UAW doesn't act for blacks, militants form mciical union by xuk33092


									  volume         10:    number          6                                             UNIVERSITY              OF WATERLOO,                Waterloo,        Ontario                                                             friday    13 june      1969

UAW doesn’t                                                   act for blacks,
militants                                                form mciical union
    “Tricks        aren’t going to ,work                   in this country,”        protested one ob-       vote        for       Humphrey-Wallace.        _
anymore. ’ ’                                               server with noticeably            long hair.     They’re all the same.
    This was the warning of William                         “A person can walk into any                          “If    anything,       Wallace       was
Leech. a black militant from the                           restaurant      in the K-W area and              most radical of them all. He said
 League ,of Revolutionary                 Workers          get served. The Human Rights                     we’re gonna stop the bosses and
 in Detroit. speaking in the campus                        Commission         guarantees        it. ” He    the niggers. He appealed to the
center tuesday.                                            continued,      “I have a case pend-             white        worker       who hate both
    He began by explaining the sit-                        ing”.                                            those categories.             But Wallace
uation in the Detroit automobile                              “You can get tied up in the                   can be controlled            by capitalists
 plants. where one-third                    of the        courts for years if you want,”                    like Hunt who would like to see
 UAW        (United         Auto Workers-                Leech broke in.                                    nothing        more than racial           con-
 the union             in the factories)                       “When some guy throws me                      flict which blots out and ob-
 are black workers.                However,        he     out of a restaurant          because of my         scures real class interest.
 said. the national council of 1100                       long hair he’s just showing how                        “Wallace       talks about stopping
 has only 75 black representatives,                        small his mind is. It’s got no-                   the big eastern banking interests
    The union, therefore.                  doesn’t        thing to do with the system.                       and the niggers. He doesn’t un-
 represent the blacks so they have                                                                          derstand that he’s got something I
 attempted to organize themselves                             “Do you thing that he’s throw-                on the ball when he attacks big
 along the lines of racial solidarity.                    ing you out because of his per-                    business,       but gets played for a
    In 1967 black consciousness                  was      sonal dislike          for people with             sucker by the capitalists             them-
                                                          long hair or because you are                       selves.“
on the increase               and they began
 making demands. Leech explain-                           going to hurt his business?”                           A question was raised concern-
                                                          another observer shouted out.                      ing the violent aspects of the move-             “The horizon       tally layered         expression      will develop        an ascend-
 ed how clearly                the lines were
 drawn-at             the        Dodge         main           He continued,        “If John Lennon           ment. Leech said he was against                  ing climax which will be terminated                  by the enlarged         upper tow-
 plant 60-70 percent of the blue-                        of the Beatles stopped to eat there                 riots, calling instead for rebellion.           er of the library.       ‘* -soft-core      pornography         from      the architect’s
 collar      workers             were       blacks.      you can bet that he wouldn’t be                         “Ours      is not aggressive        viol-
                                                         thrown       out. he would probably                 ence-rather          it is self defence.”        des&ition      of the proposed administration                   building.
 while 90 percent                of the white-
 collar jobs were held by whites.                        be given a free meal. The guy’s                     The other side has guns and the
    One of the first confrontations                      in the business to make a buck,                     blacks are getting guns. When
came in 1968 at the Dodge main
 plant. The company called a speed-
                                                         not to vent his personal prejud-
                                                              Leech went on to talk about
                                                                                                             both sides have guns you have
                                                                                                             two choices. put them down or die                Open meeting                                                    to study
 up on the production-line                 and the                                                           the fools.”
                                                         the political         repression        in the
               called a wildcat strike.
                  the strike was illegal                 United States.
                                                              “Americanism         is fascism grown
                                                                                                                 Leech summed up by likening
                                                                                                              America        to a pregnant
                                                                                                              “If a woman is pregnant she is
                                                                                                                                                woman.        site of aalmin                                             building
 the company             backed down. but
 to save face. the owners fired the                      up. In Europe Hitler’s                fascism        going to have a baby whether peo-                 An architects’    site evaluation re-         solved only for the top 70 in the
 strike leaders.            five blacks and              was nothing compared               to Ameri-        ple say she is pregnant             or not.     port has recommended                 that an     administration-the             architects
 two whites.                                             canism. It doesn’t matter if vou                     ,4merica is pregnant.”                         administration       building         be lo-     have proposed below-grade              park-
    The workers again went out to                                                                                                                            cated in parking lot D, between the              ing for that many.
 have the leaders rehired. All but                                                                                                                           library and the ringroad.                          The architects       concluded,      “The
 two blacks were rehired and the.                                                                                                                                The administration     commissi-                 construction      of the administration
 UAW accepted these ignoring the                                                                                                                              oned the study to determine if the                  building on this site would unques-
 blacks.                                                                                                                                                      lot D location      was esthetically                tionably enhance the surrounding
    -4lthough this strike was not                                                                                                                             acceptable.                                         buildings. It would generate stu-
 completely         successful. Leech said                                                                                                                                                                        dent movement         to the west of the
 the workers learned two things:                                                                                                                                  Interim     administration          presi-      library    and assure that this area
  the power of people working to-                                                                                                                              dent Howard Petch has called an                    on the campus           would not det-
 gether and the total lack of con-                                                                                                                            open meeting next friday at 4 pm                    eriorate      into the visual service-
 cern for the blacks on the part of                                                                                                                            in AL116 to discuss the proposal.                  yard of the arts library. ”
 the UAW.                                                                                                                                                      “Interested      faculty, students and
    Someone          from         the audience                                                                                                                 staff are invited            to hear the                They also stated         that “the
 asked Leech if racism was a pro-                                                                                                                              architect     present       his appraisal          present      land, providing      parking
 blem of capitalism.                The speaker                                                                                                                of parking      lot D as a building                 for 135 cars, makes no contribu-
 replied that this was the case.                                                                                                                               site. ”                                             tion to the overall visual chara-
     “Black people were brought to                                                                                                                                The architects,       Page and Steele           cter of the campus. ”
 America           because          white       capi-                                                                                                         of Toronto,          have proposed             a        “We are confident of our con-
 talists needed cheap labor. Then                                                                                                                             multi-level      building       that would         clusions      in terms of the visual
 black and white workers                        were                                                                                                          leave a clear view from                    the     effect of placing a building on
 often thrown against each other                                                                                                                              church colleges,           but would rise          this site. However,        we must point
 by the bosses to obscure their                                                                                                                               five storeys in front of the soon-to-              out that our study does not
 real common enemy. ”                                                                                                                                         be ten-storey        library     if one was        include the results of both sub-
    “Why       then can’t you go and                     Black   revolutionary           William Leech discusses     union organizing                         looking from the Village.                          soil and flood-level           investiga-
 organize blacks and whites togeth-                      on lines of racial        solidarity   with campus    center audience.                                   The parking         problem      will be       tions. ”
 er in their common                    interest?”
 someone else asked.
     *‘That’s for you to help answer”
 replied Leech. “I can’t talk to
 white workers. They just say ‘get
 out of here you nigger’. It’s up to
                                                          Radicals                                         disrupt                            poli-sci                                conference
 white radicals            to talk to white                  TORONTO       (CUP )---Fifty   student radicals                 it functions and how it handles stress.                                University     of Toronto student, Andy Wer-
 workers.       We’ve got enough to do                   converged on a meeting of the Canadian Pol-                             The leaflet charged that Easton’s theoret-                      nick, told Easton his method of analysis had
 organizing our own people. ”                            itical Science Association at York University’s                     ical approach          to political      science “reduces            “no concept of totality”.          By isolating social
    Leech replied to a question con-                     main campus last thursday to denounce what                         politics to an abstract system of inputs and                         problems      and examining           them separately
 cerning the plight of the Canadian                      they called the methodology              of political              outputs”       and refuses to talk about specifics,                   Eason’s theory “rules out analysis which re-
 Indian : “They are our brothers,”                       science.                                                           such as “American            capitalism”.           ’                lates these together,”      Wernick said. -
 he replied. “They’re                 saying the             Members     of the York Sunday Movement                            “Easton’s        quest for a scientific           politics          Wernick     also denounced          what he tailed
 same things we are. We welcome                          and the McMaster        student movements          dis-            reflects the need among American bourgeois                           the general professional mentality.             “The belief
 them into the struggle.The                Indians       tracted an audience of 200, listening to guest                     political      scientists     for high level rationali-              that somehow         social scientists        are neutral
 in the US are worse off than                            speaker David Easton, when they walked into                        zations of their work”, the leaflet said,                            is used to defend their own lack’ of commit-
blacks.       I’ll bet conditions                 are    the Vanier College dining hall carrying ball-                          “Classical      liberalism       no longer suffices as           ment”, he said.
 the same in Canada. ”                                   oons, flowers and signs denouncing Easton’s                        a defence of capitalism.               In the age of state            - Easton claimed         political     scientists       learn
    There       were objections                from      sys terns analysis theory.                                         monopoly capitalism,              new centres of power               for the purposes          of understanding             not of
 the audience that conditions                       in       Easton, a Canadian who studied In the Uni-                     and new manifestations             of power, i.e. imperial-          rationalizing    the status quo.
Canada were not as bad as in the                         ted States, has returned         to teach political                 ism, require justification”,             continued the rad-            A professor in the audience suggested how-
 US. Leech pointed out that in                           science at Queen’s University.           He will re-               ical paper.                                                          ever that the people who make use of the in-
Canada in fact, the repression was                       ceive a salary of well over 40,000 dollars, ac-                        Easton      defended        his approach         as “not         formation      compiled      by political          scientists
greater       because the government                     cording to a leaflet distributed        by the radi-               reactionary”         and “not counter-revolutionary”.                are not the people interested              in solving so-
in power has no checks on it like                        cals.                                                              Following his speech he debated with the rad-                        cial problems but the people in power who use
the government               in the US does.                 Easton’s   systems analysis      theory centres                icals who had remained quiet throughtout                     his     that information       to control and manipulate
    *‘But there is no discrimination                     around examining       a system by learning how                    talk.                                                                people.
         Physics plans nuclear summer                                                                     school
             An international      summer school             terim      administration             president
         organized        by the nuclear        mag-         Howard       Petch in 1967, has been
         netic       resonance      group of the             -involved recently          in the study of
         University        of Waterloo       physics          hydrogen-bonded              ferroelectrics.
         department         will take place here                  It has presented papers at sev-
         from june 17-24.                                     eral international         congresses        and
             Approximately        90 students from            is planning to give three papers at
         Canada, United States and Europe                     the upcoming          Canadian associa-
         have already enrolled in the week-                   tion of physicists               congress      to
         long school.                                         be held here in late june.
              Instructors      are authorities       in            The members          have also pub-
          the field of nuclear magnetic re-
                                                               lished a ‘total of seven papers in
          sonance of non-metallic              solids.         various     scientific          publications.
         They include professors and scien-
          tists from France,            Yugoslavia,                The entire         group       has been
          United States and Canada.                     ’       involved with the organization               of
               The NMR,-group,         begun by in-            the, summer school. , +
                                                                    I                       ;..x
          rhjs js really u’ BSA ad, but. . .“.
            The, board of student activities                        Next Wednesday’s         movies are
    /    of the Federation       of Students is                  the Perils of Pauline-the            story                                                       Mathematics and St. Pauls came first in faculty and residence .blood competitions respectively.
         continuing    its summer      program                   of a young girl growing up in a                                                                  The blood donor clinic was held in the modern languages building monday and tuesday.
         with several more events.          ~                    reckless      manner-and         Sergeant
            On” Saturday       and thursday                      Ryhker-a          drama      war     story
         nights BSA will be sponsoring                           starring     Lee Marvin.. These are                                                        Changes in schools needed
         special Camp Columbia pubs with                         being shown in AL 116 at 7 :30 pm.
         Ian. Oliver and Nora in the cam-
         pus center pub.
                                                                    Next week’s dance will be on
                                                                 Saturday      night with the Magic
                                                                                                                                                                  Businessman                                                                                                             urges                                         “more                                       realism”         -
            On tuesday.     the popular .pub-                    Cycle                                                                                           TORONTO       (GINS)-Theri       must be more realism                                                                                                            vels toward selection of eventual careers leaves .
         dance series will continue with                                  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       something to be desired or “how else can one explain
                                                                                                                                                             in schools to prepare students for the. traumatic
         music provided by the Town Choir.                          Most summer          weekend      plans                                                                                                                                                                                                                       the preponderance     of students choosing non-industry            _
                                                                                                                                                              experience of going to work, A.W. Baker, vicepres-
         These campus center events are                          have been finalized,        and posters                                                      ident and general manager of Douglas Aircraft             Co.                                                                                                       careers? ”
         becoming     entrenched     enough to                   will      be appearing SoOnwith                                                              of Canada Ltd. of Toronto, said yesterday.                                                                                                                             He noted that science students enter industry with
         threaten ‘thursday      as pub night.                   details.        ’                                                                               “Too many students are being diverted into non-                                                                                                                  an inflated opinion of their worth and are too con-
                                                                                                                                                              production     channels       in the interest    of getting                                                                                                         cerned. about where they are going instead of how
         Reference                     librarian to retire                                                                                                    through school and, they are ending school with                                                                                                                     they are to get there.
    ,       Six years after she came to                             When she first came to Waterloo                                                           no preparation     for a useful position in industry.”                                                                                                                  “They do not seem to be instructed     in the need to
                                                                                                                                                                 Baker, who was speaking to a conference of mach-
         Waterloo to establish a’ reference                       in 1963 it was “a young university                                                                                                                                                                                                                               earn personal progress and so obtain security by
                                                                                                                                                              inery and metal working makers at the University
         department       in the arts library                    just beginning to build its collec-                                                                                                                                                                                                                               their achievements.”
                                                                                                                                                              of .Toronto,   said educators      must be made more a-                                                                                                                                                            - _
         Belle Grant is retiring.                                tion”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              In order to assure there is no over-supply     of grad-
                                                                                                                                                               ware of the changing character and needs of industry.
            Bliss Grant completed her BLS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         uates in any specific area, industry must contribute
         degree thesis at Wisconsin        while                     Housed in the third floor of the                                                             However,    industry      must also contribute     to the
                                                                 physics building. the arts refer-                                                             school systems to help educators plan programs.                                                                                                                    and assume some responsibility         so educators     are
         working as a librarian administra-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        aware of its needs on a continuous basis.
         tor at the University    of Alberta in                  ence collection       was. according                                                            The guidance given students in lower school le-
                                                                 to Miss Grant. impressive         even

