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									                                                  JESSE KENDALL
          123 Elm Street ▪ Newark, DE 19714 ▪ Hm: 302-555-5555 ▪ Cll: 302-444-4444 ▪

                                              INSIDE / OUTSIDE SALES
        Exceptional History of Providing Unrivaled Commitment to Customer Service in the Construction Industry
Dynamic, results-driven professional with extensive sales, marketing, and customer service experience. Demonstrated
ability to anticipate customer needs and proactively remove barriers to the sale. Exemplary verbal and written
communicator who exudes a professional image when interfacing with clients and vendors. Track record of exceeding
sales goals by creating win/win solutions that generate sales and business opportunities. Analytical and organized
relationship builder with the innate ability to identify needs, make recommendations, and implement effective solutions.

          Product Knowledge:         Vinyl and cement board siding, aluminum gutters, fireplaces,
                                     garage doors, windows, and all types of insulation packages
          Certification Earned:      Certified Master Installer

                                              PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

SALES REPRESENTATIVE, ABC CONTRACTORS SERVICES – Newark, DE                                                       20xx-Present
Fortune 150 firm selling $6 million+ per year in siding, gutters, insulation, fireplaces, windows, and garage doors.
Customer Service: Conduct cold calls, schedule appointments, and aggressively prospect new clients. Establish new
accounts and strengthen relationships with existing clients. Interact with customers and superintendents, perform site visits,
and provide superior client service. Promote new products and increase client interface by attending building shows and
delivering presentations.

Contract Management: Provide product estimates and pricing; effectively negotiate contracts and payment terms.
Interpret blueprints, conduct job safety inspections, and schedule workloads. Assess building interiors to inspect air
filtration and insulation. Design and recommend windows, fireplaces, and exterior color schemes. Manage account
receivables and collections.

        Credited with landing the company’s three largest accounts, with top building firms across the United
        States, generating a combined total of over $150,000 per month.
        Recognized as the #1 Sales Representative for ten consecutive years, doubling the sales revenue of
        the #2 Sales Representative for eight of those years.
        Developed a well-earned reputation for producing high gross profit margins (GPM).

CUSTOMER SALES REPRESENTATIVE, BCD EQUIPMENT – Newark, DE                                                          20xx-20xx
Delivered exceptional customer support and generated new inside/outside sales and rental agreements for forklifts. Cold
called prospective clients and seamlessly coordinated service calls. Continually devised and instituted new programs to
lower costs and improve service. Developed and strengthened relationships with major companies. Conducted on-site
visits to present and sell services and programs.

        Generated three of the largest accounts for the company, which resulted in a 35% increase in territory
        sales revenue in a two-year period.
        Increased personal sales by a minimum of $20,000 every year.

                         – Previous career history as an Installer within the construction industry –

                                           TECHNICAL SKILLS & EDUCATION
                               Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Internet Explorer; Adobe Reader
                                          Diploma, XYZ High School, Newark, DE

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