Three civilian employees of Southwest Air Ambulance in Las Cruces, NM, died on Feb. 5. PILOT WILLIAM MONTGOMERY of Avondale, AZ, and PARAMEDICS JOHN SUTLER of Las Cruces, NM, and ANTHONY ARCHULETA of El Paso, TX, died in the crash of an American Eurocopter helicopter. The crew was participating in a training exercise at Fort Bliss, TX, when the helicopter went down.

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									 FIRE WIRE                     >>>
                                                                         MIDWEST                                      NORTHEAST
                                                                     MULVANE, KS – FEB. 8: Two                        MIDDLETOWN, CT – FEB. 7: As many as 100
                                                                  sister ages 3 and 4, were the vic-
                                                                  sisters,                                             people may have been injured and two killed
                                                               tims of a fatal house fire. The home’s                  when a massive explosion blew up a power
                                                                ceiling had collapsed on them, hin-                    plant being built on the Connecticut River.
                                                               dering search efforts. Their parents,
                                                            in anothe part of the home, escaped
                                                               another                                                BINGHAMTON, NY – FEB. 8: Nine people, in-
                                                          and a 7-year-old sister was in school.                        cluding seven children and a pregnant wom-
                                                                                                                        an, were left homeless after fire in an apart-
                                                           FLINT, M – FEB. 14: A fire that ap-
                                                           FLINT, MI                                                    ment building.
WEST                                                       parently sstarted after a man fell asleep
                                                      hil     ki
                                                    while cooking swept through an apartment                          FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, NJ – FEB. 16: About
ENGLEWOOD, CO – FEB. 1: Firefighters en-            building, killing the man’s young child and                        a dozen workers and customers were evacu-
 countered heavy flames, smoke and explo-           three others he was babysitting.                                   ated from a Chinese-Japanese restaurant dur-
 sions when they arrived at a recycling yard.                                                                          ing a fire in the kitchen ventilation system.
 They used foam to extinguish the blaze and                                                                            Firefighters noticed smoke coming from the
 worked all night moving materials to con-        SOUTH                                                                restaurant while returning from another call.
 trol hot spots and flare-ups.
                                                  HAMPTON, VA – FEB. 2: A 9-month-old,                                DAVENPORT, NY – FEB. 19: One woman was
EAST PALO ALTO, CA – FEB. 17: A twin-              2-year-old and 3-year-old died in a blaze at a                      killed and another and a 5-year-old child
 engine plane carrying three employees of          single-wide mobile home. Two female adults                          were injured when a tractor-trailer failed to
 an electric car maker struck a set of power       and another female child escaped and were                           negotiate a sharp curve, left the roadway and
 lines after takeoff and crashed, killing all      evacuated by medics at the scene.                                   crashed into their single-story home. The
 three aboard, but no one on the ground                                                                                truck was hauling concrete forms that dis-
 despite one wing slamming into a home            WILMINGTON, NC – FEB. 21: More than two                              lodged and entered the residence.
 where a daycare center operated.                  dozen firefighters responded to the scene of
                                                   a fire in a historic home. One firefighter was                     LANESBORO, MA – FEB. 20: Crews quickly
                                                   transferred to a hospital with a twisted ankle.                     battled a grease fire that broke out in the hood
 SOUTHWEST                                         The home was thought to be a total loss.                            above a deep fryer bay in a fast-food outlet lo-
                                                                                                                       cated in the food court at Berkshire Mall. The
 BELLA VISTA, AR – FEB. 4: Five people –          STAUNTON, VA – FEB. 26: Fire destroyed a                             mall was evacuated and a crisis was averted
  including three children under the age of        detached garage, flattening the structure and        
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