Regimen improves knee OA by ProQuest


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Regimen                                 Treat complete heart risk
improves                                                                                         had never had a heart attack. Five
                                                                                                 years of treatment tailored to such
knee OA                                                                                          factors as age, family history, high
                                                                                                 BP, high C-reactive protein levels,
STRENGTH-TRAINING regi-                                                                          presence of diabetes, and smok-
mens, self-management programs,                                                                  ing status showed more benefit
or a combination of the two are                                                                  per person treated and prevented
equally beneficial for physically                                                                 substantially more heart attacks,
inactive, middle-aged people with                                                                strokes, and cardiovascular deaths
symptomatic osteoarthritis (OA)                                                                  than the currently recommended
of the knee, according to a recent                                                               treat-to-target approaches. For
study (Arthritis Care Res. 2010;                                                                 example, the tailored treatment
62:45-53).                                                                                       approach was predicted to save
  Relatively few studies have                                                                    520,000 more quality-adjusted
examined the potential benefit                                                                    life-years than an intensive NCEP
of using both approaches simul-         TAILORING treatment to a               Fixating on       III treat-to-target approach per
taneously. The fact that the indi-      person’s overall, individual heart     only LDL          five years of treatment.
vidual treatments work as well as       attack risk was more effective in      cholesterol          “The benefits of tailored treat-
the combined regimen offers a           preventing heart attack, stroke, and   often leads       ment result from targeting high-
relatively simple way to manage         cardiovascular death than current      to treating       risk patients better and basing
OA in its early stages.                 strategies to drive down choles-       the wrong         intensification decisions on a per-
  The two-year trial involved 201       terol to a target based on National    people.           son’s estimated treatment ben-
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