         Calgarc. She became interested in
         reference     resources.  undertaking                   at that’stage.
         a master’s      program   at the Uni-                        A favorite of students and facul-
         versity    of Michigan      and later                    t.\’ alike. Xliss Grant has been
         working     in the Toronto       public                  described      as very helpful     and
         library reference department.                            conscien tous.                                                                                   Now

         Descartes                     medals            awarded                                    for math
                 Three Ontario high school tea-                    members of the Waterloo math de-
             chers had their own type of con-                      partment.
             vocation at Waterloo last friday.                        The Rene Descartes foundation,
             The three, all mathematics              tea-          in its second year of operation,
              chers, received      Rene Descartes                  is a semi-autonomous         body within
             medals      for ‘signal       service      to         the university      who’s objective        is
              mathematics     in Ontario”.                         the advancement          of education in
                 Interim    administration         pres-          general.       mathematics       in partic-
              ident Howard        Petch presented                 ular. To this end it provides
             the awards on behalf of the uni-                      scholarships,       fellowships.       bur-
             versity.    to Miss Jean McRobert.                   saries. prizes. and grants to stu-
             James Dean. and John Sharp.                          dents studying or doing research
                 The winners were selected by                     in mdthematics,          as well as me-                                                                                                                   Line          at
L            ‘a vote of previous         winners and              dals to teachers.

             Off-cumpui                    news, but what the hell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 STUDENT   DISCOUNT                                             ON PRESCRIPTIONS
                                                                  tain for several         years before                                                                                                                                                                                            UPON PRESENTATION                                                OF STUDENT     CARD
                 MOSCOW       (GINS )-A     leading
              Russian scientist     has called on                 world war II, said Trotskyites     and
              Soviet philosophers        and ideol-               followers of the new lift philosophy
             ogists to try to push the West’s                     of Herbert Marcuse were winning
             revolutionary     student movement                   the struggle for leadership of the
             in the direction     of Moscow-style                 student    movement       %by default.
             communism.                                              ‘We :musts notbe: dfraid to ad- -.
                 In a speech to the presidium of                 mit that at present our ideologists
             the academy       of sciences, physi-               stand isolated from this revol-
             cist Pyotr Hapitsa admitted pre-                    utionary    process and in practice
             sent Soviet ideas have practically                  have no influence on it,” he said,
             no influence among revolutionary-                   according to a report of his speech
             minded youth in the West.                           in the ,journal,‘problems       of Phil- ’
                Kapitsa.    who worked      in Bri-              osophy ’ .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PIZZA, SPAGHETTI,
             Former WLU prof asked to leave U.S.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SANDWICHES,   SALADS                                      ’
                NEW      ORLEANS         (CUPI)-                  fully explained but followed anti-
             George Hagger, former political                      Israel public speeches and pro-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  For Fast Service                                      Phone
             science professor at Waterloo Lu-                     student radicals’    action on the
             theran University,      has been asked                campus.     Hagger is a native of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     579-1400
             to leave the United States by U.S.                    Lebannon      who no‘w holds Can-
             immigration    authorities.                           adian citizenship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Carry              Out
                Hagger left Canada to take up
             a post at the University        of New                 The request by U.S. immigration
             Orleans in the fall of 1968 after hav-
             ing been fired the previous spring
             by Waterloo.
                                                                  authorities     follows  a dismissal
                                                                  by the New Orleans university
                                                                  where he was openly accused of                                                                                -c                                                                                                                                                     DINING ROOM
                                                                              militant    students , on                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   King      & University
                Hagger’s      dismissal     by the                helping                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            \
             Lutheran     University     was never                campus.
                                                 -,” ‘.      A    &rcription        fw   included    in   their   annual    rtudont             fear   ontitles      U of           W   students           to     receive   the      Chevron        by       maif    during           off-campus              terms.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Non-rtudints:     $8   annually,      $3    a ~term.

                    66 the   Chevron                                      ’ < -.                                           Sand       address           c&anger          promptly              to:   The        Chevron,     University        of        Waterloo,            Waterloo,            Ontario-                                                                                      \
   Staff restbictiN7s Iset for
   faculty club membership
       How would you feel if you were                   ents. This in Lucy’s opinion would                      ing fellow, and -I’d be happy to
   a professor relaxing in your shiny                   be the ideal setup.                                     have a drink with him.”
   new faculty club and a common.                           Math prof Ian McGee, felt a                             Many of the directors               stressed
   everyday       janitor sat down next                 cautious approach was in order                          that the restrictive          regulation was
   youandorderedabeer?                                  By starting out very exclusively,                       by no means final. With the ma-
       The directors .of the proposed                   no danger of overcrowding                  could       jority     of directors          available for
    faculty club have tentatively               de-     occur. If room existed for more I comment                              not in favor of the res-
   cided that this just wouldn’t do.                    members,         than admission             stan-       triction, a change is possible.                     .
       As qualifications         for the club           dards could be lowered.                                     Construction       of the club is to
   now stand. only staff of category                        McGee       personally        feels mem-           begin monday,              with completion
    11 or higher are eligible for mem-                  bership should be open to all staff.                   scheduled for mid december.                      The
    bership.                                            To keep the place from being ov-                       building,       of contemporary                brick
       This standard is not yet final,                  ercrowded        he suggests they jack                 design, is to be located west of
    and seems to be unfavorable                         up the fees. “Then if a janitor can                    the phys-ed complex and will house
    to at least some of the club’s dir-                 afford      to pay the membership                      kitchen,      dining and lounge facil-
    ectors.                                             dues, he must be a pretty interest-                    ities.
       Club president         Carl Totzke is
    not in favor of the restriction.            He
    feels the proposed             $6 monthly            Acting              arts dean
, membership           fee will be prohi-
    bitive enough to be economically
    restrictive.     The present restric-
    tion is not necessary             and could              Ober                      likes                  admit7                         work
    be changed to admit all staff who                       Although he does not plan to                      fessors       Ober feels it was “a
    can afford to participate.            accord-       give up- teaching              entirely.       the    natural       and inevitable              develop-
     ing to Totzke.
                                                       new acting dean of arts. prof War-                     ment that when they (Canadians)
       Another of the directors.             Kish      ren Ober.          likes administrative                became aware of the number of
    Hahn. department           of design. also         work and the “sense of working                         foreigners          occupying            positions
    was against any admissions level.                   with people. ’                                        in Canada there would be some
    “We aren’t trying to set up an                                         l

                                                            His appointment           is to last for          concern ’ .
    unbreathable        bastion, or perpe-                                                                                   l

