Ever-swinging Pendulum by ProQuest


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									             Director’s Viewpoint

      Ever-swinging Pendulum
                           ur society is one in which the                                 to most economists this change results
                           pendulum never ceases swing-                                   in a new tolerable floor for unemploy-
                           ing, going from one extreme                                    ment of 6.5 to 7 percent. That’s too high.
                 to the other. Today I would like to                                          And then there are the sociological
                 exam one swing in particular, the ever-                                  effects felt every day when there is high
                 greater outsourcing of aviation work                                     unemployment. Imagine being in your
                 overseas and its effects.                                                40s, the breadwinner and losing your
                     In general, while the current reces-                                 job due to a bad economy, restructuring
                 sion appears to be over, at least techni-                                or, even worse, the company outsourc-
                 cally, the trauma suffered by the work        Nick Sergi,                ing overseas. How badly can this feel?
                 force will have its effects in the years      Director of Content        Demoralizing to say the least. Only a
                 to follow. “Real unemployment,” (which                                very strong family will survive, while
                 includes people who want to work but have                   many marriages will go down the tubes. In some
                 stopped looking, and those who want full-time               cases even the mental health of the unemployed
                 work but can only fine part-time jobs), is more             will deteriorate. Essentially, for most, unemploy-
                 than 17 percent, the highest figure in this group-          ment will produce a crippling disorientation. I
                 ing since the ‘30s.                                         know I’ve been there and have been lucky enough
                     Long-term chronic unemployment affects the              to wind up on my feet.
                 country’s economic growth, and it results in deep              All solutions must include ways to strengthen
                 changes to our society, families, and the politics of       the economy in the short term and clear the
                 the nation. It will leave a permanent scar on blue-         way for long-term growth. Two ways to support
                 collar workers; it could change the character of            the process are more aggressive support for the
                 modern marriage; and it will most certainly plunge          unemployed and employer tax credits for hiring
                 our inner cities into despair and dysfunction.              the unemployed.
                     Most recessions end when people start spend-               Most outsourcers argue that outsourcing is the
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