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									                                                                                                    Canadian Mennonite April 19, 2010                                      25

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Mennonite study
book published
in Vietnamese                                                                                                                          5 year term
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Mennonite World Conference Release                                                                                                   *Rate subject to change
ho ChI MINh CIty, vIetNaM

W       hat We B elie ve
        Together was pub-
lished in Vietnamese by
the Vietnam Mennonite
Church in 2009, with dis-
tribution beginning at the
end of last year. The book
is the first legally pub-
lished Mennonite work in
Vietnam since 1975. Approval by the gov-
ernment’s Committee on Religious Affairs
assures that it can be used anywhere in
Vietnam and will not be confiscated by
the police.                                                                                        Visit a Personal Lender today for details
   The book, written simultaneously
in Spanish, German and English by                    1.888.672.6728
Paraguayan church leader Alfred Neufeld,   
was published by Mennonite World
Conference (MWC) as a study guide for
the “Shared Convictions” statement ap-
proved by the MWC general council
in March 2006. The book was MWC’s              BUILDING BRIDGES FOR 40 YEARS
2007 selection for the Global Anabaptist/
Mennonite Shelf of Literature.                 OBERAMMERGAU TOURS                                                             2010 TOURS
   When Pastor Sang, general secretary of      SPRINGTIME in HOLLAND, BELGIUM and GERMANY (May 6-17)              GREAT TREK TOUR with JOHN SHARP (May 23 - June 3)
the Vietnam Mennonite Church, received                    LUTHERAN HOLY LAND TOUR (May 8-19)                             ALASKA CRUISE TOUR I (June 14-24)
                                                                                                                      ALASKA CRUISE TOUR II (June 29 - July 10)
an English copy of the book from a for-              EUROPEAN HERITAGE I with JOHN RUTH (June 1-14)
                                                                                                                     FALL ALASKA CRUISE TOUR (September 6-18)
                                                   SPECTACULAR SCANDINAVIA & ITS FJORDS (June 13 -28)
mer Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM)                                                                                      TM MYSTERY TOUR (October 15 -23)
                                                        PENNSYLVANIA to EUROPE (June 19 - July 2)
worker in Vietnam, he recognized its value                  ISRAEL/PALESTINE (June 24 - July 5)
for Vietnam.                                    EUROPEAN HERITAGE II with JOHN SHARP (June 29 - July 12)
                                                                                                                              2011 TOURS
                                                          ITALY, AUSTRIA & GERMANY (July 7-17)     
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