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									                                                partner for the program, which was recently
                                                extended to all three Blue card products,
                                                Hamouly said.
                                                   “It was originally called the Blue Travel Sav-
                                                ings Program and available only on Blue Sky,
                                                because the idea was that consumers could
                                                save points for credits on travel purchases,”
                                                she said. “We decided to extend that to the
                                                entire Blue portfolio.”
                                                   In December, AmEx and Dunkin’ Donuts
                                                gave consumers a 20% bonus if they used
                                                their credit cards to refill their Dunkin’ Donuts
                                                Card with $25 or more.
                                                   “We have a number of partnerships and
                                                relationships with Dunkin’ — they’re one of
                                                our strategic partners – but this is an entirely
                                                separate and new partnership, exclusive to
                                                the Blue portfolio,” Hamouly said.
: American Express began a partnership with        AmEx has been active in the loyalty and
Dunkin’ Donuts this month to give mem-          customer relationship space in recent months.
bers of its Blue Savings
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