The Return of Fellows

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        SCCA members                                                             VANTAGE                                               feedback on what a great event the
                                                                                                                                       San Diego/Cal Club Region race at

        celebrating                                                              POINT                                                 Willow Springs was and how helpful
                                                                                                                                       everybody had been. However, there
                                                                                                                                       are still some people out there who are
        25-55 years                                                                  JEFF DAHNERT                                      not getting the message: We need to
                                                                                     SCCA Inc.                                         treat our customers – yes, they are
        30-YEAR MEMBERS (continued)                                                  President and CEO                                 customers – as valued members of our
        Linda Hansen              4 / 1 / 1980                                                                                         Club, or we can expect to see our
        Gerald Hansen
        J. Hemsley
        Robert Henson
        Charles Holland
                                  4 / 1 / 1980
                                  4 / 1 / 1980
                                  4 / 1 / 1980
                                  4 / 1 / 1980
                                                    Feeding the Crocodile                                                              membership and participation numbers
                                                                                                                                       continue to decline.
                                                                                                                                           I’ve alluded to it before but I will
        Candida Kaplan            4 / 1 / 1980                                                                                         come right out and say it now. We
        Barry Kashar              4 / 1 / 1980                                OVER THE LAST YEAR, I’ve been writing this column        all need to look in the mirror and ask
        Bill Kingsbury            4 / 1 / 1980
        Norman Morgan             4 / 1 / 1980                                with the intent of getting all of our members to see the ourselves if we are treating everyone
        Leonard Picton            4 / 1 / 1980                               ‘big picture’ and really work together to make our        with respect and an attitude of
        Susan Porter              4 / 1 / 1980                                organization better. I’ve written about respect for each inclusion, or if we are part of
        Peter Raymond             4 / 1 / 1980
        Ronald Rose               4 / 1 / 1980      other and how we are all on the same team. I’ve reported on our National           the problem.
        Mike Schiffer             4 / 1 / 1980      Convention and passed along the theme of ‘Make It Easy, Make It Fun,’ which            As you may know, I like to use
        Elmer Schweitzer          4 / 1 / 1980      was the slogan for both the 2009 and 2010 conventions. I’ve stressed the           quotes when I make my points, and this
        Soter Slomski             4 / 1 / 1980
        Don Smethers              4 / 1 / 1980      importance of having a customer service attitude when it comes to putting          topic is no exception, so here it is: ‘To sit
        Michael Soldat            4 / 1 / 1980      on our events. I’ve done all this hoping that some of the people who read my back hoping that someday, some way,
        Steven Wold               4 / 1 / 1980      column may see some room for improvement in their own actions. However, it someone will make things right is to go
        25-YEAR MEMBERS                             appears that my ‘soft sell’ isn’t getting the job done.                            on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will
        Donald Ahrens           4 / 16 / 1985           I receive a fair number of e-mails and phone calls from members                eat you last – but eat you he will.’
        Jennifer Argyle         4 / 24 / 1985
        Rene Bine III            4 / 9 / 1985       wanting to share with me their experiences from SCCA events, both                      I want everybody who reads this to
        Paul Brown                4 / 4 / 1985      positive and negative. I would estimate that approximately 75 percent of           ask themselves this question: Do I sit
        Peter Calhoun           4 / 19 / 1985       these are related to Club Racing, 20 percent to Solo and 5 percent to Rally back and hope SCCA is the last to be
        Raymond Carmody         4 / 26 / 1985
        Charlotte Clark          4 / 11 / 1985      and other programs.                                                                eaten, or do I attack this crocodile head
        Ronald Clark             4 / 11 / 1985          Of the correspondence I receive regarding Club Racing, the                     on? We all own every interaction we
        Jim Coman               4 / 19 / 1985       overwhelming majority relates to how someone was treated at an event.              have, and regardless of how we are
        Ronald Conrad           4 / 24 / 1985
        J.J. Cunnane            4 / 24 / 1985       Here are some common themes that I hear: The workers at the event                  treated, we need to show our fellow
        John Davison              4 / 4 / 1985      acted as if I were interrupting their day; I was treated like a child by (you    
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