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									 SA LES & M A R K ETING

        Who Knows How to Sell Their Services?
        By David Lupberger

                K, it’s a dumb title. If                             To be specific, he has had        laptop computer and reviews a         • A firm completion date,

         O      you’re in the home
                improvement industry,
                                                                 success working with online
                                                                 leads, and he is a stickler for
                                                                                                       22-slide PowerPoint presenta-
                                                                                                       tion he has put together on his
                                                                                                                                               weather permitting

        you either learn how to sell your                        good customer service. When           company. In the presentation,            On every slide, along with the
        services, or you go out of busi-                         he receives an online inquiry, he     he addresses many of the ques-       talking points, are pictures of the
        ness. Here is the key point: Some                        gets an instant text message let-     tions/concerns a potential client    custom decks and fences he has
        contractors do this better than                          ting him know of the inquiry,         might have:                          built in the previous 14 years. Each
        others. In this market, with all                                                                                                    of these pictures demonstrates the
        the changes taking place, sales is                                                                                                  quality and variety of his work.
        something you better be good at.                                       Here is the key point: Some                                      During the sales call, he
        John Henry is good at selling                                                                                                       gives each homeowner a pack-
        himself. He credits Michael                                       contractors do this better than others.                           age of information that includes
        Stone’s book Profitable Sales:                                     In this market, with all the changes                             additional pictures, homeowner
        A Contractor’s Guide with giving                                                                                                    testimonials, and copies of actual
        him the direction he needed.                                       taking place, sales is something you                             forms that he uses in his day-to-
        John runs Majestic Fences and                                               better be good at.                                      day business:
        Decks just outside Austin, Texas.                                                                                                    • A sample change order form
        He is staying busy. Very busy.                                                                                                       • A sample punch list form
        I called to ask him about his                            and he calls the homeowner             • Designing and crafting             • A copy of his completion
        ability to sell so successfully,                         immediately. He wants to hear            custom-built fences and decks         certificate
        and here are some things he                              them say, “I’m still sitting at the      with your budget in mind
        reviewed with me.                                        computer. How did you respond          • Company licensing and                  He reviews each of these
                                                                 so quickly?” Responding this             insurance                         forms to show the potential
                                                                 quickly allows John to speak wit
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