Little Known Ways to Improve Your Relationship by livelife09


									Little Known Ways to Improve Your Relationship

This is the one question that a lot of people want an answer to, because so many people
desperately want healthy, long lasting and happy relationships. All relationships have their ups
and down, but there are things that you and your partner or spouse can do to ensure that even
during the rough patches that you go through, your relationship can remain intact and fulfilling.

1. You love your partner right? So show them that love. Express that love that you feel for them
in every way that you can. Love can be expressed in simple ways, for instance, doing the dishes
so she does not have to, driving the kids to soccer practice so he can go and hang out with the
guys, kissing, hugging, holding hands. It can be anything, just as long as it makes your partner
feel like you care.

2. Respect your partner. You should never belittle your partner or make them feel unworthy or
stupid or that they are not good enough. Treat them the same way you would want to be treated.

3. Are you being kind and thoughtful towards your partner? Show your partner that you care
about what they think and what their needs and wants are. Support their ideas and listen to them
when they are trying to communicate something to you. Even if you are disagreeing with them
about something, do it without being harsh or making them feel stupid.

4. Are you being honest with your partner? Honesty can put a lot of strain on your relationship if
you are telling lies to your partner. Lies always come out, and do you really want to bring
distrust into the relationship?

5. Let your partner see the true you. By expressing loneliness or sadness or vulnerability to your
partner, you will show them that they can trust you because you are opening yourself up to them.
Be open to them and be sincere if they are trying to reach out to you and stay away from being

Your partner should be made to feel loved, desired and special. This is just a few of the things
you can do to close off the emotional distance between you and your partner.

However, if your relationship is showing cracks and you want it to thrive, there's a lot more that
you need to do to save that relationship. Do not make it worse by trying to do something that will
mess the relationship more, instead visit for a complete
solution in making your relationship worthwhile.

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