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There have been calls for the consolidation of NAPL and PIA into a single assodation. In some ways that might make sense, but it risks depleting the perceived value even more. Those who see value in both NAPL and PIA probably already belong to both. Those who don't have chosen one or the other. That said, there is always room for cooperation.

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                                                                     Premium Color Group
                                                                  Enhances its Facility with
                                                                      Use of Wind Power
                                                                              By Liz Fedorowicz
                                                                              Using renewable energy, such as wind power, is fast becom-
                                                                              ing a reality for companies that want to take responsibility for
                                                                              their carbon footprint. One local company, Premium Color
                                                                              Group LLC, entered into an agreement with Renewable
                                                                              Choice Energy to use renewable energy as its sole source of
                                                                              power through the use of Renewable Energy Credits.

                                                                              The Clifton, N.J. multichannel marketing service
                                                                              provider got on board with the notion of wind power
                                                                              last September. “We’re a responsible printer and we
                                                                              support the wind power effort,” said Andy Griffin,
                                                                              managing partner of Premium Color Group. “Our clients
                                                                              want to see these green initiatives and promote them to their

                                                                              Renewable energy, also referred to as clean energy or green
                                                                              energy, is defined as “energy derived from resources that are
                                                                              regenerative, or for all practical purposes, cannot be depleted,
                                                                              such as wind power.”

                                                                              Premium Color Group is working with Renewable Choice
                                                                              Energy to voluntarily participate in the program of purchasing
                                                                              renewable energy credits that will be used for carbon offset.

                 Market Update:                                               “Our commitment is similar to fighting global climate
                                                                              change by turning to alternative renewable energy sources,”
        Quick and Small Commercial Print                                      Griffin said. “Offsetting the carbon emissions by purchasing
 By Bob Hall                            conditions to improve during the      Renewable Energy Credits is just one way that we can all help.
 The year 2009 closed with a            next six months. However, that’s      Wind power (vs. current Fossil fuel sources) is definitely a
 glimmer of optimism about the          an improvement over the 9.8 per-      cleaner, safer choice for any business to consider.”
 economy and a touch of pessi-          cent that predicted better business
 mism about growth in 2010. Only        conditions in Dec. 2007. NAPL         While Griffin admitted that his electric bill at the company’s
 a third of printers in NAPL’s latest   predicts industry printing sales      35,000 sq-ft hasn’t changed in the past few months, he did
 industry survey expect business                       continued on page 8    note that his clients love the fact that they can use the wind
                                                                                                                               continued on page 6

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