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Creekpaum WorldCat


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									Name: Margie Creekpaum – Contact Affiliation: OCLC Western Position/title: Administrative Assistant – Conference Coordinator 4224 6th Ave. SE Bldg. 3, Suite 200 Lacey, WA 98503 1-800-854-5753 Fax: 1-866-435-8362 Confidential Fax: 1-614-718-7508 PNLA member – No but OCLC Western has supported and been a sponsor/exhibitor for several years. Presenter: Amy Crawford, OCLC Western Staff member Program Title: WorldCat.org: Where Libraries and Users Connect Length: 90 minutes Program Description – WorldCat.org is more than just a Web portal to a global database of more than 100 million bibliographic records and more than 1.2 billion holdings. It is also a discovery tool for library-owned materials worldwide and social networking tool that connects libraries with users. Join us to learn about using WorldCat.org to connect your library with its community. Target Audience – who will most benefit by attending this program:  Academic Libraries  Public Libraries  School Libraries  Special Libraries  Technical Services  Directors Program Objectives: 1. Why WorldCat accounts and profiles are useful for libraries and users:  How to create and use lists to benefit your library and your users  How to link to WorldCat searches via your website, blog, etc.  How to contribute reviews and ratings  How to build bibliographies using the online citation tool 2. And other social features of WorldCat.org Appropriate track (s):  Cooperation and Collaboration  Library Services and Resources Program Format: Single speaker

Program Logistics: Equipment Needs Equipment Laptop Screen Wireless Internet Connection (per day) LCD projector Monitor & VCR Display Easel Flip Chart Podium Microphone at Podium Room arrangements: theater style. Needed x x x OCLC Western Will provide x

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