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									                                                                                        Canadian Mennonite April 19, 2010                       17

struggling of the ‘boat people,’ ” as the       across town in 1995 with help from the            members lawyers, doctors and business
Laotian refugees were called at the time.       Laotian community and various arms of             people who came to Canada with nothing.
   Luangrath and his family were the first      MCC.                                              Luangrath knows it is time to give back to
to be sponsored by St. Catharines United          Today, Ontario’s Laotian community is           the church, community and country that
Mennonite, with much help from then             a real success story, counting among its          has made this possible. l
pastor H.P. Epp. Luangrath attended Bible
studies and went on to found Lao Christian
Fellowship with the second family of refu-
gees sponsored by St. Catharines United           l Briefly noted
Mennonite. A former Buddhist priest, it
took a spiritual experience Luangrath likens
                                                  Ask and you shall receive: Simple invitation swells Sunday school
to having had the Buddhism exorcised from         Three years ago, Sharon Schultz, pastor of Eyebrow Mennonite Church, Sask., was pray-
his body and replaced with a love for Christ,     ing for her tiny congregation and asking God to send a few more people. One of three
for him to seek Jesus.                            churches in the area, and the only Mennonite group, Eyebrow Mennonite was known for
   Services began in 1980 at Grantham             its summer Vacation Bible School. Since it usually drew a large group of children from
Mennonite Brethren Church. A pastoral             the community, she wondered if those same children would also like to come to Sunday
change only a few weeks later led the             school. “I figured it’s a lot the same,” she said. So the church sent invitations to the children
group to move to St. Catharines United            and letters of explanation to the parents. And the children came. On average, between
Mennonite. Bibles and song books in the           20 and 25 locals arrive each Sunday morning for the Sunday school hour. “They sing
Laotian language were obtained. After             together, have a sharing time and pray together, “said Schultz, who has been encouraged
sharing space with St. Catharines United          by the simple faith of the children. Some are from the other churches in town, and they
Mennonite for almost 15 years, the fellow-        return there for their own services, but there are other parents who drive in from outside
ship was able to a move to a new location         Eyebrow to bring their children to the church. Now the need is for more adults to help
                                                  with all the children, who, before the outreach, only numbered nine.
                                                  —By Karin Fehder au
   l Staff change                                 New congregation to be birthed in Surrey
  AMBS names new Canadian
                                                  Plans are under
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