    trate a master-slave           relation. as a period of 12 months                            at the           As far as he is concerned                   “the
                                                        most beginning             july 1st. Ober            educational           system          must look
    it was once suggested.              The club
    will merely be a place where fac-                   has been chairman of the english                     for the best person for the job.”
    ulty can get together and commun-                   department           at Waterloo            since          He feels there is no real danger
    icate over a cold beer.”                            his arrival in September 1965.                     / in hiring foreign professors                       but
       Not all the directors           are quite            Originally ’ from Arkansas.                 he    that “all things being equal” he                          Doing her part, Janice Page unsuccessful/” tries to distract
    so liberally minded.                                took his undergraduate                   degree       would naturally             hire a Canadian
                                                        in english ‘at Washington              and Lee                                                                  workers jfom completing Habitat 69, the abortion of a resi-
 _ Psych prof Ted Cadell was not                                                                              professor first.
                                                        University.          Virginia         and his                                                                   dence. Maybe she’ll have more luck ivith the faculty club.
    in favor of admitting              all staff.                                                                  No immediate                changes           are
    He reasoned         that the club was               PhD at Indiana University.
                                                                                                              planned in either                 the teaching
    designed for ‘. those people involv-                    Before his Canadian position he                   staff or the curriculum                     of the
    ed in the day-to-day
    the university”.
                                     running of
                             For this reason
                                                        was acting head of the english
                                                        department        and later acting dean                arts faculty.                                            Student   guilt feeling
                                                        of the graduate school at Northern                         “My duty ‘is to see that pol-
    the less important            members         of
    staff should be barred admission.
       Electric    eng prof Jack Hanson
                                                        Illinois University.
                                                            During his first year at Wat-
                                                                                                              icies and projects are carried out
                                                                                                              to the very-best of my ability”.                          cpestkmed      by iucige
    wasn’t really sure if an arbitrary               _ erloo he taught an English, 101                            Questioned         on the proposed
                                                        class. but in subsequent                   years     integrated             studies            program              Judge Kirkpatrick       of Waterloo                “Students   attending university
    level should be set to restrict, mem-
                                                        confined his teaching to advanced                    which will commence                      this fall.        court sentenced       himself to four               on bursaries loans, and grants may
    bership. or merely leave the level
                                                        and graduate classes.                                Ober stressed              that it was “a                  months of contemplation           in a re-          have distorted ideas of ownership
    of monthly dues as the deciding                                                                                                                                     cent case involving two university                  rights”, he reasoned.
    factor.                                                 This fall he will again be development                                we should encourage”
                                                                                                             and that he was “favorably                  impres-        students.
       One of the most openminded                       teaching       a first         year english                                                                                                                            Kirkpatrick  also wondered why
    suggestions came from Ernie Lucy                    section.      as well as serving                on sed with Prof. Jack Gray and                                     The question he is considering                  such cases as the one in question
    of personnel.         He -felt all staff            the arts 3 committee                organizing       his group “who are now in charge                            entails a student’s ability to feel                could not be handled by the uni-
    should be admitted.             as well as the arts building.                                            of planning this program.                                   guilty of stealing after receiving
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            versity instead of taking it to the
    making the facilities open to stud-                     On the hiring of foreign pro-                         The new acting dean believes                           free grants and bursaries.        It arose         courts. He felt expulsion    would
                                                                                                             the purpose of the university                    is to      when Joseph Sowieta and Rich-                      be a much more satisfactory
                                                                                                             produce intelligent              critics of our             ard Fenton,      both Waterloo          stu-
    EngSoc meef quesfions
          t                                                                                                  culture and society as well as to
                                                                                                             extend         and impart              knowledge
                                                                                                                                                                         dents. were tried for stealing two
                                                                                                                                                                         chairs from the campus center.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Earlier    this year a university
    use ot campus center                                                                                     through research.                                              The pair admitted
                                                                                                                                                                        chairs,    after consuming
                                                                                                                                                                                                      taking the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            committee        of faculty,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             and administration
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         decided ag-
                                                                                                                  He wants to make sure that
       Among the items discussed ,at a sixteen                           page issue julv 15. “freedom                                                                   twenty draft beers in the Waterloo                   ainst setting up a campus court to
                                                                                                                              ‘of speech is guaran-
   tuesday night’s EngSoc A meeting                    designed to -give frosh engineers                                                                                Hotel to celebrate         a successful              deal with offences of this nature.
                                                                                                            teed to all segments of the uni-
   was the preponderance               of teeny-       an idea of what is actually going on versity                                                                     exam. ”                                              The committee         felt the guilty
                                                                                                                            community             within        the
   boppers ’ -inhabiting          the campus           at Uniwat.          It will be reissued              laws of the land.                                               The students’      lawyer       argued           parties should be treated like or-
  .center. It was decided to present                   in the fall.                                                                                                     the two were too impaired to con-                    dinary citizens .
   the complaints          at the next cam-                                                                       “1 am utterly            opposed to the
                                                            Course club fiscal policy was                                                                               sider the consequences of their act.
   pus center board meeting.                           set at $50 initial funds and a idea that the university                                               is a       Moreover because of its senseless-                     The case involving the two stu-
       The events          for Engineering                                                                   factory. and I do not believe that
                                                       $100 contingency         fund.                                                                                   ness it was more a prank than a                     dents has been remanded        until
   Weekend were discussed and the                           The final item on the agenda was                 it is a microcosm           of society.                    crime. Kirkpatrick        felt the case             October 8. During this period Kirk-
   need for an all-out effort to sell                  a donation of $250 to Camp Col-                            “The ’ university             is a .place               would hinge on whether the stu-                   patrick will attempt to decide how
   tickets was emphasized.                             umbia after the camp finalizes                       where ideas can do battle in                                  dents had a guilty intent, not whe-               much guilt students      should be
       Enginews       will be putting out              its budget.                                          the marketplace.            ”                                 ther they were drunk.                             assessed in matters of theft.

    Clievroti                                      attacked                                          af city council                                                             charity                                discussion
        An attempt        by a Kitchener          city                     He said the organization    should be                               ized groups like united appeal           many                       Rosenberg     demanded an apology from
     councillor to discuss changes in the struc-                        studied with a view to determining   if it                             groups not now affiliated would join. A                          Wagner.       “I am not going to take any
     ture of the local federated charities was                          was the best means of raising funds for                                change in structure     would likely result                      slanders. ” He said he had not quoted nor
    lost when other councillors        attacked the                     charitable organizations.                                              in more funds being raised, he added.                           referred      to the Chevron      article in his
     Chevron’s april community       issue.                                                                                                       Rosenberg also questioned the need for a                     comments to’council.
                                                                           Rosenberg        said there        were    many
        City council had been discussing        ways                                                                                           $200,000 reserve fund by federated appeal.                          “Obviously      that paper on his desk
                                                                        groups outside the appeal operating inde-
                                                                                                                                               “Why not distribute    that to the agencies                      (the Chevron)       means something       to him
    of streamlining       the number of door-to-                        pendently through house-to-house             canva-
    door canvasses and tag days.                                                                                                               who need it?” he asked.                                         in what he is saying to us tonight about re-
                                                                        sses of their own.                                                                                                                     search and I am asking him to read
       The local federated charities is not part                           Consideration        of why some groups                               He said he was told the reserve fund                          it,” Wagner said.
   of the United Appeal (or Red Feather).                               chose not to join federated appeal “must                              was for a disaster, but he was convinced                             When Rosenberg rose to read the article.
   An article in the Chevron’s          community                       be an intricate        part of any committee                          if there ever was a disaster in the K-W                         alderman George Mitchell called on the
   issue had raised some questions about                                set up by,council,”       Rosenberg said.                             area, special funds could be raised by                          chairman to stop him.
   some of the more unusual aspects of                                                                                                        other means.
                                                                           Noting that the present appeal structure                                                                                                “What appears in the Chevron is not
   the local charity organization.                                      was set up in 1941 and hasn’t been al-                                   Alderman      Robert  Wagner      suggested                  the business of this council.”            he said.
        Alderman ‘Morley Rosenberg,         speaking                    tered since, Rosenberg            wondered      if it                 Rosenberg had based much of his research                        Chairman Russ Honsberger agreed.
    after the council had decided to form a                             wasn’t time to consider a new approach                                on “crud”     contained in an article in the                         Alderman Joe Mattson said the people
    committee,      called for a thorough inves-                         to unified charitable          appeals. He said                      april special community         issue of the                    who were involved in the federated appeal .
    tigation    of the current      needs of the                        he was convinced             from    research      he                 Chevron. He noted Rosenberg had a copy                          should be the ones to discuss whether or
    community        in relation  to the existing                       had done that if the appeal operated on                               of the article in front of him while he                         not the organization’s        structure     should
    structure of the federated appeal.                                  a larger scale, such as nationally organ-                             addressed council.                                              be changed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        friday   13june   1969   (10.-S)   67 : 3
                                                                                                                                   by Brenda    Wilson       Chevron staff

               Who should                                                     get the next                                     Uniwat                              honorary                                                                                                                                                                              degree?

                                      Brian                 Lauder                                      William   Leech                                                  Sandy                               Lake                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bryan                        Andersun
                                      arch 1B                                                           black revolutionary                                              phys-ed 2B                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               physed                         2B

                                     Alfred E. Neuman.                                                  H. Rap Brown.         He                                          Otis Dallas,     for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Timothy Leary be-
                                     That’s   the first                                                 deserves it.                                                      his donation to Can-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    cause he’s a good
                                     name that came to                                                                                                                    adian breweries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        head.
                                     my mind.

                                ~~~~~~,pd/~~         ;,   a,,>1   ’    ’

               Roger Tupling                                                         Colin Turner                                              Pat Connor                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ken McLeod
                  physed   2B                                                                elect 28                                               arts 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                    grad math

         John Diefenbaker                                                      Is it worth    having                                  Sam the ,Record                                                                                                                                                                     Nikita Kruschev,
         for breaking up the                                                   anyone?                                                Man. He’s as logi-                                                                                                                                                                  because he’s ano-
         Tories.                                                                                                                      cal as anyone else.                                                                                                                                                                 ther has-been.

                                                                      ,, :
                                               2 i

+~~w--------                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ecu&                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               --

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   4     68 the Chevron,
                     RHO        SlGMA     MU   FRATERNTY
                                                                              'The Loves of /sadora'

                            1969 hazing
                                                                                  Art,                     love                                 q
                                                                                                                                 and\ social - change
                                                                              by Henry    Crapo                                                                                         was shortened        a good
             for     information            calI 744-0681                     Chevron staff
                                                                                                                                                           The Loves     of lsadora
                                                                                                                                                      deal before it was released largely at the expense, I
                                                                                 The Loves        of lsadora    unites on film the emo-               imagine, of some of the dance sequences. What e-
                                                                               tional dynamics of art, of love, and of social change.                 volves is a film which can be sold under the headline,
                                                                               In these aspects of the human spirit, Isadora Dun-                      “Woman finds free love and a dazzling international
             XMAS           VACATIONIN ENGLAND                            i
                                                                          ,    can was a revolutionary.          I can’t imagine that the             career”.    You won’t find out about it from the advert-
                                                                               commercial       theaters    are ready for this film, but               ising, but the real theme is social change, through
          The Grad        Student    Union    is in the process of             here it is at the Kitchener’s            Lyric, hot from its           love. Isadora Duncan dedicated herself to what was
                                                                               1969 openings in Toronto and New York.                                  then, and what is now, most unpopular cause.
          organizing       a Charter   flight 2 - 3 wks, Xmas 69                  Society often grants its performing            artists some             Last week I spent an afternoon            browsing in the
                                                                              license in public behavior.          Having so provided vi-              cage of rare dance books at the New York Public
                                $180.00 return                                carious thrills for the populace, society can expect                     Library.    There is a scrapbook         there, labeled “Is-
                                                                               considerable     restraint and decorum from individuals                 adora Duncan”,      containing clippings from the 1920-
     ALL those INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT                                       in their everyday life. Like many great artists before                   1922 daily newspapers      (Boston and New York). The
     G.S.U. in Fed. Office CC                                                  and since, Isadora Duncan availed herself of this                       articles sound so incredibly       current, so like the art-
                                                                              license.     While doing so, she brought               something         icles you now read concerning John Lennon’s sleep-
                                                                              very special to her art, the dance.                                     in, or the articles these last ten years about Charlie
                                                                                  Isador Duncan discarded            the tightly-laced      bal-      Chaplin’s politics. Love becomes a political manifes-
                                                                              let costume of her day (a relic of aristocracy                 and      to, when practised        in a society which denies its
                                                                               the French court ). She discarded the quaint Med-                      relevance to international      relations.
                                                                              iterranean     folk-tunes    that, in one huge orchestra-                    At the invitation    of the new Soviet government,
                                                                              tion or another, still satisfied the ballet audiences.                   Isadora     Duncan moved to Moscow             and set up a
                                                                              She chose instead a free-flowing            robe, the orgiastic          school (“of life and dance”)        for fifty children.  Re-
                                                                              dance style of ancient Greece, and the rich sy-                          turning to America        for a concert tour with Sergei
                                                                              phonic sounds of Beethoven               and the new Soviet              Essenin      (a young Soviet poet, and her new hus-
                                                                              composers.       What she began, has come to be known                    band), she was confined to Ellis Island by immigra-
                                                                              as “modern dance” *                                                      tion aut,horities.    The>7 claimed       she had lost her
             Your ENGINE REOUIRES                      75OOs~aIIons              Fortunately,       her exquisite        dance      style   was        citizenship    by marrying     a Soviet citizen. The>- said.
             of AI FS for       every   cme gailon     0-f gasolhe,           captured      in a handful of pen-and-ink           drawings     by      and I paraphrase.         “You can go around dancing
                                                                              Segonzac. You see them in the film, turned red by                        your lewd dances wheleever you like. and 11-e won’t
                                                                              one of our miracles       of technology,      as a background            touch you. But if you insist on praising that rev-
                                                                              for the movie titles and credits.         (The director,     Kar-        olution, we’ll put you back on Ellis Island and
                                                                              el Reiss, gets to superimpose            his name over the               keep you there.”
                   DROP         IN TODAY        FOR A FREE                    choisest drawing. ).                                                         Her concert in Boston; “The dance of liberation”.
                          AIR      FsLTER      CHECK                             Segonzac’s      drawings     were a help, but it still                was marred       by dissension in the audience and an-
                                                                              required     a sustained effort of some two years for                    gry crowds in the streets. Those in the audience, de-
                                                                              Vanessa Redgraave           to recreate     Isadora     Duncan’s         scended but. five generations         from a revolution    of
                                                                              style of dance. Now, on film, Vanessa Redgrave’s                         their own, fled in outrage from a red cloak, a beau-
                                                                              dancing is totally believable,          sensual, and entral- .           tiful body, and a call for liberation.
                                                                              ling.                                                                        It’s all in the movie. All the love, all the beauty.

