Digital to rise in 2010: Datran by ProQuest


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									                                                                                                                     site launched a reading application
: Marketers are looking to Apple’s                                                                                   exclusive to the iPad, which will
iPad as a white knight for enhanc-                                                                                   feature exclusive ad content from         : After enduring a difficult
ing their digital and mobile tactics.                                                                                Cadillac promoting its 2011 CTS           recession, marketers are expect-
The device, which first shipped                                                                                            Coupe, set to debut this sum-       ing improved ad revenues and
to eager customers on April 3,                                                                                               mer. The iPad’s tech-savvy        increased digital spending this
will affect the way marketers cre-                                                                                           audience is an important          year, according to a survey by
ate display ads, conduct mobile                                                                                               demographic for Cadillac         digital firm Datran Media.
e-commerce and collect data from                                                                                              as it produces the sports car,     The company’s fourth annual
tech-savvy consumers, industry                                                                                                the company said.                report, which examined the mar-
experts said.                                                                                                                    “The kind of audi-            keting and budgeting priorities of
   Like the desktop computer and                                                                                               ence that is likely to be       digital marketers, found that 73.6%
the smartphone before it, the iPad                                                                                             an early adopter of the         of respondents believe advertising
can host most traditional market-                                                                                               iPad, and Coolhunting.         revenues will increase in 2010.
ing channels, including search,                                                                                                 com’s audience, are the          Marketers are also planning
display, mobile, interactive and                                                                                                 kind of people that are       to spend more money on online
e-mail. However, its large, inter-                                                                                               interested in a dynamic       channels, which they see as effec-
active touch screen will allow                                                                                                  luxury sports car like         tive and measurable, according to
marketers to create a richer media                                                                                   our Coupe, so it makes sense to           the study. The survey found that
experience than previously pos-                                                                                      be here,” said David Caldwell,            93.6% of respondents will increase
sible, experts say.                     network. “For marketers, this        for a richer media experience than      Cadillac spokesperson.                    their budget for digital market-
   “The iPad is designed as the ulti-   means that now you can put an        on other mobile devices.”                  The sponsorship, which will run        ing channels this year, and 72.8%
mate media consumption device           advertising message onto various       Cadillac took advantage of the        for 12 weeks, is the first campaign       will use audience measurement
and is great for consuming content      interactive platforms across the     device’s consumer buzz by teaming       for Cadillac since it signed Bartle       tools to assess the success of their
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