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Fair trade: No donations required


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									28   Canadian Mennonite April 19, 2010

                                                      Focus on Fair Trade
                                      Viewpoint                                           and empowering people to improve their
                                                                                          present and their future. Equal pay and

                      Fair trade: No                                                      an equal voice for women, education,
                                                                                          empowerment, adult labour, work for the

  donations required
                                                                                          disabled, commitment, safe working con-
                                                                                          ditions, dialogue, transparency, respect
                                                                                          and, of course, fair wages: These are the
                                                                                          words that describe fair trade.
                          By Ingrid Heinrichs Paul s                                        Supporting fair trade used to mean
                                                                                          buying simple gifts at tiny Self Help shops
                                                                                          or coffee that was big on principles but

        air trade: Just another simple         about building sustainable local econ-     not so much on taste. Those days are long
        answer to a very complicated           omies, supporting capacity-building,       gone.
   We are bombarded with news of pov-
 erty and injustice on a daily basis. There
 seems to be no end to projects to support
 and crises to donate to. We give what we
 can, all the while knowing that many of
 these countries have been struggling for
 decades and even centuries.                                                   100% ORGANIC & FAIR TRADE
   So how can buying fair trade really
 make a difference?                                                                         COFFEE, TEA,
   There is no doubt that economic
 problems run deep and donations are                                                    CHOCOLATE & SUGAR
 not a long-term solution. But fair trade is
 not about dealing with acute crises; it is

                                                           Visit one of our Café locations in Nova Scotia:

                                                                      11865 Hwy.#1, Grand Pré
                                                                      450 Main Street, Wolfville
                                                                    1678 Barrington Street, Halifax
                                                                   5896 Spring Gar
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