                            70WESTMOUNT                RD. N., WATERLOO       Play? whut play?
                                               f’HON    E 578-5600
                                                                                   Upper                            class                      opens                               festival

                                                                                     Several of the stars step from their 1935 Cadillac at the Stratford festival opening.
                                                                              by W. Ross Taylor,         B.A.                 places and the show came off                            Long tables were spread around
                                                                              Chevron society   editor                        without incident, except that the                    the sides for people to sit and en-
                                                                                                                              lovely ladies and gentlemen               had       joy their $lO-a-plate smorgasbord.
                                                                                  STRATFORD -
                                                                                e-1.    -            (staff ‘)-“Play?         to sit through a dull production            of       Most tables were half empty but
                                                                                What. play? I just came out so the           Hamlet while the less lovely citi-                    were well guarded           by elderly,
Bright,       exciting     pr                                                   people of Stratford could see how            zens had to go home and drink                        dressed-to-the-hilt       rich      ladies.
                                                                                well we’re getting on.”                      cold beer in front of the boob tube.                 They were to prevent            outside&
                                                                                  Indeed the drama was irrele-               The funny thing was that the peo-                     (those not in tuxedos) from using
fun. Just the thing for going
                                                                               vant. The good people of Stratford            ple who had to go home were all                      the available seats.
to a party,   or having      on& of                                           came out in throngs to see the up-             smiling.        They obviously      had no               Those unable to sit with this
your own. They’re     perfect     for                                         per class at play. And see them                concept of cultural activities.                      splendor      were ushered        uncere-
                                                                              they did.                                          This was the first act.                          moniously upstairs.       This area re-
beaches and picnics and bicycle                                                   The lines were clearly drawn.                  Festivities      were resumed after              sembled a church basement straw-
riding. As a matter of fact, they                                              The masses were to keep .back                 the play at the Stratford                coli-       berry social. But it didn’t matter
could   be the most       practic                                              from the main entrance to allow               seum. Fortunately          the stars of the          because those people weren’t star-
                                                                               the limousines room to manoeuvre              show didn’t have to endure the rab-                  ing anymore and this is still better
pants you own.                                                                 and spill out their owners. Two               ble again. They could I,et their                    than going home because after all
                                                                               very official-looking      men in red         hair down and be themselves.                        we are with our people.
                                                                              uniforms     acted as door-openers,            However, they didn’t change.                             All in all it was quite a show.
                                                                              saluting everyone and anyone who                  The coliseum was decorated in                    But three things come to mind:
                                                                               emerged.                                      highschool prom chintz. The revel-                  rich people’s fun is no real fun at
                                                                                  After making a grand entrance,             lers entered the arena through a                    all; the best performances            of the
                                                                              the women, dripping mink, gath-                papiermache            drawbridge.        The       night were in the lobby during the
          DAILY     till 6:00                                                 ered inside, met their confeder-               scene inside was reminiscent              of a      greeting      scenes and not on the
          THURS&         FRI                                                  ates, and stared at the huddled                second-rate        Hadassah bazaar. But             stage; and finally,         contrary       to
                                                                              masses. The people stared back                 it didn’t matter           because     there        popular opinion, the good people
          till 9:00                                                           with a look of awe and respect.                were       no peasants          around       to     of Stratford      didn’t really feel left
                                                                                  Everyone     knew their parts and          ruin the gala atmosphere.                           out.

                                                                                                                                                                               friday   13june    1969    (10:6)    69     5
               “The disregard INCO has for the men working there, and the effects they suffer
          in those stinking          conditions      sound out something             like of the coal mines in the
          eighteenth       century.      It makes a farce of INCO’s so-called concern over safety.”
               These remarks were made by Kenneth                         Valentine,     the vice-president of Local
          6500, United Steelworkers                of America.       This union has charged the International
          Nickel Company of Canada of maintaining                     “archaic and unsafe“ working conditions
          to the actual poisoning of workers.                   INCO and inspectors         from the Department   of
          Mines deny this.
               This article features the story of a journalist who entered the INCO plant at Cop-
            per Cliff and his account of what he saw there, His remarks bear looking into when
           lNC0      representatives       recruit    potential     employees      from this campus later in the

      Graphic   design    by chameleon        and RACSmythe

6   70 the Chevron
                                                                                                                                                                                             “But what does it do to you later, I ’
                                                                                                                                                                                             “The morning         after my clandestine
                                                                                                                                                                                         visit I telephoned assistant general man-
                                                                                                                                                                                        ager of INCO, Don Fraser, and said I
                                                                                                                                                                                        wanted to tour the areas the workers
                                                                                                                                                                                        were complaining about.
                                                                                                                                                                                            “I was told it was ‘irregular’,                      but
                                                                                                                                                                                        after some pressing               and three hours
                                                                                                                                                                                        waiting       for a decision         they agreed to
                                                                                                                                                                                        give me a tour. They refused to admit
                                                                                                                                                                                        my photographer,           however,        saying only
                                                                                                                                                                                        ‘It is against          company          policy’.       Any
                                                                                                                                                                                        photographs          I needed, Fraser              said, I
                                                                                                                                                                                        could be given from the public relations
                                                                                                                                                                                        files in Toronto.
                                                                                                                           tilating it. “He said the heat reached 150                       “In the executive          offices,      which are
                                                                                                                           degrees at times, and I believed it. As
                                                                                                                                                                                         air-conditioned         by passing the air!
                                                                                                                           we climbed the east stairs to ‘M’ floor,
                                                                                                                           I held my breath so as not to inhale the                     through a special chemical solution to
                                                                                                                           hot stench of the furnaces.                                 cleanse it, I was started on my tour. My
                                                                                                                                “M’ floor is a 20-foot wide walkway             a-     guide was Norman              Spears, another as-
                                                          is heavily       guarded by armed security                                                                                   sistant manager. I was takenon                     a broad
                                                          men. For two days I asked various wor-                           round the top of the furnaces, which fill
                                                                                                                           the centre of the building. On the west                     tour of the plant, and when I asked to
                                                          kers to sketch for me sections of the                                                                                        see the reverberator                building,        I was
                                                          plant they knew, and draw for me every                           side, the air is acrid, but bearable-it’s
                                                                                                                           the prettier        side of the building where              shown all along the fresh and tidy west
                                                          walkway, passage and entrance.                                                                                             side, where tourists              are taken through
                                                              “The only way to avoid crossing the                          they show the tourists and where some
                                                                                                                           supervisors’        offices are. But down the               every hour.
                                                          guards who scrutinized              all entrants was                                                                              “Standing on the clean and well-venti-
                                                                                                                           walk-area,       dimly lit by naked hanging
  On Monday,     December 9, 1968, Morton                 to wait till nightfall, and climb over the                                                                                   lated side of ‘M’ floor I asked Spears if
hulman (NDP High Park) told the Leg-                      massive slag range that dominates ‘the                           bulbs, the east side was immersed                    in
                                                                                                                           a shiny blue pall. In that pall, I saw the                  the spot we were standing in was the
;lative Assembly    of Ontario that he had                rear of the complex.                                                                                                         vicinity      the workers        were- complaining
1 his hands the truth        surrounding, the                 “Wednesday       night, dressed in clothes                   silhouettes of men working.
                                                                                                                                “We donned our masks and goggles                       about.
scent accusations    levelled against IN CO.              given me by workers,                    and equipped                                                                              “‘Yes’, he said, ‘and you can see there’s
ollowing are excerpts from that speech:                   with the required             safety goggles and                 and moved toward the pall. After 50 feet,
                                                                                                                           the acrid smell was penetrating                    my       nothing to those complaints.                   We take
                                                          gas mask, I began crossing                      the slag                                                                     tourists through here every day.’
               HREE HUGE SMOKE stacks                                                                                      gas mask, and my mouth and throat
                                                          heap. With me I took a camera                        and a                                                                        “So I pressed him to take me to the
               dominate      the sky over this                                                                             felt suddenly as if I had gargled in kero-
               flat little town. Twenty-four              drager meter-a            compact         precision      in-                                                                 east end of ‘M’ floor which is the actual
                                                          strument       used to measure              gas content          sene. As we moved in deeper, the pall
               hours a day, every day of the                                                                               became a milky cloud, and I could only                      area the workers             are complaining               a-
ear, the three giants belch grey-white                    in the air. Guards intermittently                  played                                                                    bout. The air was bearable,                   and there
llumns of smoke that curl to form the                     powerful lights onto the slag range, and                       9 see a few feet ahead.                                       wasn’t a worker in sight. My guide had
                                                          that made my progress slow, having to                                 “My eyes began stinging unbearably,
hostly cloud that hands over Sudbury.                                                                                      and I struggled            to keep them open to             predicted         that the dampers            would be
  On the edge of Copper Cliff is a vast                   duck them.                                                                                                                  opened for my visit, allowing all gases
                                                             “But     finally,    after an hour, I was                     see. They watered              so much the tears
 lmplex       of smoke-blackened          buildings                                                                        formed inside my goggles. A feeling of                      to escape-flattering,              considering          that
 lat feed the stacks. The complex                   is    within the plant and at a set place, pre-                                                                                   costs INCO a few thousand dollars in
                                                          arranged,       met one worker                 who was           nausea began to grow in me, and I
 pdched beside a 300-foot high range                                                                                       began gasping for air, which gave me                        sulphur dioxide. As I stood over the same
 ’ slag-waste        rock and iron-and stands            going to be my guide that night. The                                                                                         spot where I had collapsed the night be-
                                                          worker      would, without            question,       have        acute chest pains. I pressed the gas
 It of the flat wasteland like some Alca-                                                                                  mask to my face, but I could not shut                      fore, the INCO executive was speaking:
  az. It is surrounded         by a 20-foot high         been fired for helping me enter the
                                                         plant if he was caught. But he shrugged                           the gas out. I held my breath and tried to
 rice, which is closely watched by the                                                                                     pull my camera out. But I began cough-
 *med security police.                                   off my fear, saying, “If you see it like
                                                         it really is here and report it, then it                           ing, and unwittingly            breathed     a gulp.
  This is the Copper Cliff smelter                  of                                                                      A sharp pain in my chest doubled me
  JCO. This smelter is the largest of its                will be worth getting fired.”
                                                             “We      moved      toward          the converter             over,       and the nausea             overwhelmed
  nd in the world, the pride of the On-                                                                                     me. I pulled off my mask and began to                        “Oh, sometimes on a bad day when the
                                                         building beneath the centre stack of the
  rio mining industry.         And this is where                                                                            retch.     As I groped for something                to   draught blows it here you might get a
  1 the trouble is.                                      three giants, avoiding               groups of men
                                                         and supervisors’                                                   grab hold of, I felt very suddenly dizzy.                reading of ten, but that’s all. There’s
  Here, the workers             claim,   they are                                   offices.       Entering       the
                                                         giant operation,         we inched past mach-                      Then, I collapsed.                                       nothing poisonous about conditions         here.
  reed to work in conditions              that are                                                                              “I wasn’t unconscious         for long-45 sec-       Those workers          are a bunch of lazy
                                                         ines that dwarfed the men tending them
  bchaic and unsafe, amid fumes that                                                                                        onds to a minute, said the worker who                    bastards. ’
  Bison their systems, in dust that chokes               and worked our way to the giant furn-
                                                         aces that were the core of the building.                           was with me. He had been right behind                        “The air was bearable now, even with-
  eir lungs.                                                                                                                me and dragged me to a window when                       out a gas mask. It was 2 pm Thursday.
  Here, in these buildings, where clouds                 Several hundred men were in the plant
                                                         on the night shift.                                                I passed out. The gas was rushing over                       “Later   that day I asked two workers
      blue-white       gas prey through           the                                                                       my back as I bent low over the window                    I knew were on that afternoon           shift if
                                                             “After half an hour of winding ramps
  rious     floors, and where millions              of                                                                      sill to find air that was fresh.                         the dampers        were open o&closed        at 2
  ns of chemicals         are spewed into the             and ladders, we reached our first des-                                “After    a few minutes, I pulled out the            pm. They told me the dampers had been
  mosphere,        they think lie the explana-            tination : “D” floor, the base of the fur-
                                                                                                                            draged       meter,      held my breath,          and    opened at 12:30 pm. I had asked Spears
  Ins for two startling          facts discovered        naces. Open furnaces                blasted the ore,               moved back into the gas cloud. I loaded                  if these were normal air conditions,          and
     a study done at Laurentian             Univer-      ,molten red, and through                    the furnace
                                                                                                                            the long, grey tube into the instrument.                 he said they were.
  ;y.                                                    doors we saw the gentle rising of sil-                             According        to gas content,           the tube         “Once in a while,’ he said, ‘if a leak
  These two facts are there: first, the                  very      grey fumes            that followed            the
                                                                                                                            turns white from one end, up a scale                     is sprung, it might get a bit gassy. But
  ath rate of a Sudbury male over 55 is                  neck of the furnace up to the stacks.                              towards the other. -                                     that happens very rarely, and of course
    per cent higher than for the rest of                     “Here was the source of the sulphur
                                                                                                                                “The maximum            reading on the scale         we pull the men out. ”
  ltario.                                                dioxide. Upstairs,         on ‘M’ floor, were the                  is 200.                                                     “As best as anyone could remember,
  4nd second, the life expectancy               of a     areas the men were complaining                       about.            “I moved to the centre of the walkway                there hadn’t been a leak on ‘M’ floor for
   dbury male over 45 is seven years be-                 But they were also complaining                        about        -not near the furnace flues-but               within     several months.”
   v the national average.                               ‘D’ floor, which is where we were and                              a few feet of the men who were incredib-                    That is the end of the quote; that is
                                                         so we approached              the groups, of men
                                                                                                                            ly working there. The test took one min-                 the end of the statement from Mark Star-
                                                         who worked by the furnaces.                                        ute, during which I didn’t breathe.                      owicz. And, Mr. Speaker, what a scan-
                                                             “The heat grew in intensity                  at every
                                                         step, and it was like breathing                        with                                                                 dal that is; what a scandal it is for INCO;
                                                         your head in a hot oven. The heat poun-                                                                                     what a scandal it is for Sudbury, what a
                                                         ded you and you felt the veins in your                                                                                      scandal     it is for the member               for
 ‘he men who work in Copper Cliff                        head.                                                                                                                       Sudbury ; what a scandal it is for the
 r’t believe this is coincidence.         They                                                                                 “I moved quickly to the window, gasp-                 ministers      of mines      and health (Mr.
 nk they’re being poisoned.                                                                                                 ed air, and looked at the drager meter                   Dymond),        for this government;         and
 3ut INCO replied in their calm, rea-                                                                                       tube. It was completely  white. Off scale.               what a scandal it is for everyone in this
 Iable way these charges are “exag-                                                                                            “The air contained    over 200 parts of               House, that no one has done anything
 *ated and irresponsible”         and, as far                                                                               sulphur dioxide per million. The guide-                  about this in all these years; that this
   INCO is concerned,        the excess gases                “I asked that we stop before we even                           lines said five was the recommended                      terrible   company       has been able to lie
  L a product of the union’s imagination.                reached the men near the furnaces.                 I               safe limit.                                              and lie and lie and nobody over there
  111, who is telling the truth?                         was streaming         sweat,   and trying        to                   “Goggles     made no difference   to my               cares. Where was the ministry         of mines
  ‘o finally settle the truth of this mat-               walk towards      these stoves of hell was                         eyes. A gas mask was useless there-                      all these years?
  , the Toronto Star hired a McGill Uni-                 like walking      against    some big, soft                        you’d need- a scuba tank and pure oxy-
  sity student,       Mark Starowicz,       and          hand that was pushing            you back. I                       gen. And as we moved into the cleaner
    the night of Wednesday,         august 29,           could see the men better               now-like                    air on the west side of the building, I
   went to find out for himself. I quote                 automatons       performing      their     tasks,                  stared at the silhouettes of the men who                  This text is an abridgement    of a speech de-
  m the statement       he subsequently     dic-         their eyes half closed by the heat, mov-                           spent hours there in that shiny blue-white               livered to Ontario 3 1 egislative Assembly    in
  ed-after    getting out of the plant.                  ing silently. I myself could barely move.                          cloud. And I knew I’d do my share of                      december 1968 by NDP member Morton Shul-
    Entry to the plant is illegal, unless                   “You get used to this, sneered the man                          coughing and spitting that night, as these               man, and is adapted from “‘inside the INCO
   ! is a worker with a badge, a tourist                 with me, but maybe if you ask the com-                             men did every night of their lives.                      operation ” which appeared in Confrontations
   h a guide, or a special visitor         con-          pany very nicely they’ll        tell you how                          “After   a few weeks, you can stand it,                (april 1969).
   ted by a company official. The plant                  very conscientious      they are about ven-                        said my guide.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Friday    13 june     1969    (10:6)     7
                                                                                  Address     letters to Feedback,  ihe Chevron, U of .W. Be                                         Ontario     and Duke     StrtctS
                                                                                                The Chevron reserves the right to shorten let-                           Phone   742-1404                    Kitchcncr       Ontario

