Bowe Bell + Howell Files Two New Patent Applications

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                                                                                          INDUSTRY NEWS
                               APP Confident Position Will Be Vindicated
The U.S. Department of Commerce             ranted and unfairly limiting competi-     expected to be released in September
released the preliminary results in         tion would be un-American. It would       along with the final ruling on anti-
its countervailing duty (CVD)               hurt printers, publishers and every-      dumping.
investigation of coated paper from          one in America who consumes fin-
China and Indonesia.                        ished coated paper products. We will      The last phase of the case takes place in
                                            continue our work to have this case       October or early November, when the
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), a major            rejected on the merits. This process is   U.S. International Trade Commission
exporter of coated paper from               like the Super Bowl, you can’t predict    will determine if the U.S. paper indus-
China and Indonesia, expressed disap-       the final score based on what’s hap-      try has been harmed.
pointment with the initial findings. The    pened in the first quarter.”
coated paper under investigation is                                                   Only an affirmative ruling at that time
typically used for printing multicolored    Based on recent requests made by          would lead to the imposition of an AD/
graphics for catalogues, books, maga-       the petitioners, the Department of        CVD duty order on the coated paper in
zines, labels and wraps, greeting cards     Commerce’s final ruling on CVD is         question from China and Indonesia.
and other items requiring high-quality
print graphics.
                                                                 Bowe Bell + Howell Files
APP said it remains confident that
when Commerce has fully considered
                                                               Two New Patent Applications
all of the facts, the preliminary margins   Bowe Bell + Howell filed two new pat-     MAILStream Inveloper, the
will be reduced or eliminated.              ent applications supporting the BBH       speed at which the new
                                            MAILStream Inveloper, a finishing         technology can be implemented,
“This is a disappointing preliminary        system that produces improvements in      and the rapid acceleration of ROI
decision,” said Terry Hunley, acting        throughput and efficiency while deliv-    enabled through this innovative
president, APP Americas, “but it is a       ering reductions in production costs,     technology,” continued Van Gorp.
long process and Commerce is still          waste and environmental impact.           “We are convinced the MAILStream
gathering and analyzing all the facts. At                                                                     Inveloper
the end of the day we expect a signifi-                                                                       will be an
cant improvement in these preliminary                                                                         industry
subsidy findings, and confirmation                                                                            game changer,
again that the U.S. industry has not                                                                          and are con-
been injured and is therefore not enti-                          
Description: "The tests we have done clearly demonstrate the versatility of the MAILStream Inveloper, the speed at which the new technology can be implemented, and the rapid acceleration of ROI enabled through this innovative technology," continued Van Gorp. "We are convinced the MAILStream Inveloper will be an industry game changer, and are continuing to develop and enhance applications and ideas based on customer needs."
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