Mallory by jzauha


									PNLA 2009 Conference Proposal / Mallory
To: The program subcommittee of the 2009 planning committee

Program track: Library Services and Resources About you:  Name Tim Mallory  Affiliation Timberland Regional Library  Position/title Reference and Adult Services Coordinator  Contact information: including postal, e-mail, voice and fax numbers
Tim Mallory, Timberland Regional Library, 415 Tumwater Blvd. SW Tumwater WA 98501 voice (360) 704-4502 fax (360) 586-6838 cell (360) 581-0914


PNLA member? Yes

About your program:  Program title Smart Investing @ Your Library: an ALA grant-funded program  Program description (no more than 100 words) The Timberland Regional Library implementation of this program is unique in that it emphasizes Reference Staff Training to prepare to answer question in a “Ten Minute Topics @ Your Library” format in addition to conventional outreach and programming approaches.  3 Program goals or objectives Program participants will learn to create a grant proposal based on their institutional needs Program participants will learn how to construct training based on pre- and post-program measurement Program participants will see the impact of a strong communications package directed to known community needs in promoting awareness of library resources and their use  Appropriate track(s) Library Services and Resources  Program Format (single or double speaker, panel, hands-on, etc) Single speaker (actually, I’m not single) Program Logistics:  Speaker needs (if any) Someone to help with handouts  Equipment needs I will bring my own laptop (Macintosh) and will need a compatible projector and screen. If the audience is large, a clip-on microphone would help.  Preferred date of presentation (if any) No preference.  Any other special requirements or additional information Questions? Contact Jan Zauha or (406) 994-6554


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