                                                                                  ons unsigned letters cannot be published. A pseudonym
                                                                                  will be printed if you have a good reason.

    Claims        false      advertising                     compelled to pay dues to any ass-                   not, then we should seriously
                                                             ociation against his will, whatev-                  consider    whether     the station is
    upsets        bored       engineers                      er the pretext.                                     “worth its keep”.                                         WATERUIO            SQUARE       - Phone      743-1651
         I think it is rotten. mean and                         I see as a result of this a fed-                    The future of the creative arts
    plain miserable          to pull the kind                eration, and indeed a whole cam-                    program     is worthy of consider-
    of stunts the Chevron has been guil-                     pus, where success would depend                     ation. This could be subsidized,
    ty of lately.                                            on one’s own efforts        only. Any               as at present,      and’ the expenses
          I refer to false advertising.                      association     with a guaranteed   in-             met by charging           non-members
          For one thing I started to listen                  come of $150,000 or more can                        higher admission rates than mem-
     to CHYM-radio         after the ad about                afford to be a law unto itself. Allow               bers. Dances would be run by
     discriminating       listeners     but all I            me to explain in more detail the                    the federation    on the same basis.
     found was that many CHYM lis-                           system I envisage.                                  It would be then up to each mem-
     teners are hopelessly           indiscrim-                                                                  ber of the university        to consider
_     inate if they listen to and support                       The federation      is, and should               the advantages         and disadvan-
     that terrible        waste of air-time                  be. primarily        a social organiz-              tages of joining the federation,
     lorded over by that hoggish H.D.                        ation. A second, but nevertheless                   and to come to a personal              de-
      Wilson.                                                important     function is to act as a               cision.
           But the thing that really made                    ‘bridge’   between        its members
                                                             and the university           authorities.               Other student societies        would
      me mad was that the prostitute                                                                              be completely      autonomous.       You
      by the’name of Loo you said ex-                        A national government          is elect,ed
                                                                                                                  would pay dues only to those
       ists on this campus (what a body! )                   to protect the interests of the peo-
                                                                                                                  societies   which interested         you,
      just has some cranky old guy an-                       ple of the country.       and to rep-
                                                             resent them in dealings with other                  and which        you wished to join.
      swering       her phone “University                                                                        You might end up paying more
    of \Vatqr~loo“--he won’t even make                       nations.    Occasionally     a govern-
                                                                                                                 than at present.       but your money
    me an appointment       or tell me                       ment may. having obtained pow-
                                                                                                                 would be going to finance only
    her price.                                               er. choose to further      its CM’II in-
                                                                                                                 organizations      ,which represented
       I hope you realize that you’re                        terests.   or those of a minorit!
                                                                                                                 your interests.       This might iron                                                                                 IIiIIItIIIlIIIIIIIIll~-
    making this summer       even more                       group. ignoring the electors.       The                                                                                                                                                         -   -
                                                                                                                 out such unpublicized            oddities                                                                                                  --
     unbearable            for us poor        summer         individual    ITho objects to this is                                                                                                                                                          -
     engineers. If we can’t listen to the                    perfectly   free to leave the countr!
                                                                                                                 as a “House        of Debates”     which                                                                                                   -
     radio or scout out the local pro-                       and seek a new life elsewhere.
                                                                                                                 has received         an allocation        of                                                                                               -
                                                                                                                 $500 in the 69-70 budget.              had                                                                                                 -
     fessional talent, what can we do?                       Such is democracy-.
                                                                                                                 expenses      of over $2500 in 67-68.                                                                                                      -
                   BUSTER          VNDERWOOD                     Let us examine       the situation              and can hardly           be accused       of                                                                                               -
                                       them      eng 2B                                                          producing      an auspicious   program              -
                                                                                                                                                                     -                                                                                      -
                                                              on campus, A person may choose                                                                         -
                                                                                                                                                                     -                                                                                      -
                                                              to come to the university            for           during the present session.                         -                                                                                      -
     Rep     joins'rmud-slinging";                            many reasons.      If he disagrees
                                                              with the status quo. or distrusts
                                                                                                                     The Chevron.
                                                                                                                 no longer
                                                                                                                                        of course. would
                                                                                                                                   be subsidized           and
                                                                                                                                                                         L                                                                                  -
     says     she’s on 24-h.       call                       the motives of the administration.                 would have to charge. Hence its                     -                                                                                      -
        Just a few words in correction                        he is perfectly       free,     as u-e             quality would improve.             We need
     of your       corrections      of Phyllis                have seen. to suggest changes in                   unbiased,        accurate.        objective         -
     Livingston’s      letter in the Chevron.                 the situaion.   These changes may                  reporting      on this campus.              ‘4t     -
                                                                                                                                                                     -                                                                                      -
     june 6.                                                  or may not receive consideration.                  this moment         one-quarter        of the       -
        First    of all. the witnesses         of             but the individual        retains    the           federation       budget       is allocated
      Gerald Robertson‘s         ‘throat    spa-              right to withdraw      from the uni-               to a publication           which      consis-
      sms” are non-professional          people.              versity     and seek his education                 tently     produces      articles      biased
      and. having no knowledge            of the               elsewhere.                                        towards one political outlook.                                                   KJm
      patient’s       medical      state.       are    not                                                           This. then. is my idea for a
      in any position to term Robert-                            Whilst here.  however.  he is                   new structure         of student organ-
      son’s cough a “throat    spasm”.                        compelled  to pay dues to a com-                    izations    on this campus.            I feel
       Here the refutation must end as                        pletely separate  body. the Fed-                    that such a system would appeal
      it would involve          a breach of med-              eration of Students. whether   or                   to thinking     people. and it would
      ical confidence.          This is a definite            not he intends to make use of                       certainly    be more representative
      problem         of     medical        authorities       such facilities as it offers. and                   of a free society.
      when responding   to criticisms                         this federation can then “repre-                        I thank the Chevron             for the
      such as that being put forth in                         sent” him in any way it pleas-                      courtesy     of allowing        me to use
      this case.                                              es True. he may formally         dis-               its columns       to present       this ad-
      that Pat Robertson.
                          may I inform         you
                                                                        himself      from the fed-
                                                                         but he is still obliged
                                                                                                                  mittedly     radical
                                                                                                                   and look forward
                                                                                                                                           point of view.
                                                                                                                                            to hearing the
      services director. is at present ac-
      ting health services director until
                                                              to support it financially.                          opinions     of other        members        of                      r
      someone is appointed to that pos-
      ition. Dr. Reesor and Mrs. Liv-
                                                                 It is impossible
                                                                       of the size of
                                                                                                 an asso-
                                                                                                  the fed-
                                                                                                                   the university      on the subject.
                                                                                                                  see in this an opportunity       for
                                                              eration to represent   all         students.        Waterloo  to lead the university
      ingston are as hired-doctor              and                                                                world.     with     a completely          new
                                                              If payment of fees were            optional.
      head nurse respectively.                                                                                    philosophy         regarding          student
                                                              so that students had to make an
          Also. on june 9. I was informed                                                                         organizations.
      by the administration          at K-W hos-              effort to join it. then the fed-
                                                              eration could. and would. repre-                                      PHILIP       S. ENGLISH
      pital that there are definitely            no
      interns      at that hospital.            and           sent its members.    otherwise   it
                                                              wouldn’t have any.                                                                 grad physics
      that no one nearing that capacity
      has been at the hospital for at                            The university,        as all others.
    , least two years.                                        has tacitly asstimed that the fed-                  Bob Jones’     armed     students
          As for the accuracy            of repor-            eration      reflects     the views        of       suggest    Uniwat    savings
      ter Smith’s recollection.          why take             the student         population.     and it
      a pad and pencil with you on an                         accordingly           negotiates       with             If Howie Petch ever wants to
      interview      if you’re not going to                                                                        cut down operating expenses. he
                                                              them. It is this assumption                  I
      use it?                                                 am challenging.         This is a strike             can always take a lesson from
          So much. let’s hope. for the                                                                             Bob Jones           University        in the
                                                              at the very roots of a society
      mud-slinging.        If anyone. anywhere.               which is entrenched              in conser-          southern United States.
       and at any time has a complaint                                                                                Apparently       the security          force
                                                              vatism.     Let us consider         the al-
       concerning        the health services.                 ternative         at greater        length,          at BJU is entirely made up of a
       please call me. one of your stu-                                                                            band of gun-toting students.
                                                              and look at possible objections
       dent representatives         to the health              to it.                                                 The apparent         militancy       is the
       services     committee.        at 578-8277.                                                                 result of the possibility          of an in-
       or write        to Waterloo         towers.                What, you ask, would become                      vasion of BJU by a conglomerate
       apartment        1106. 137 University                   of Radio          Waterloo.       which      at     of long-haired,          hippie commie
       avenue west, Waterloo.                                  present receives a subsidy from                     radicals.
                                                               the federation?          In becoming        es-        I would like to note that BJU
                           JANET       HINCHLIFFE              tablished,       Radio Waterloo         needs       preaches      the religion        of funda-
                                                arts 2         money,         and I would therefore                mentalism        which        encompasses
                                                               suggest a levy of $1 or $2 from                     God, motherhood,             applepie and
       Wants    voluntary                fees                  each student,           which      would be         napalm.
                                                               reclaimable         if he objected to it;              I might add that when univer-
       for club; federation
                                                               this would be an interim                 mea-       sity officials       requested       permis-
           I believe the $22 Federation       of               sure       for      two     years.      After       sion from the state government
       Students fee should be removed                          that time, if the station had es-                   to arm        their      student       guards
       from the university’s       list of com-                tablished        a sizeable        audience,        with machine           guns, they were
       pulsory fees.                                           it could seriously            consider     the      turned down.
            Why do I believe this?                             possibility       of “going commerc-
            Because   I believe that in a                      ial”. After such a move it would                                       MICHAEL         MOMICK
        free society no man should be                          of course break even, at least. If                                                        arts 1

