CELLULAR RESPIRATION PHOTOSYNTHESIS TIC TAC ToE Directions Complete three projects out of the following The three projects must be in a row as in tic tac toe Make a board game

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CELLULAR RESPIRATION PHOTOSYNTHESIS TIC TAC ToE Directions Complete three projects out of the following The three projects must be in a row as in tic tac toe Make a board game Powered By Docstoc

Directions: Complete three projects out of the following. The three projects must be in a
row as in tic-tac-toe.

      Make a board game              Write a riddle for 10          Create a collage that
     that can be played to          different facts about         illustrates the affects,
    learn at least 10 facts            photosynthesis or           uses, and processes of
    concerning the cellular        cellular respiration that              lactic acid
   respiration and 10 facts            gives hints to its             fermentation and
      concerning cellular           identity, but does not          alcohol fermentation.
          respiration.              give the identity away.         Be sure to label each
                                                                  part of your collage and
                                                                   explain your reasoning
                                                                     for its placement on
                                                                       the back of your

    Write the dialogue of a         Write a report about               Write a paper
    debate between a plant            the how scientists’              discussing your
      and an animal where           knowledge of cellular            predictions of how
     they are debating why              respiration and           cellular respiration and
    their method of energy            photosynthesis has           photosynthesis might
       retrieval (cellular         evolved to the modern             appear on another
         respiration vs.             form we know today.            planet which has an
       photosynthesis) is              Be sure to include          atmosphere which is
        superior to their          pictures, diagrams, and         completely different
      opponent’s method.            any information about           than Earth. Explain
                                   experiments that were          your reasoning for each
                                             used.                   set of predictions.

  Create or draw a visual            Write a rap or song               Design a fun and
  diagram that shows the               that discusses                interesting “lesson
 stages of photosynthesis             photosynthesis or                 plan” to teach
  and cellular respiration           cellular respiration.           photosynthesis and
                                                                    cellular respiration to
                                                                          5th graders.
DEADLINE:__November 6, 2009______________
No assignments will be accepted after this deadline, not even for a reduction in
Part I: Answer the following questions regarding the projects you have selected. Turn
in this paper by Friday, October 30, 2009.

1. Which assignments are you going to do? Why?

2. What materials do you need to gather? Where will you go to get the materials?

3. What timeline will you use to ensure that you meet the deadline?

4. What are your personal goals for this assignment? (At least 2)
                                 1                      2                           3
                     Below Standards                  Meets                     Exceeds
                                                   Standards                  Standards
    Must include          Incorrect or                 N/A               Correct and complete
chemical equations        incomplete                                  equations for photosynthesis
 for photosynthesis      equations for                                  and cellular respiration
     and cellular       photosynthesis
      respiration         and cellular
  Use of standards-      Does not use       Use of standards-based      Use of standards-based
based language and     standards-based            language and         language and vocabulary
     vocabulary          language and       vocabulary for most of      throughout assignment
  (For example, do        vocabulary               assignment
  not say the plants       throughout
   need the sun to        assignment
    Reference the       Writes only the      Writes the appropriate       Writes the appropriate
     appropriate          appropriate        standard and element,      standard and element, not
    standard and       standard number not just the number and          just the number and letter
        element         and/or element                letter              and Explains how the
                                OR                                    standard and element relates
                           Writes the                                        to the assignment
                      incorrect standard
                          and element
        Overall       Assignment is not       Assignment is neat,         Assignment is typed,
     Presentation       neat or orderly        orderly, and shows     colorful (if applicable), neat,
   Effort/Neatness/     Does not show         some creativity, but         orderly, and shows
      Creativity         any creativity       may not be typed or               creativity
                       Appears to have               colorful              Shows extra effort
                        been done with         Shows some effort
                           little effort