Provider group supports higher assessment tax

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Choices for mentally ill                Maryland
IllInoIs—A unique settle-
ment between the state and the           Provider group supports
American Civil liberties Union
will give 4,500 mentally ill nurs-
                                         higher assessment tax
ing home residents the option to        The Health Facilities Association of Maryland
move to smaller settings over the       is asking the state to support a bill that would
next five years.                        raise the quality assessment tax.
  The residents reside in institu-        The Budget Reconciliation and Financing
tions due to mental diseases            Act (s.B. 141) proposes an increase of 2% in
(IMDs). A Chicago Tribune               the nursing Home Quality Assessment.
investigation uncovered many              “Enactment of this bill and an accompany-
instances of younger men-               ing 2 percent Medicaid reimbursement rate
tally ill residents abusing older       increase would leverage more federal dollars
residents. some mentally ill            that would help restore approximately half of
residents are felons. The report        the previous cuts,” said HFAM President Joe
prompted the state to create            DeMattos in a Baltimore Sun editorial.
a task force that has issued 38           Budget shortfalls that have forced Maryland
recommendations to overhaul             to cut $180 million from the Medicaid long-

                                                                                                                                               Photo: Office of the Governor/ Jay Baker
the long-term care system.              term care budget. Federal cuts have com-
  Following a recommendation,           pounded the problem, he wrote.
the attorney general’s office and         “The restored funds would go directly back
local police have begun making          into the provider communi
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