       8     72 the Chevron
                                                                                                                          by Steve Ireland
                                                                                                                         Chevron staff

 On Canadian university                                                              campuses:

 likbi~ginity,                                                                                     is the IN-thing to lose.
            WIDE SPECTRUM of opinion on the current controversy about                                                                                                                                                                                                                           /

                                                                                                                                     social sciences he feels that the problem                                      apparently       differs in the two countries.
            the “Americanization”      of Canadian universities     seems to                                                         isn’t as great. “But certainly                       in political              “American         schools expect theses to be
            exist in the faculty and graduate students at the University of                                                          science and to a slightly lesser degree in                                    done two years after you do your orals.
                                                                                                                                     sociology it probably does matter consid-                                     You just don’t see the 900-page PhD thes-                              y
            Waterloo.                                                                                                                erably.                                                                       es in the States that we have here. A
    Conversations with professors and grad students in the social scienc-                                                                 “A couple of years ago the Canadian                                      good many are 250-pages-a                       good Phd,
 es and humanities (which critics of the massive influx say are most                                                                 government           course at McMaster                         was           something that can be done in a year of
 affected) reveal this .diversity. There are defenders of the university’s                                                           being taught by an American,                            which is              research and a year of writing.”
                                                                                                                                     just incredible.”                                                                 Often PhD’s drag on for many years
 “internationality”,     those who call it another aspect of American colon-                                                                                                                                       in Canada. “In the last ten years there
                                                                                                                                         Wilson says there are a number of
 ialism and those who are worried that our own Canadian graduates                                                                    factors       such as the more hierarchical                                  have only been 47 Canadian PhD’s a-
 will find no teaching jobs in Canadian universities.                                                                                nature of Canadian society, the British                                      warded in Canada in all fields of Canadian
    English prof Keith Thomas is one fac-                                                                                            common law tradition and the fact that                                       study,” he noted.
                                                                   last year are American or foreign, which
ulty member who is not upset about the                                                                                               half the country                   is Roman              Catholic                 On the “old boy” system,                       Johnson
                                                                   makes me uptight,” he said.
addition of many Americans         to Canadian                                                                                       which make Canada different                            from the              said, “The process of hiring comes down
                                                                       He noted that the U.S. only allows 3
universities.    teaching staffs. But he is                                                                                          U.S.                                                                         to this : you judge a man primarily                           by            ,
                                                                   percent of its professors               to be foreign
concerned     about the “invasion”       charg-                                                                                           “There is enough that a person from                                     the school he’s at or by who he works
                                                                   and other countries have similar forms of
es.                                                                                                                                  another culture is going to have a little                                    under. The recommendations                         are just
                                                                   protectionism.        “However,          Canada does-                                                                                          crucial. ’ ’
   Thomas noted that there was a deci-                             n’t feel a need to protect its own indivi-                        difficulty        comprehending                     the whole                                          * * *
sion by university      and government    auth-                    dual culture.”                                                    realm of things in Canada. I don’t think
orities about 15 years ago to expand en-                                                                                             an American             can comprehend                    the na-                Prof Jack Gray has been in Canada
                                                                      “I believe there is a Canadian culture
                                                                                                                                     ture of the French-Canadian                            question.             three years and is now ‘associate                        dean
                                                                   and that jobs should be provided                        for                                                                                   of arts, as well as a professor                      of Eng-
             editorial-       --p&e       11                       Canadians. ”                                                      It takes time, you’ve got to live through
                                                                                                                                     it. ”                                                                        lish.
                                                                      Asked whether he felt Canadian culture
 rolment in Canadian universities                      and so                                                                            Wilson feels there is a great problem                                        “When you look for people, at least
                                                                   is transmitted       in the study of english lit-
 this country invited faculty from other                                                                                            when Americans                    assume positions                  of       it’s my experience,               you don’t look at a
                                                                   erature. he replied. “Not in this depart-
 countries      since it had insufficient                of its                                                                     authority        in Canadian institutions.                     “The          nationality        and you don’t look at some
                                                                   ment because we’re primarily                     concern-
 own.                                                                                                                               old boy network                   is unavoidable.                You         kind of population                   distribution.         You
                                                                   ed with either American                  literature      or
     “Those who attack their coming are                                                                                             simply trust the people you know.”                                           look at how much work he’s done,
                                                                   old,British literature.”
 like the spoiled child of the household who                                                                                             However this is not as great a problem                                  where (but not from the standpoint                             of
                                                                      “The year before last we had a fan-
 is impolite to his parents. guests.”                        he    tastic opportunity.         we had Earl Birney.                  when the decision-making                           authority        is       what country, but from the status of the
 said. These professors                 have served us                                                                              widely diffused.             as he feels it is in his                        institution),         how‘ much he’s publish-
                                                                   a noted Canadian poet and for a brief                                                                                                                                         *a.*
 well. Are we now to turn around and                                                                                                department.           Problems              arise in depart-                 ed,” he said.
                                                                   flash we were concerned with a Canadian.
 throw them out as if we were some bana-                           identity in terms of literature.                However          ments such as UofT’s political economy                                            “I’ve    talked       to people who’ve said
 na republic?”             ~                                                                                                        where the political science side is firmly                                   that if we have to start looking for a
                                                                   at this point I would feel safe to say that
    Thomas        supports the concept of the                                                                                       in the control of an American elite.                                        left-handed Canadian teacher of Heming-
                                                                   the only critics worth reading are Amer-
 university      as an international             entity. He                                                                                                    * * *                                            way-well,          this distorts things.”
 noted that publication               of research is an                                                                                  History      prof Leo Johnson said that                                      Gray said he has given a lot of thought
                                                                      The American            influence         is felt in
 international       activity.       “There have been                                                                               discussions he has been involved in late-                                   to the concern about Canadian culture
                                                                  more than curricular             areas. this student
 no protective         tariff .walls in academe.”                                                                                   ly have raised different                       sorts of quest-              being lost by having literature                         taught        ’
                                                                   felt. ‘It’s       the way of doing things.
 he said. “I would only hope that those                                                                                             ions about the American invasion.                                           by Americans.
                                                                   There is a Canadian                   way of doing
 who complain           are not afraid of having                                                                                         “Radicals       seems to feel it has been                                    “Let’s     say you’re           teaching        Shakes-
                                                                  things-we         do sort of bumble along. So
 competition come a little closer to home.”                                                                                         a misleading             discussion             so far. They                peare. You have a certain cultural bias
                                                                   why not just bumble along? ‘*
    He admitted that Canadians are prob-                                                                                           say. ‘Does it matter who teaches capit-                                      if your training was in England, or the
                                                                      About     opportunities           for Canadians                                                                                           U.S. or Canada.” If you’re looking for
 ably better qualified to teach Canadian                          in the Waterloo           english department              he     alism? ’ and ‘Does Canadian                                training
 politics.   sociology          and literature.           ‘Us-                                                                     always really matter?’                                                       illustrative          examples,          you use those
                                                                   said. “Some guy with a PhD from the
 ually they are more exposed to those                                                                                                    **For instance.            there is no Canadian                       most immediate                 to your students.             For
                                                                   University      of New Brunswick                or UofT
 fields than other nationals are. But being                                                                                        sociological         study being done, either by                            my first year here I didn’t have many                                        -
                                                                  has a really tough time getting a job
 Canadian would not be an inherent ad-                                                                                             Canadians           or americans-everybody                           is     Canadian examples,                   but. I’ve got a lot
                                                                  here because when it comes down to ac-
 vantage in any of the scores of fields with-                                                                                      trained in the Chicago school,”                            he add-          of them now.
                                                                  cepting a new prof you have perhaps 12
 in those varied disciplines.               nor in any of                                                                           ed.                                                                              “I think a lot depends on how assim-
                                                                  Americans        voting and four or five Cana-
 the hundreds of fields outside those ar-                                                                                                “The      arguments              the radicals             were        ilable into the culture the professor                          is.
 eas.                                                                                                                               making *was that there is a reason to be                                   Some resist it, others can assimilate
                                                                      “There is this myth in Canada that our
    **Would those who complain about the                                                                                           concerned          about the American                     penetra-          very rapidly. I think there is a high pos-
                                                                  education is not up to the scratch of an
 so-called invasion deny to Canadian stud-                                                                                         tion of Canadian universities                          because it           sibility of a cultural bias or contamina-
                                                                  American        or British        institution.       there-
 ents the best instruction             available regard-                                                                           is another aspect of American                             colonial-         tion, but it’s not a necessity.                   It depends
                                                                  fore if there is a choice between an Am-
 less of country of origin?” he asked.                                                                                             ism. It begins in the economic                               and is         on the man, how open he is, how sen-
                                                                  erican and a Canadian PhD. you obvious-
    Thomas said he rather doubts the fig-                                                                                          expected now in all aspects of Canadian                                     sitive he is to his new situation.
                                                                  ly choose the one from Southern Color-
 ures being offered               by those who are                                                                                 political and intellectual life. ”                                                “There        are      some         Americans            up
                                                                  ado Technical School of Engineering.
complaining.         “I think their figures must                      “I believe in quality and all that.”                              Johnson says that there are propor-                                   here who think it is an unpatriotic                       act to
include      teaching           assistantships          given                                                                      tionately         fewer        and fewer Canadians                         say ‘zed’ or spell enrol with 2 1’s.”
                                                                  he concluded.          “But I also believe that
to non-nationals         in Canada. ”                             since other countries have protectionism.                        in Canadian graduate schools and that                                             Gray feels that areas in political sci-
    He said he had heard rumors                            that                                                                    the introdutition             of so many American                          ence such as Canadian system of govern-
                                                                  why not Canada? ”
Canadian         PhD graduates                are having                                                                          faculty           means           the introduction                   of     ment should be taught by Canadians.
difficulty     getting jobs. but that the mark-                      Political  scien:e * p;of John Wilson                         American graduate students.                                                “My teeth ache when I hear Americans
et varies from year to year. from uni-                            susp.ects that the claims that PhD gra-                               “Eventually         it won’t matter a damn ’                          talking          about       ‘congress’         when they
versity to university.            He cited his depart-            duates or persons who have completed                            whether a student is trained in Canada                                      mean ‘parliament’.                I want to say, ‘Wise
ment’s recent need to obtain more senior                          their PhD course work and are finishing                         or not, he will still be an American stud-                                  up, you’re in a different country now. ’ ”
people for its graduate program.                                  their theses are not being hired is be-                         ent.”                         \                                                    Although he couldn’t speculate on the
    “When other factors                  are equal. we            cause many do not consider the smaller,                               He remarked            that one of the major                          long-term           plans of his American                   coll-
give preference            to Canadians.”            he not-      newer universities      when they are ap-                       difficulties           behind             Canadian            PhDs’         eagues, Gray says he’s perfectly                       content       .
ed.                                                               plying.                                                         trouble        in finding              employment             stems        to stay here, “so long as they don’t
    *‘The plea is to recognize the interna-                          “On the basis of our experience               we             from evaluating                 transcripts            from Am-            kick me out. I’m quite happy to assim-
tional aspect. the universality                  of univer-       have few people apply,”         he said. “It                    erican and Canadian universities.                                          ilate. I like it here. I still think that the                              a
