Weekly Announcements for April 6-12, 2003

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                          Weekly Announcements for April 6-12, 2003
                      Newsletter Deadlines: Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Contact Tammy at pruetamm@isu.edu

     Jeff Braatne PhD, Asst Professor of Floodplain Ecology, University of Idaho will present
     his seminar "Healthy Rivers and Healthy Forests: Ecophysiology and Restoration of
     Riparian Cottonwoods," Thursday, April 10 at 4 pm in Plant Science Lecture Hall.

     Graduate student, Eliza Maher, will present her MS proposal seminar "Good and bad
     neighbors: Vegetation effects on establishment of conifer seedlings in alpine-treeline
     ecotones of the Rocky Mountains," Thursday April 10 at Noon in Nursing 209.

     Graduate student, Tracey King, will present her MS proposal seminar "Using Museum
     Records to establish a Predictive GIS Model of Potential Bushy-tailed Woodrat
     (Neotoma cinerea) Habitat," Thursday April 10 at Noon in Nursing 209.

Faculty/Staff/Other Meetings
     Biological Sciences Faculty Meeting will be held Tuesday, April 8 at Noon in LS 229.

     Ken Rodnick received $3,905 from the American Physiological Society for his project
     “Research Career Enhancement Award.”

     Chuck Peterson received $12,000 from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game for his
     project “Idaho Amphibian and Reptile Database.”

     Christopher Jenkins and Charles Peterson requested $27,280 from the Idaho
     Department of Fish and Game for their project “Using the Great Basin rattlesnake
     (Crotalus viridis lutosus) as an umbrella species, to determine the effects of landscape
     conversion on reptiles in the Upper Snake River Plain.”

     Hunt, J.S., S. Larson and J. Rose. 2003. Prolactin regulates seasonal fur density in
     mink (Mustela vison). 6th Annual Intermountain Paper and Poster Symposium,
     3/28/2003, Utah State University , Logan.
    Peter P. Sheridan, Vanya I. Miteva, and Jean E. Brenchley. 2003. Phylogenetic
    Analysis of Anaerobic Enrichment Cultures Obtained from a Greenland Ice Core.
    Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 69:2153-2160.

Special Notices
    Biology MS student David Johnson has been accepted into the Ph.D. program in
    Quantitative Biology at University of Texas - Arlington. He will be working in
    Dr. Laura Gough's lab.

    Bret Birrer, 2003 Outstanding Student Achievement recipient named Dr.
    Gene Scalarone as his most influential professor. Gene will be honored
    by Bret at the Outstanding Student Achievement Banquet on April 26.

    Christine Sestero, Mike Chester and Gene Scalarone will be attending the Idaho
    Academy of Science annual meeting in Lewiston, ID April 10-12. Christine and Mike will
    be presenting their research. Gene is a member of the Board of Directors.

    Wayne Minshall will travel to Ashland, Oregon April 8 to attend the AuCoin Institute. He
    will be presenting a seminar, “Short-term and lasting impacts of the Great Yellowstone

    Dr. Richard Inouye will travel to Arlington, VA to attend the Major Research
    Instrumentation panel meeting held April 9-11.

    Biological Sciences Scholarships are now available on the following website:
    http://www.isu.edu/scholar/forms/combioapp.pdf. After you fill out your application
    deliver it to the scholarship office. The deadline is April 18, 2003.

    Biological Aide (3 positions), $7.41 per hour, Idaho Falls, Tex Creek Wildlife
    Management Area. Middle of May through middle of August. Duties: biological survey
    work, fencing, farm equipment operation, weed control, shrub plantings and care,
    different types of construction projects. Housing and utilities provided, generator power,
    no phone lines or electrical lines into area. A 4X4 vehicle is recommended for access.
    Enrollment in a college natural resources curriculum strongly preferred. Current drivers
    license required. Application/Resume deadline: April 15, 2003. Contact Idaho Job
    Service, 557-2500, or Jobservice13@labor.state.id.us, contact person Shane King.

    Canon National Parks Science Scholars Program for the Americas The Canon
    National Parks Science Scholars Program announced its 2003 competitions. The
    program is a collaboration among Canon U.S.A., Inc., the American Association for the
    Advancement of Science and the US National Park Service. Thanks to a generous
    commitment by Canon U.S.A., Inc., the program will be awarding eight $78,000
    scholarships to Ph.D. students throughout the Americas to conduct research critical to
    conserving the national parks of the region. Research projects in the biological, physical,
    social, and cultural sciences are eligible, as well as projects in a new category:
    technology innovation in support of conservation science. Applications must be received
by May 15, 2003. The application guide and cover sheet are available at
The Nature Conservancy of Oregon is beginning recruitment for the 2003 field season.
A list of all individual job descriptions, as well as application instructions are available at

Supplemental Academic Computing Fund for Fiscal Year 2003-2004. $50,000 has
been made available to CSAC’s Supplemental Academic Computing Fund. CSAC
invites faculty to submit proposals to this competitive program. Interested faculty should
visit the web site: www.isu.edu/departments/csac/SACFund/ for complete information
and application forms.

Alaskan Observers, Inc. Domestic Fisheries Observer Positions available year-
round. Persons hired attend training in either Seattle, WA or Anchorage, AK. In the six
months following training, observers make two deployments of approximately 2 to 2 ½
months each, and are guaranteed subsequent deployment opportunities and salary
advances. Observers gather management data for the Government, living and working
aboard US-flagged commercial fishing vessels operating in the Bering Sea, North
Pacific, and Gulf of Alaska. Year 2003 compensation: $39,000 - $5,610 per month,
depending on experience, plus room, board, and travel to and from job site.
Qualifications: Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in fisheries biology, marine biology,
general biology, zoology, or a related natural science. For information and application,
contact: www.alaskanabservers.com. Email at aoistaff@alaskanabservers.com.

Fish Ecology, Summer Research Assistant. We are seeking a highly motivated
research assistant to help with sampling fish populations in southeast Idaho and
laboratory work at ISU. Candidates must be available for full time employment during
summer months (June to August). Interested persons should bring a résumé outlining
work experience, careers interests, and contact information to Dr. Keeley in LS 442.

The Wyoming game warden examination is scheduled for August 23-24, 2003 in
Cheyenne, Wyoming. Anyone interested in game warden/wildlife enforcement positions
with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department must have successfully completed the
most recent game warden examination in order to be considered for employment. The
deadline for applications and supporting materials is August 15, 2003, at 5 pm. Submit
items to: Wyoming Game and Fish Department, ATTN: Personnel-Game Warden Exam,
5400 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne, WY 82006.

Check out all the Summer Internship opportunities on the Undergraduate Board in the
Gale Life Science Building main lobby.