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bodily fluids) or recycling bins (glass and plastic contrast         Recycling
and other bottles, after appropriate rinsing per pharmacy              While conscientiously recycling at home, too many of us
standards). Consult your institutional or waste disposal             check our inner recycler at the office door. Every pound of
provider guidelines for “red bag” vs. general waste items.           increased recycling volume is a pound of reduced waste –
Involve your sustainability officer or your waste disposal           and these add up. Place recycling bins in strategic locations
company to monitor compliance.                                       throughout your department to increase your overall recy-
                                                                     cling volume. For most recyclers, glass, plastic (#1 and 2 at
Electricity usage                                                    the very least, if not #1-7), and aluminum can all be placed
  Reducing electricity usage in our workplaces and homes             in the same container. Most all paper products can be recy-
provides another significant opportunity for decreasing              cled in a single container, often including flattened card-
resource utilization while saving money. By powering off the         board boxes.
entire workstation and monitors at the end of the workday (if          Most glass and plastic from medications or contrast can be
your PACS is amenable), significant energy savings can be            triple-rinsed and safely recycled with co-mingled recyclables.
recouped. During a workday, monitors not in use for more             Check with your pharmacy and recycler for guidelines.
than 20 minutes should be shut off. Replacing CRT monitors             Recycling of alkaline batteries is also widely available;
with LCD monitors can also significantly reduce energy use           place a specific container for batteries in strategic locations to
(and free up valuable desk space).                                   facilitate recycling. Ink and toner cartridges from printers and
  Turning off unnecessary lights can also lead to energy sav-        fax machines can be recycled through your supplier, usually
ings. Motion-detector switches can be considered for locations       garnering you a credit per cartridge, another direct cost sav-
that are infrequently used, such as restrooms. Task lighting is      ings, with the indirect cost savings of reducing waste.
far more efficient than overhead lighting. A small grow-light
in your office or workspace can serve a dual purpose, acting as      Conclusion
a task lamp and allowing you to have live
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