sities.”    he concluded.            “To be parochial             suggests these people may be’ poorly .                                “Canadian         universities              do not have              students           and faculty           have more say,
is to wither.”                                                    advised.                                                        the number of scholarships                           or citations          more freedom than at any of the Ameri-
                          * * -*                                     “It has been fairly easy to get social                       that Americans              do. An American                   trans-       can schools. ”
    However.        graduate          students        in the      science jobs in Canada in the past. I                           cript, invariably                looks better               than a                He doubts if too many Americans think                            ’
english department               are more concerned               have the impression     now that it is tight-                   Canadian transcript.                 ” -’                                  they?11 be here for four or five years
about the American influx.                                        ening up. We may be freezing in a situa-                              He added,          “American                  schools        are     and hhen go on to bigger things. l bFor one
    One stated             that      masters’          candi-     tion now which is undesirable. ”                                much more aggressive                       than ours in pro-               thing the salary schedule is very favor-
dates       were          told        not       to      both-        Wilson feels that “foreign”        is a poor                 moting the welfare                      of their students”                 able in contrast with the majority of Am-
er applying              for       jobs      in Canadi-           way to designate non-Canadian             faculty,              and cited some American                              universities          erican schools. ’ ’
an universities        as long ago as last novem-                 since “a foreigner      from England is a                       which issue circulars                       listing all their                     Asked if there was anything he want-
ber.                                                              very different kettl’e of fish culturally      than I           grad students, their fields of study and                                   ed to add to his comments.                      Grav placed
    “Since then I’ve found out that 72 per-                       a foreigner from the United States.”                            supervisors.                                                               hand on heart                    and declared.             “The
cent of all professors                hired in Canada                In some areas of the humanities              and                  The work necessary                      for a doctorate               maple leaf forever! ”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        friday      73 june      7969 /70:6)          73 9
      From the executive                  offices of                                                                  Leonard Wills may be the only corpor-                      “Our    attitude     is to observe       the Can-
Brazilian Light and Power comp-                                                                                    ate president     in Canada who can talk for               dian amenities,       think like Canadians, and
any limited in downtown Toronto,                                                                                   one hour without using the term “free                      talk about those Godamned Americans.”
shareholders                learned        that,       in                                                          enterprise”!                                                   “If we are going to restrain inflationary
terms of dividends, 1969 will be the                                                                                  He is one of the few who would say                       pressure    it’s got to be done by cutting
biggest year in the company’s                                                                                      that “profit     per se, is not the business-              back on the things we can wait for-the
mercurial         56-year history.                                                                                 man’s entire motivating            force-profit       is   social measures         that are nice, but should
      On the 20th floor of the Can-                                                                                just how you keep score.”                                  be nostnoned.”
adian Imperial Bank of Commerce                                                                                        His succession     to the Canadian manu-                   Mr. Wills views his new responsibil-
building, where Brazilian’s                      pres-                                                             facturers’    association      presidency       is also
                                                                                                                                                                              ities as president          of the Candian man-
ident, Robert                  Winters,        and a                                                               interesting     because he is president               of   ufacturers       association       as part of his
staff of 55 direct the affairs of the                                                                               Honeywell     Controls     Ltd. of Toronto,           a
                                                                                                                                                                              continuing self-education.           (His formal ed-
billion-dollar           company,’ Mr. Win-                                                                         wholly-owned       subsidiary       of Honeywell          ucation     ended when he dropped out of                   -
ters had a simple explanation                        for                                                            Inc. of Minneapolis.        As such he repres-             hieh school. 1
                                                                                                                                                                                  SC--         ’
the change:                “The        revolution.”                                                                 ents one of the problems of the Canadian
                                                                                                                    economy and one of its newest, fastest-                       “And to be boy-scoutish            about it, I do
      In march            1964, the left-wing                                                                                                                                 feel a desire to put back a little into the
government              of Joao Goulart                (a                                                           growing and most technically-demanding
                                                                                                                    industries.                                               pot from which I have been drawing. You
name Winters                   pronounces         with                                                                                                                        tend to climb on the backs of other peo-
profound          contempt)              was over-                                                                     “I don’t look on foreign ownership as an
                                                                                                                    evil thing,”    Mr. Wills says. “It depends                ple all your life. We all do.”
thrown         bloodlessly           by the Bra-
zilian military               under the leader-                                                                     a great deal on the type of corporation                                        -from      the Globe and Mail
ship of General Humberto                          Cas-                                                              involved.”                                                                Report on Business, 3 june 1969
tello Branco,              who became pres-
      At Brazilian’s              annual meeting                                                                                              “Today is june 6, D-Day for Colonial Cookies Limited. With the “D”                         ,
lateqthat         year, J. Grant Glassco,                                                                                                  standing for double.     . . For your new bakery plant        . . .represents
who was then president, welcomed                                                                                                           double the size and capacity        of your old facilities. and you also aim
 the takeover                as a setback               to                                                                                 to double your sales and staff        . . .I know you’ll reach those ambit-
 world communism                    that had been                                                                                          ious but realistic goals. In D-Day fashion, you’ve already proven you
 scarcely appreciated.                                                                                                                     know how to successfully      invade and capture foreign markets. ‘*
      Under its new leadership,                       he                                                                                      An outrageous parody of the tragic triumph of 25 years ago by a cyni-
 noted the Bank of Brazil                           had                                                                                    cal iconoclast?     The strained imagery      of some mindless high school
 made good $3.6-million                        of the                                                                                      sophomore?
 $11.2-million it owed the company.                                                                                                           No. Just Ontario’s Minister of trade and development.        the Honorable
 Mr. Glassco said the new presi-                                                                                                           Stanley J. Randall, as he opened the new bakery of Colonial Cookies
 dent had indicated he would safe-                                                                                                         Limited, Kitchener,     at 5 pm, june 6, 1969. On behalf of the government.
 guard the right of foreign com-
 panies to repatriate                  capital, and
                                                                                                                                  h        elected by the people of Ontario.
                                                                                                                                                                                                              - -Globe
 to send a reasonable                        level of                                                                                                                                                                    and Mail,           -
 earnings home.                                                                                                                                                                                                    i june 1969
       “The military            government          was
 dedicated           to the principles                  of
 private enterprise,”                  Mr. Winters
 said in an interview.                  “They real-
 ized they needed to create a cli-
 mate friendly               to foreign capital,
 and they did so. ”
       Last december the remnants of
 democratic               government             disap-
 peared in Brazil when Gen. Cas-
  tello Branco’s successor, president
  Arthur da Costa e Silva suspended
 congress,          imposed            martial       law
  and packed his most vocal op-
  pents off to jail.
       The news dismayed                   many ob-
  servers, who had generally cred-
  ited the military                   regime        with
  controlling          inflation        (which rea-                                                                                                                                 Roy Thomson,           at 75, figures      he’ll
  ched an annual rate of 144 per                                                                                                                                                 stay in harness for another five years
  cent in the months                     before the                                                                                                                              or so and then, if his faculties               fail
  takeover)         and with rescuing Bra-                                                                                                                                       him, he’ll retire to Canada and resume
   zil from economic collapse.                                                                                                                                                   his Canadian citizenship.
        President Lyndon Johnson held                                                                                                                                                But Baron Thomson             of Fleet who
   up $50-million                in U.S. aid to                                                                                                                                  feels he has achieved             more than he
   Brazil and $125-million in loans.                                                                                                                                             ever dreamed,        faces his 75th birthday
   %%e Nixon               administration             has                                                                                                                        with no immediate            thoughts of yield-
   quietly maintained the freeze.                                                                                                                                                ing the crown as the world’s leading
        Mr. Winters is undismayed.The                                                                                                                                            newspaper         owner,       with    corporate
   tituation       is no rougher than be-                                                                                                                                        assets of about $500,000,000.
   fore- ‘ ’ not as it applies to us. Ec-                                                                                                                                            He became a widower               more than
   mmically,             things are not worse                                                                                                                                    a decade ago but has no desire to
   tin before. In fact, the situation                                                                                                                                            remarry.       Among his few regrets               is
   ti gettifig more stable. ”                                                                                                                                                    that his driving           ambition     in early
        E Mr. Winters takes a delicate-                                                                                                                                          years     reduced      the amount        of time
    @ diplomatic               approach        to poli-                                                                                                                          he could spend with his family.                But
    tis in Brazil, he has good rea-                                                                                                                                              he rationalizes          this by concluding
    mn- Brazilian               Light and Power                                                                                                                                  that if he had taken out more time
    bs       reached           an understanding                                                                                                                                   for leisure,     he would not have been
    tith the military               regime that it                                                                                                                                able to scale the financial             heights..
    muId not achieve with its more                                                                                                                                                   “Looking     back, I’m sure I did the
    &mocratic           predecessor.                                                                                                                                              right thing,”     he said. “If I had to do
                                                                                                                                                                                  it all over again, I wouldn’t             change
             -from  the Globe and Mail                                         I-
        Report on Btisiness, 6 may 1969                                                                                                                                                              * * *
                                                                 *v                                                                                                                  Reaching     the   pinnacle       has its
     R.P. Riggin, vicepiesident            of corporate      relations,      Nor-                                                                                                 satisfactions   but it is a lonely place.
  anda Mines Ltd., said he was amazed that the task force                                                                                                                            “I don’t have many close friends
  fthe Woods report)            had come to the conclusion              that the                                                                                                  among       my company     officials    as a
  present balance of power is in favor of management.                                                                                                                             rule. Personal friendship      is not easy.”
     Maintaining        that the contrary        is true, he said the first                                                                                                                          * * *
  step toward         promoting      more responsible        unionism       is to
  adjust the laws to create an equitable balance of power                               My report to you this year comes at a time which may prove                                    Thomson came up the hard way. He
  In labor relations.                                                                to be an important turning point in both national and international                          struggled,     he said, because he didn’t
     He noted that, “in contrast           to the federal task force, the            economic and political developments.                                                         want to remain poor. But now social
  recommendations            of the late Ivan C. Rand for changes in                    Within a space of only six months’ new federal administrations                            services,     especially     in Britain,   seem
  Ontario’s      labor laws clearly          recognized     priority     for the     will have been installed in both Ottawa and Washington.           While                      to be overdone.          He doesn’t want to
  public interest,        including    the maintenance        of law and or-         this does not necessarily      imply that basic changes in the direr-                        see people suffer,           but “assuring      a
  der. ”                                                                             tion of government    policies will follow-indeed      there is always                       man of complete           welfare takes away
     Earlier,      Mr. Riggin said responsible            labor leaders         do   an essential continuity      of economic    and social trends which                          his ambition       and desire to succeed.”
  exist, but that they are having a rough time and they invoke                       override partisan politics-nevertheless       the air has been cleared                           His advice to the young is to ac-
  management’s          sympathy     and deserve it’s support.                       in a number of ways.                                                                         quire a business           and a good credit
     But if management            would openly commend them for their                                                                                                             rating at the bank. Many persons are
  responsibility       their effectiveness       would be in jeopardy and                                                    -president,       Bank of Nova Scotia                too impatient,      he said.
  they would become suspect in the eyes of many other union                                                                                      annual report 1968                   He had hoped to ,become a mill-
  officers and officials.                                                               The executive      of the modern state is but a committee            for man-             ionaire at the age of thirty but didn’t
      “It will be highly unfortunate.             . :if their example fails          aging the affairs   of the whole bourgeoisie.                                                make       it until he was more than
  to become the accepted norm for union leadership.”                                                                                                                              fifty.
                                                                                                                                                         -Karl    Marx
                                                        -from  the Globe and Mail                                                                                                                 -from     the Canadian Press,
                                                   Report on Business, 3 june 1969                                                                                                                                   2 june 1969

