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									     FRONT OFFICE

     Green Strategies Are a Go
                                F T E N , the financial strain of a reces-     batteries, cellphones, and CDs/DVDs by dropping
                               sion puts good ideas on the back burner.        them off at a kiosk. The program also includes a
                               Fortunately, for the green movement             Tech Trade-In initiative, enabling customers to trade
                               that’s not so. While going green is a           in certain used electronics for a gift card. Customers
                   responsible business practice, many companies are           can even have an old appliance hauled away for free
                   motivated to pursue sustainable initiatives because         when a replacement Best Buy appliance is delivered.
                   they cut costs.                                             Whether a customer is motivated to recycle or save
                      One of the tenets of the green movement is to            money, Best Buy has a plan to get that customer’s
                   leave a smaller footprint, which encourages organi-         business by getting her into the store.
                                   zations to be less wasteful. According         At Trader Joe’s, where my wife and I do most of
                                   to our cover story, “Going Green, Sav-      our grocery shopping, customers are encouraged to
                                   ing Green” (page 18), by Assistant          bring their own reusable grocery bags or used paper
                                   Editor Lauren McKay, this means             bags. Anyone who does so earns a chance to win a
                                   reducing both operating and capital         free insulated-cooler bag in one of the store’s fre-
                                   expenditures, reducing reliance on          quent drawings. The insulated bag is a great product;
                                   both energy and hardware.                   in fact, we’ve already bought one—and I expect
                                      Wild by Nature, a natural-food           many other customers have as well—but we con-
                                   store based in New York, states on its      tinue to bring our own reusable and used paper bags
                                   Web site that “the production of food       into the store anyway.
                                   should support life, promote well-             Trader Joe’s knows that green-minded people tend
                                                                               to be socially responsible, so it has developed an
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