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Reservation SNF approved by ProQuest


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									      facilities. They also are examin-    power source for smoke detec-          The nursing home would            the rule is to encourage the con-
      ing nursing home records to          tors in these settings.              allow elderly members of the        struction of less expensive long-
      uncover unregistered felons and        The requirement would apply        Oglala Sioux tribe who need         term care alternatives.
      sex offenders living there.          only to new, reconstructed or        skilled care to live near their
        The task force has recom-          significantly remodeled facilities   families. Many now go to nurs-      Steeper cuts feared
      mended improved screening            and would take effect on Jan. 1.     ing homes in Rapid City, more       OKLAHOMA—Nursing home
      of people admitted to nursing                                             than 100 miles from the village     owners were preparing for the
      homes to identify those with         PLAINS/MOUNTAINS                     of Pine Ridge, or other towns far   worst last month as the state was
      violent criminal backgrounds         Reservation SNF approved             from the reservation.               considering deeper cuts to Med-
      or other red flags. It also sug-     SOUTH DAKOTA—The state                 The bill grants an exception      icaid. The state is examining vari-
      gests improved training for staff    Legislature has approved a plan      to a state policy that has banned   ous programs for cuts as it works
      and stiffer sanctions for safety     to build a nursing home on the       new nursing homes for more          through its budgetary deficit.
      breaches at facilities that accept   Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.       than 20 years. The reason for         The daily payment rate was
      psychiatric patients.

      Plan for unused drugs
      MINNESOTA—A bill in the
      state Legislature would fund
      local collection programs for
      unused drugs.
        Prompting the bill are traces
      of prescription and over-the-
      counter drugs in the state’s
                                                      It’s a NuSensation!
      water and fish. Rep. Paul
      Gardner’s bill would prohibit all
      medical facilities from flushing                  Introducing the all new T5XR
      pharmaceuticals down the toilet
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