Strittmatter & Tanner by jzauha


									2009 PNLA Program Proposal
Contact Information Names: Connie Strittmatter and René Tanner Affiliation: Montana State University Position/Title: Reference Librarians Contact Information: Email: or Telephone: 406-994-7708 or 406-994-6668 Fax: 406-994-2851 PNLA Member: No Program: Program Title: Free Yourself from © and Get Creative with Program Description: Have you ever wanted to use an image to jazz up a presentation or website but wasn’t sure whether you were permitted to under copyright law? Worry no more. Attend this session and learn about Creative Commons – a service to help users locate images, audio and video clips that are available to the world with limited copyright restrictions. Whereas copyright requires you to ask permission, Creative Commons lets you know what permissions the creator has already granted when using his/her work. If you use a variety of media when creating documents, then this program is for you. Program Goals/Objectives: 1. Locate resources on Creative Commons and identify the license

2. Learn where to find creative commons licensed work: flickr, bliptv, etc.
3. Learn how to incorporate and cite a resource from Creative Commons into a presentation, website or blog. 4. Learn how to license their own creative works

Track: Library Services and Resources Program Format: Double Speaker. This program would be best as a hands-on session if a computer lab is available. However, we can also do this program using demonstrations. Program Logistics: Speaker Needs: none Equipment Needs: computer, projector, screen and internet connection. Preferred Date: N/A Other Special Requirements: None

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