work-        and 16 hit, Rotary called an appeal with no         They place considerable emphasis on educa-
  ing for the betterment of the world and their       knowledge of how these funds would be used.         tion, as do all Rotary Clubs. Kapiti Rotary organ-
  own communities.                                    It was absolutely amazing – $200,000 was            ises the annual Fun Run for schoolchildren in
  In Kapiti and Horowhenua there are six Rotary       raised throughout New Zealand, three districts      March and earlier this year was able to channel
  clubs under the umbrella of Rotary Internation-     in Australia and one in Canada as well as two       back $7000 back into the schools.
  al District 9440 which covers the southern half     clubs from Fiji which sent $400.                    They also host an exchange student every
  of the North Island and takes in 62 clubs in all.   “We have purchased a 4WD vehicle for Mana-          couple of years. This year Kapiti Rotary has a
  The Kapiti, Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Otaki, Levin     watu Rural Support service who have supplied        student from Nepal at Paraparaumu College.
  and Foxton Rotary Clubs work autonomously           extra workers for the region but didn’t have        The Kapiti Club also recognises local people in
  on their own projects and as contributors to        any wheels. We took 100 children, who had           the workplace with their Pride of Workmanship
  Rotary International. The clubs also have a         been affected by the flooding, away to Taupo        Awards.
  significant social aspect.                          and Taranaki for amazing week-long holidays         For information about Rotary International and
  Allan Birrell of Levin, who has just completed a    and we are providing three-day breaks for           its local clubs call 0800 4ROTARY.
  term as governor for District 9440, says Rotary     couples either within New Zealand if they wish
  International has been involved in a global
  programme to eradicate polio from the world.
                                                      to stay with families or in Brisbane, home-
                                                      hosted with Rotarians.”
  In partnership with the World Health Organisa-
  tion, UNICEF and the US Centers for Disease
                                                      Providing hospitality to Rotarians from other
                                                      clubs is a special feature of Rotary that appeals         of the week
  Control and Prevention, Rotary Club volun-          to Jean Marshall, the new president of the
  teers have been raising money and working in        Foxton Rotary Club.
  the field for over 20 years, with the aim of        “Wherever you travel you look for the Rotary
  completing the project by 2005, Rotary Inter-       Wheel on the roadside when you’re entering a
  national’s 100th anniversary.                       town and you know you’ll be made very, very
  “This district had a target of $370,000 to raise    welcome. Rotary clubs around the world are
  and has already extended that out to $385,000.      always happy to include an out-of-town mem-
                                                      ber at their meetings and the Foxton Rotary
                                                      Club will make you very, very welcome too.”
                                                      Foxton Rotary Club was sponsored through
                                                      the Levin Club 40 years ago and they celebrat-
                                                      ed that anniversary earlier in the year. The club   Owlcatraz Native Bird & Wildlife Park offers walks
    7am Wednesday 7th July                            has a membership of about 30.                       through native bush with wooden bridges and an
      Southwards Museum                               “We have awesome guest speakers and great           old waterwheel. You can hand feed Mai and Eye-
              SPEAKER                                 meetings and fundraisers. It’s very enjoyable.”     Deer and ride on the 'Thomas look-a-like' miniature
                                                      The Paraparaumu Rotary Club was the first to        train which stops at 'Lolly Stop' station. Guided
           John Lumsden                               be established on the Coast, 51 years ago. The      tours between the hours of 10am & 3pm.
 Chief Executive of the MetService                    Club had a prime role in setting up the Kapiti           Main Road South (SH57), Shannon.
 RSVP - Heather Meads                                 District Trust Board which administers the          Entry cost from - Adults $12.50, children $7
        04 904 5757                                   Marire Home, Sevenoaks and Midlands. It was         pre-school $4. Complimentary tea & coffee.
                                                      also instrumental in the establishment of the                 Call us on 06 362 7872

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