Pastor Appreciation Invitation by normlawr

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Dear Friend, With all of the blessings that God bestows on us, it is important that we take the time to appreciate those who share his love and his Word with us. The Christian Life family has been very blessed to be the recipients and guests of the efforts of Pastor John Doe and on Wednesday, January 11th, we invite you to attend a service to honor his contributions to the church. During his stay here at Christian Life, Pastor Doe has been a pillar of the church community, representing our congregation as a steadfast servant of the Lord. He has made himself available for counseling and discussion, welcoming guests and new members with open arms. His tireless work in teaching the Word and helping us to improve our relationships with God have been invaluable for many. From community outreach to special services, Sunday School to reaching out to shut-ins, Pastor Doe has not only been an admirable member of the church, but of the community at large. We ask that you please make the time to join us for what will be a celebration and a paying of respect for such a generous man. If you have any questions, please contact Christian Life Church during office hours at (111)1111111. We hope to see you and your family on Sunday, January 11th as your fellowship is always appreciated. Blessings, Deacon John Smith Christian Life Church

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