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									From: Clink, Kellian [] Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008 11:44 AM To: Zauha, Janelle Subject: FW: MLA Presentation Proposal

From: Clink, Kellian Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008 12:34 PM To: '' Subject: MLA Presentation Proposal

Hi Jan! Hope this finds you well and well and well!!!! I’m just glad the semester’s on the wane.

Since the theme is collaboration, I was thinking about doing a presentation that frankly I just did (but to thunderous applause)! It’s about scaffolding and library instruction….What we can learn from talking to high school librarians. · · · Name Kellian Clink Minnesota State University, Mankato Reference Librarian/Assoc Prof



· Contact information: ML 3072, MSUM, Mankato MN 56001, , 507 3895152 (phone)507 3895155 (fax) · PNLA member? No

About your program: · Program title Transitions: Scaffolding research skills, building bridges, creating new knowledge. · Program description Kellian will share her impressions garnered through her conversations with high school librarians. What do high school librarians teach about research? What resources do they share with the students? What kinds of papers do high school students write? Kellian will share what she learned from studying Minnesota’s Department of Education websites about the realities of high school media centers. She will talk about common features of high school media centers’ websites. She will relate her observations about high school reference collections, classrooms, and databases. What can we assume about students’ prior

experiences with research and what do we need to introduce as wholly new ground when we do college-level library instruction? · 3 Program goals or objectives: Have librarians think about the places they can look to understand their incoming student body better. Have librarians think about the different ways they might approach teaching about familiar concepts vs teaching about new concepts. Have librarians think about the concept of scaffolding as an educational construct. · Appropriate track(s): Library Services

· Program Format (single or double speaker, panel, hands-on, etc) Single Speaker (50 minutes), Discussion 40 minuts.

Program Logistics: · Speaker needs (if any)

· Equipment needs I would love it if I could have a complete setup for doing a powerpoint. · · Preferred date of presentation (if any) Any time’s fine. Any other special requirements or additional information

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