Google Webmaster Tools - yes or no !?

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					Webmaster Tools – yes or no !?

I have heard rumors that Google Webmaster tools are doing nothing to help
webmasters get higher ranked postion of their online wordpress web in Google
searches. And guess what ? They are correct.

I know that people are sending their webs to them because they are hopping to
get higher Page Rank or boost rank some of other 200 piesces of puzzle big G is
using to assess your web. But no, this will not happen. Or to be more specific, at
least not in the way most of us thought before. Here is why...
When you create an account on Google Webmasters Tools and submit your sites
there you are not giving Google more or less access to your website. You are not
giving them any more information than what they already have by crawling and
indexing your cool wordpress (or any other site) over time.

The only thing they ask is that you confirm the ownership over your site (either
by putting a meta tag on the header of your template, or by uploading an HTML
file directly to the domain root directory on your server) so that they can show
you the information they have about your site, and give you advice to solve
problems, of course, if there would be any.
In other words, signing up for Google Webmaster Tools won’t affect the
information big G has about your site. It will, however, give you the opportunity
to discover how Google sees your site, and this information can be very valuable
when doing SEO optimization of specific page.
As an example, once I loged into Webmaster Tools, and maybe couple of week
passed when I did it last time, I was surprised with enormous number of
„Unreachable“ crawl errors. From info I have got from Webmaster Tools I found
error in server setup, which was basicly blocking Google Bot from indexing my
cool wordpress blog. If Webamster Tools haven`t been there I would never know
that there is issue with my online wordpress blog and sooner or later my PR
would go down the drain…

So, If someone would ask me, combing „cool wordpress” theme with Google
Webmasters Tools would be a way to go if you are ready to write a personal or
commercial blog.
After that, a little bit of SEO and backlink building, and readers or customers
should come.

If you would like to know more, check out my blog for SEO techniques or list of
SEO optimized wp themes, free or commercial ones… Those articles should go
online these days, so feel free to check it out.


Cool-wordpress team