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					Sample of research student titles

o Globalization and the educational experiences of young adult private students in
  English speaking African countries: A case study of Ghana.
o Values and Expectations of work-personal life integration of young British and
  Southeast Asian students
o An autobiography of health: a study of health and identity
o Registered order to enhance their quality of life
o An investigation of how therapists assess that change is occurring during therapeutic
  sessions with child clients within the field of mental health that rely on play as the
  primary form of communication
o A study exploring emotionality and motivation of the sport spectator drawing upon
  societal figurational models
o Outreach anticoagulation project of injecting drug users with deep vein thrombosis
o Widening participation in Higher Education: A participatory action research project
  exploring diversity, achievement and well being
o A micro-study of intuitive knowledge with special reference to social work
o Cognitive Interview (CI) - Suggestibility and how it is reduced among children
o Exploring long term "Yo Yo Dieting"
o Cognitive Neuroscience in Stroke Rehabilitation: an observation based intervention
o Development of a Clinical Decision Rule to improve the diagnosis of heart failure in
  the breathless patient
o 'The production and maintenance of gendered discourses within a training programme
  for football coaches'
o The Role of the Family Consulting Centre in Reducing Marital Problems in Qatar
o Occupational Stress - Mental Health and Job Satisfaction among Asian and non-Asian
  Teachers in the UK
o Cyberstalking: harassment in the information age
o Clinical Decision Rules for the Assessment of Cardiac Chest Pain. Combining
  Clinical Features with Early Markers of Vascular Activation
o Transliminality as mediator of "cognitive transference" in schizotypy
o Perceptions of conscious communicative intent in challenging behaviour of people
  with learning disabilities: The role of inference
o The Psychological Contract and Organizational Commitment in a world of dynamic
  employment relations
o Explicating Political Rhetoria amongst Different Knowledge Sites surrounding
  September 11th and the Aftermath
o Can we and should we teach social communication to those with Autistic Spectrum
o Becoming a psychologist in South Africa : black women's experiences
o Pupils' observation of occupational stress in teachers
o Exploring the emotional aspects of informal networks and the effect of being a
  member of a network on well-being
o The Nature and Role of Phonological Skills in Adolescent Learners in Mainstream
o Evolution of BLS - Towards Greater Skill Retention and Early Learning - A
  Philosophy for Life
o What role do psychosocial factors play in influencing HIV positive people's
  compliance with the medical treatment
o Greek parental marital conflict and the emotional and behavioural impact on
  adolescents' and young persons' accounts.
o Social Capital, Masculinities and Men's Experiences of Chronic Ill Health
o An exploration of student us of WEB CT within a blended learning programme
o Emotional Issues in Education: Reframing learning theory through participatory
  action research
o HIV/AIDS and `Trust' Behaviour
o An Investigation of Drug Users' Experiences of Violence
o An investigation into lay beliefs about mental health amongst black and minority
  ethnic communities in the UK
o If the nursing profession is identified as a unique oppnity for engaging in health
  promotion activities in a variety of settings to what extent are nurses involved in
  health promotion and what factors influence this role
o Evaluating Users' Experience of Receiving Acupuncture Treatment for Rheumatoid
o Exploring cross-generational differences in attitudes and health behaviours amongst
  South Asians
o Emotional Intelligence in Pre-Registration Nursing
o Investigating the life experiences of children with SLD and their families
o Provisional Title: How Multicultural Discourses effect Identity Research
o An examination and exploration of issues arising from the use and diversion of
  prescription medications among problematic drug users in a Northern conurbation
o Identity and Illicit Drug Use: The Social and Personal Construction of 'Drugs
o Therapy as qualitative self-research: a discursive approach
o The social construction of motherhood within the psychological and sociocultural
o Investigating journeys through 'Madness'
o Nurse Practitioner Practice - Issues and Experiences PhD by Published Work (Route)
o PhD by Alternative Route - Cultural Influences on Speech and publication
o Using discourse and critical textual analysis to explore how discursive and extra-
  discursive aspects combine to influence the creation of and resistance to racism
o The Role of Social Factors in Adult Learning k
o The Psychopathological Consequences of Cyberstalking
o Active Parenting Project
o What makes it Research? An evaluation of subjective, introspective and creative
  approaches to human inquiry.
o Schizotypy, Delusional Ideation & False Memory W/D September 07
o An Exploration and Evaluation of a Therapeutic Model in a Lesbian Centred Service
o Greater Manchester Migrant Perceptions of Identity and Culture
o The Social Construction of Children and Young People who have Sexually
  Inappropriate Behaviour
o Breast Screening in older women: an ethnography of developing health policy
o A Chronic Disease Management Model for Patients with Chronic Obstructive
  Pulmonary Disease
o Academic achievement of hearing impaired children in Malaysia following the
  introduction of 'total communication' in the
o Does temperament predict rate of communication development?
o The Social Organisation of Menstruation Report printed on: 24-Oct-07 0
o The development of an Objective Occupational Stress Screening Method
o Is the deterioration in metabolic control in insulin-dependent different
o Treatment of Clients with a "dual diagnosis" of substance misuse and mental illness
o Mental Health Nurses Understanding of the Relationship Difficulties Experienced by
  Male Patients - Personality Disorder as defined within DSM-IV
o Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
o What criteria do Health Professionals, and others involved, apply in order to
  determine competence to consent to treatment of people with learning disabilities in
  acute care settings
o Female Asylum Seekers/Refugees Experience of Childbirth in Britain
o Treatment accessibility and provision for substance misusing publication and
  examining the ecological validity of evidence based practice.
o The "treatability" of Personality Disorder in a Special Hospital setting
o The Relationship between Self-Monitoring and Insight in Schizophrenia
o A Study investigating the Attitudes of Male and Female Prison Officers
o An exploration into the well-being of new parents combining work and family
o Migration Narratives in the Cities of Athens and Barcelona