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        May 2009                                                           To View the Mentor
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        Denis Wikel Receives Award

        Stimulus Funds

        Peace Learning Circles- Special Kids Edition

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        Peace Learning Circles Newsletter

        Diversity Circles Newsletter
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        Denis Wikel Receives Mahone                                               here.
        Foundation Living Legend Award
                   Denis Wikel, a Peace Learning Circles Co-Director
                   will be one of two recipients of the Mahone
                   Foundation Living Legend Award. The award is
                   given to "honor and celebrate individuals or groups
                   whose life daily accomplishments represent the
                   multicultural and humanitarian philosophy of Mary
        Lou Mahone". Denis will be recognized along with Dr. A.
        John Capelli April 25 at Carthage College.

        Stimulus Funds Put Youth to Work
        Look behind the scenes around the Southeast corner
        of Wisconsin this summer and you will discover an
                                                                          To View the Diversity
interesting phenomenon. In Racine you may find a           Circles Newsletter please
young adult helping to weather strip a home; in                   Click Here.
Kenosha a youth may be testing the water quality in a
local pond; and in Walworth a team of teenagers may
be planting a community garden. Throughout the
region there will be approximately 450 youth engaged
in summer youth employment and training programs
thanks to approximately $900,000 in funds from the
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
The funds are being administered through the county       Community Dialogues
Workforce Development departments and                     Upcoming Events
are primarily targeted to support young people ages
14 to 24 who are in poverty and face additional           May 5 thru June(Tuesdays)-
challenges.                                               1pm -2pm Expand Horizon
                                                          Poetry Discussion
The programs will take place between mid June to          May 12th- 9:30am -10:30am
                                                          E-mentoring Webinar- UWP,
mid August and will focus on helping youth to             Tallent Hall Orchard Room
become "work ready" through training and work
                                                          May 16 - 8am-Noon HOPES
experiences. The training will include developing soft    Center Bake Sale- Racine
skills such as teamwork, communication, and work          Downtown Farmers Market
place etiquette; and there will be practical benefits     May 19 - 10:30am Unveiling
such as creating resumes, earning state safety            of the Welding Boot Camp
certificates, and being assessed for work skills          Project, Racine Workforce
competencies. The work experience, for which the          Development Center
youth will be paid hourly at minimum wage, will           May 19- 20 Diversity Circles
encompass jobs in the private, public, and nonprofit      Facilitator Training For more
sectors. No jobs created will replace workers that        information, click here.
have been laid off due to the economic downturn.          June 17- A Mentor's Guide to
                                                          Career Development 4pm-
                                                          6pm UWP, Tallent Hall Room
UW-Parkside Center for Community Partnerships             281
(CCP) academic staff members Mark Gesner, Mark
Mundl, and Beth Norris all helped to develop the
framework for the local programs and will help lead       Quick Links
the implementation efforts. While the program will
clearly put some much needed money in the hands of        Community Dialogues
area youth, the skills they develop will also help many   Web Page
of them be more prepared to contribute to the area        Community-Based
workforce in the future. CCP staff are particularly       Research & Evaluation
excited about how the effort can help grow both           Web Page
economic and social capital throughout the region.
        "As a result of these funds, new community                             Diversity Circles Web
        partnerships are being formed and additional funds                     Page
        are being leveraged that can help the long term                        Mentor Kenosha &
        development of our region," Gesner said.                               Racine Web Page
        For more information about                                             Peace Learning Circles
        Summer Youth Employment 2009, click here.                              Web Page
                                Peace Learning Circles:                        Everyday Democracy
                               SPECIAL KIDS EDITION                            Web Site
                               This SPECIAL KIDS EDITION PLC                   Racine Co. Workforce
                               newsletter is geared especially for kids.       Development Web Site
                               If you have one or know one, we
                                                                               World Cafe Web Site
                               encourage you to share with them
                               some of the ideas and fun activities            Community Youth Network
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