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									        Pointe-Claire Intermediate Hockey League        96 Douglas Shand, Box 6, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 2A8

                                                    PCIHL Minutes - 15/01/05

                                              From meeting of January 12, 2005

Tournament notes:

Team Jobs: Please note changes

Scouts: Food
Seals: Scoreboard/Stats
Jets: Pits
Maroons: Entertainment
Nordiques: PR/Signage
Whalers: Giveaway/Special Events
Stars: Bar
Barons: Auction/Raffle

-Craig has already initiated contact w/ returning teams.

-Craig will also do the schedule again this year.

-Corry will head tam to create P.C. tournament teams.

-Chris will take care of Incorporating and liquor license.

-Jason will call trophy shop re: trophies.

-Rooms need to be cleaned after games. Ben(ny) and the Jets will recruit enough rookies for pits to enable this.

-It was agreed that Labbatt will be our supplier again this year, with good reason. (Actually, 5 good reasons!)
-Labbat girls Friday and Saturday night, if possible.

-We agreed that there will be NO RED LINE in this year’s tournament, in keeping with PCIHL rules.

-Charities were discussed, and we agreed that we will choose 3 recipients this year. Those chosen will appear on our
sponsorship form. Charities to be chosen via email conferencing in the next 2 weeks. Once chosen, Jason will
prepare the form and email it out to the committee.
        Pointe-Claire Intermediate Hockey League      96 Douglas Shand, Box 6, Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 2A8

League notes:

-There are concerns that our goalies need to be better protected from bodies rushing the net. Chris will contact
‘Maurice!’ to ask the refs to call more penalties upon any contact with the goalies.

-We discussed changing the penalty minute rule to include 8 minutes between suspensions, instead of 6. No
decision was made. To be continued…

-Ben will be in charge of making sure we have goalies for the open-ice time during semi-finals and finals.

-In order to ensure all league sweaters are returned, each captain will be given their team’s sweater deposit cheques.
At the completion on the playoffs, captains will hand out the cheques as the sweaters are returned. Teams finishing
5th through 8th in the round robin should collect their jerseys at the completion of game 7, and not expect all players
will show up for the open-ice.

-Ian will head a team to organize an awards banquet between Monday, April 11th and Monday April 25th. He
suggested Clyde’s might be an ideal venue, and will approach Bernie to get more details.

                                      NEXT MEETING:
                                  Wednesday, February 9th, 2005.
                                        7pm @ Shrek’s

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