  10         74 the Chevron
                     Lost in a’nationalist, fog
         Those academics and others who          as the substantive issue, is really
     have thrown themselves into the             secondary.
     controversy     about the American             One UofT professor              summed
     influx into the teaching staffs of         up the larger question when he
     Canadian universities       appear to      said that the Americanization               of
     many to be stirring up a tempest           Canadian higher education “cre-
     in a teapot.                               ates a tension between liberal i-
         But the mass media and vocal           deology and the continuity               of a
     “nationalists”     have brought the        culture.
     issue forward and it must, like                “The    ideology      suggests that
     other issues raised bv concerned           the origin of a teacher should be
     and intelligent parts of our socie-        irrelevant:       only      qualifications
     tv. be dealt with openly and                matter. But if one of the univer-
     thoughtfully.                     ‘s functions is to perpetuate a
         Carleton University    professors       society and its culture, we must
     Robin Mathews and James Steele             ask if it is competent to do this
     opened the discussion last winter          when most of the teaching is done
     when they stated that in 1968 only         bv outsiders. ”
     49 percent of faculty members in             ’ This of course is the tension in
     Canadian universities     were Can-        the views of english professor
     adians. compared to 75 percent in          Keith Thomas and the nameless
      1961.                                     english-department         graduate stu-
        Since then there have been              dent contained on page 9. Thomas
     many challenges to these figures.          opts for the “universality            of the
     to say nothing- of the mud thrown          university”     and except for a few
     at those who did the calculations.         areas. feels the culture question
     In fact it is satisfying to see that       is far less important.
     our respect-demanding     academics
     can still lapse into the type of
                                                    The grad student feels his Can-
                                                adianism as well as the possibility                                                 truth will until
                                                                                                                          And the even radio communications out
                                                                                                    “The kind of education we give
     passionate     behavior    they con-       that the influx of Americans may
     demn in the actions of the student        mean he’ll never get to Thomas.                   doesn’t matter          so long as we                a Company of Young Canadians
     radicals they abhor.                      position in a universitv. that place              teach certain basic things such                      activist    sparked      mobile     radio
         -4 study by the information-          having been usurped bv some                       as initiative      and a sense of val-               transmitters,”       said John Hart,
     services department suggests that         American.                                         ues.” *                                              science dean at Lakehead Univer-
     5i.5   percent of Waterloo facult!             But what if we believe that the                 That’s what engineering          dean             sity.
                                                                                                 Archie Sherbourne told the Sen-                                        * * *
     are Canadian        or Canadian-ed-       university’s      function is to work
     ucated. but it uses the same sour-        to change. rather than perpetuate,                ate science policy committee            a               Retired     administration      presi-
     ces the Carleton profs did-the            our society. its values and its cul-              couple of weeks ago in Ottawa.                       dent Gerry Hagev also had some-
     calendars of Canadian universi-           ture?                                                After all these years somebody                    thing to say about what a student
     ties which indicate where facult>             Would the origin of the teacher               has the guts to admit that the uni-                  doesn’t. get out of university.
     obtained their degrees.                   in a critical       university      matter?       versi ty isn’t particularly          con-               “Most of vou have had little
         Since these are always slightl!       Would it not be far better to be                  cerned about teaching interest-                      opportunity     to obtain an unpreju-
     out of date and since having re-          taught be a sensitive American                    ing. relevant or valuable things                     diced view of the broad horizon
     ceived one degree or even all three       than a callous Canadian? By an                    or even in giving a decent voca-                     that engulfs our society. Now you
     in Canada does not constitute Can-        American socialist than a Cana-                   tional training.                                     should have an opportunity to ex-
     adian citizenship       or Canadian       dian capitalist?                                     Someone has finally admitted                      tend your vision in both depth and
     origin. a more accurate method                It is merely         stirring       up a      that the university is an institution                breadth.”      said Uncle Gerry in
\    should be found to assess the ques-       tempest in a teapot to go charging                handing out a particular political.                  his convocation address two weeks
     tion.                                     off in pursuit of an ethereal con-                social and economic indoctrin-                       ago.
         The claim that Canadian PhD’s         cept called nationalism             when so       ation.                                                  Sorting out the rhetoric, he ap-
     cannot get jobs in our universities       many Canadians have no reason                        Someone has also admitted                         parently     means the universitv
     should be examined         by asking      to be proud of Canada.                            (somewhat disguisedly)          that the             didn’t teach vou anything and it’s
     those who recently received doc-              Far better that we should ex-                 particular      indoctrination    is ma-             time you adopted some political,
     torates and sought university jobs                                                          terialistically     inclined   and per-              social and economic values other
                                               amine our total direction                as a
     to relate their experiences.              nation. using all the abilities we                haps basicallv anti-humanist.                        than those nasty ones proposed by
         Of’ course this investigation.                                                             This final point was made clear                   campus idealists.         radicals    and
                                               can get. both Canadian and Am-
     which man? have allowed to pass                                                             bv another speaker at the same                       other anarchists.
                                               erican                                                                                                                  Jr: * *
                                                                                                 committee meeting.
                                                                                                    “An excellent example of the                         Well. if Archie thinks the uni-
            Parking the admin building                                                           apparent arrogance of scientists
                                                                                                 is the spending of millions inves-
                                                                                                                                                      versity’s main purpose is to teach
                                                                                                                                                      values. and Uncle Gerry doesn’t
         Who’s kidding whom?                   cision-makers       ( the administra-             tigating the ionosphere in Canada                    think the university even teaches
         The administration     still wants    tion) will decide to stay in the cen-             when Indian communities of north-                    values. all we can say is:
      to park an administration       build-   ter of campus. There’s also no                    west Ontario were unable to get                         Indeed.
      ing in lot D next to the library         doubt t-hat opposition        will be
      building. and they’ll legitimatize       scarce. considering the democra-                        IT’S OBVIOUS TLVL\r . . . HE- KEEPS GEITIN~            . . . MY   !NCOMP5TENCY:
                                                                                                       MY OPPONEE4T HA5          ALL INVOLVED                       MY   CoRRU~tiESS,
      it somehow.                              tic consulting process being used                       L13ST SIGHT OF -IYE       IN PETTY ISSUES                    MY   DECEIT ,WD
         ,\n open meeting is scheduled         and the fact that the architects                        I MPORTANT GC%S           SW/-l AS...                       P’?f&~~DU-ENT
                                                                                                       OF OLlR SGClEn,..                                                  0
      for next friday at 4pm in a lecture      have recommended           the lot D
      room “to which interested facul-         building.
      tv. students and staff are invited          The solution is obvious-give
      to hear the architect present his        the boys what they want: the ad-
      appraisal of parking lot D as a          ministration     can take over the
      building site. ”                         librarv altogether and lot D can
         This is called democracy: giv-        remain a parking lot and the lib-
      ing the people a chance to make          rary will still look pretty.
      their views known-at        4pm in a         We can always put the book lib-
      lecture room on a friday afternoon       rary somewhere-under          the arts
      in the summer. Certainly senior          quadrangle or perhaps where the
      administration      staff members        lake is currently located opposite                Canadian      University  Press member, Underground          Press Syndicate    associate member,
                                                                                                  Liberation    News Service subscriber.    the Chevron is published every friday by the publications
       1senior enough to take an hour off      Conrad Grebel college.                            board of the Federation of Students (inc), University of Waterloo, Content is independent of the
      ‘work”)      would be pleased to at-                                                       publications board, the student council and the university administration.     Offices in the campus
      tend.                                      What is needed ii a full. open                  center,phone (519) 7446111 ,local3443 (news and sports), 3444 (ads), 3445 (editor), direct night-
         It’s obvious that thz administra-     review of the academic develop-                   line 7444111, editor-in-chief:  Bob Verdun                                               9000 copies
                                                                                                  Fred disappointed US when he couldn’t provide us with spaghetti, but the staff ate enuf pizza to
      tion of this university wants to be      ment of this university    and the                 hold out and complete groovy issue number 6. Chewing and spewing: Bill Brown, Brenda Wilson
      in the center of campus where            necessary accompanying       physi-                Alex Smith, Jim Klinck, dumdum jones, swireland, Tom Purdy, Dave X Stephenson, Bryan Doug:
      they can feel more important.            cal development. It’s time to set                  las, Lorna Eaton, Wayne Smith, Henry Crapo, Louis Silcox, Phil Elsworthy, Steve Izma, Bob
                                                                                                  Epp, W. Ross Taylor B.A. Kelly Wilson, sometime contributor,says      hi to Glenn Hodge who did-
      They’d probably like to stay in          priorities  and attempt some sort                   n’t believe this would get in, and don’t you hope that when you graduate and go out into the
    - the library anyway.                      of salvation of the mess of physi-                 great big world and learn something you’ll be able to talk bullshit so well you can sell refrigerat-
         And there’s no doubt that the de-     cal design on this campus.                         ors to eskimos, or convince an esthetically-numb    administration to put a building in lot D?

                                                                                                                                                          friday    73 june   9 79G9 (70%)    75   11
12   76 the Chevron

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