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									                                        What can I do with a major in
                                                  The University of Georgia Career Center
                                            Clark Howell Hall, 706-542-3375, www.career.uga.edu
                                          Department of Geography, 706-542-2856, www.ggy.uga.edu

             The information herein describes typical occupations and employers associated with this major.
                    Understand that some of the options listed below may require additional training.
               Moreover, you are not limited to these options alone when choosing a possible career path.

Description of Geography

         The Geography major is designed to expose students to the areas of human, regional, and physical
geography, as well as geographic techniques. In addition to studying landmasses, Geography focuses on climate,
land, sea, air, plant, mineral resources, population density, environmental changes, and how people adapt to these
things. With such diversity, geographers perform a wide variety of jobs in a wide array of geographical areas.
These might include areas such as urban and regional planning, housing and community development, business
site location, environmental analysis, climatology, resource conservation, or cartography. Students trained in
geography bring increased awareness of global issues, sensitivity to cultural differences, and an understanding of
the complexity of environmental issues on life.

Possible Job Titles
(*Jobs as reported by Career Center post-graduate survey)
Agricultural Inspector*                                         Legislative Assistant*
Annotator*                                                      Linguist*
Associate Photogrammetrist*                                     Mapping Technician*
CAD Editor*                                                     Physical Geographer*
Cartographer*                                                   Project Manager*
Contractor*                                                     Research Analyst*
Customs Inspector*                                              Research Technician*
Ecologist*                                                      Special Projects Coordinator*
Engineer*                                                       Specialist*
Flight Attendant*                                               Traveling Consultant*
Freight Train Conductor*                                        Water Planning Manager*
Geographic Specialist*                                          Water Policy Analyst*
GIS Specialist*                                                 Wildlife Interpreter

To research careers of interest, visit these web sites:
Georgia Career Information Center http://www.gcic.peachnet.edu (accessible only on campus computers)
O*NET http://online.onetcenter.org (click on Find Occupations)
Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/oco (type in general term for career of interest

Possible Employment Settings:
(*Jobs as reported by Career Center post-graduate survey)
ASI Landmark*                                                   Department of Natural Resources*
Census Bureau*                                                  Earth Tech*
Delta Environmental Consultant*                                 Environmental Protection Agency*
Department of Agriculture*                                      Everglades National Park*
Department of Defense*                                          Geographia Map Company*
Department of Energy*                                           Hanjin Shipping Company*

Lockwood Mapping*                                           Space Imaging*
Marietta Water Department*                                  The Georgia Conservancy*
McIntosh Trail RDC*                                         Tri-Global Technology*
Metropolitan Council*                                       Tru Green Chem Lawn*
National Community Reinvestment Coalition*                  University of Georgia*
Nextel Communications*                                      Univest Financial Services*
Norfolk Southern*                                           US Army*
Royer Technical Services*                                   US Dept of Treasury*
Southeastern Repro Graphics*                                WebMD*

Career Center Library Resources:
100 Jobs in the Environment by Debra Quintana
Careers for Environmental Types and Others Who Respect the Earth by Michael Fasulo
Complete Guide to Environmental Careers by Environmental Career Organization
The ECO Guide to Careers that Make a Difference by Environmental Careers Organization
Guide to Careers in Community Development by Shabecoff and Brophy
Liberal Arts Jobs by Burt Nadler
Opportunities in Social Science Careers by Rosanne Marek (2004)
Outdoor Careers by Ellen Shenk
Outdoor Jobs by Jennifer Dubois and Steve Gutman
Students Federal Career Guide by Katherine Troutman

        Become skilled in related computer technologies
        Take electives in plant science, forestry, and wildlife management, economics, political science
        Learn a foreign language for field observations in other countries
        Observe city/county planning meetings
        Gain experience reading maps and interpreting data sources including geological surveys and satellite
        Seek environmental-related experience through internships, summer or part0time jobs
        Learn how to conduct library research, make field observations, and interpret artifacts
        Learn to see all sides of a problem, including economic, social, political, and environmental
        Develop strong communication skills, both oral and written

Employment Websites:
GIS Jobs Clearinghouse                                    Georgia State Government Jobs
www.gjc.org                                               www.careers.ga.gov
GIS Jobs                                                  US Geologic Survey Employment
www.gisjobs.com                                           www.usgs.gov.ohr/
Federal Government Jobs
                                                          US & International Jobs
Additional Resources:
American Congress on Surveying and Mapping                Environmental Careers Organization
www.acsm.net                                              www.eco.org
American Geographical Society                             GIS Cafe
www.amergeog.org                                          www.giscafe.com
Association of American Geographers                       GeoPlace
www.aag.org                                               www.geoplace.com
American Society of Photogrammetry


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