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									linking them with “corridors,” or in-        while they oppressed their peoples.       pursuit of happiness via material
tersecting patches of land; then mo-         An oil-free United States could press     gain guarantees disappointment, and
bilizing local                               these dictatorships to reform.            that the planet will not support our
people to partici-                             But energy independence will not        continued trajectory of population
pate in caring for                           happen, the authors conclude, until       expansion. True prosperity necessi-
these ecosystems.                            car designers develop electric cars       tates that we flourish within our
   Conservation-                             with wide ranges and affordable bat-      planet’s ecological limits.
ists now agree                               teries. The authors offer reasons for       The Vanishing of a Species is a valu-
that rescuing iso-                           hope, such as promising outcomes          able look both backwards and for-
lated patches of                             from tests of several new batteries,      wards — the challenges the world
earth is not                                 potential for methanol and algae-         faced in the twentieth century, and
enough. It is also                           based biofuels to provide cheap           the challenges it still faces today. His-
necessary to save                            power, and the possibility of a scaled    torians and futurists both may find
the greater system of which individ-         transition via plug-in hybrid electric    much to like.
ual lands are just parcels.                  vehicles.
   Fraser shares examples of success-          Turning Oil into Salt provides a bal-
ful rewilding in North America,              anced overview of where electric car
                                                                                       Connecting the Dots
South America, Europe, and Africa.           technology stands now and where it
She sees a bright future ahead for it.       might head. This is a worthwhile          ReThink: A Twenty-First Century Approach
The establishment and maintenance            book for car enthusiasts, environ-        to Preventing Social Catastrophes by
of corridors and reserves is an engine       mentalists, policy makers, and any-       Donald Louria. LouWat. 2010. 200 pages.
of job creation. Plus, these projects        one who looks forward to a post-          $24.95.
might mitigate climate change by             fossil-fuel world.
stabilizing forests and sequestering                                                      The world’s problems will be
carbon dioxide.                                                                        much more manageable if we look at
                                                                                       them all at once, says health scholar
                                             Are Humans Headed
                                                                                       Donald Louria. In systems thinking,
                                             For Extinction?
                                                                                       every issue and challenge in the
A Renewable-Energy Vision
                                             The Vanishing of a Species? A Look at
                                                                                       world is viewed as part of an inte-
Turning Oil into
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