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									PNLA Conference Proposal Submission
Theme: Date: Place: PNLA 1909-2009: A Century of Cooperation, A Legacy of Leadership August 5-7, 2009 Holiday Inn Parkside, Missoula, MT

About you:  Sheila Bonnand  Reference librarian  MSU Libraries  P. O. Box 73320 Bozeman, MT 59717-3320 406-994-4130  PNLA member About your program:  Partners in Protecting Privacy and Intellectual Freedom – the ACLU and You  Who works to preserve of freedom of speech and protect privacy? Who fights for freedom of information and access to information? Libraries and librarians, right? Yes, but another organization is in the forefront of these battles and that is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Libraries and the ACLU often find themselves partners in efforts to maintain constitutionally protected civil liberties. Find out about the history and work of the ACLU, its on-going mission to protect our right of privacy and freedom of speech, and why you might want to support (or at least know about) this organization. Goals for the session: o Participants will understand the background and basic work of the ACLU; o Participants will understand issues of mutual interest to libraries and the ACLU; o Participants will understand how to get involved and/or stay abreast of ACLU work. Appropriate track(s): Intellectual Freedom Program Format: a panel consisting of librarian and ACLU Montana board member, Sheila Bonnand; ACLU Montana legal director, Betsy Griffing; and the executive director of ACLU Montana, Scott Crichton.


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Program Logistics:  Speaker needs – microphone, depending on size of room  Equipment needs – computer and projection equipment  Preferred date of presentation – Betsy Griffing has also agreed to participate in a panel (proposal submitted by Mary Lou Mires); if both proposals are accepted, it would be helpful if both programs could be scheduled on the same day

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