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Herb Conaway Health and Senior Services Committee Assemblyman, chairman A medical doctor and attorney, Conaways agenda includes expanding insurance coverage to deliver less care at emergency rooms, promoting digital tracking of patient care and solving the charity-care crisis threatening hospitals. Among the legislation Vitale has sp onsored are provisions that improve the market for medical malpractice insurance, publicize hospital errors and require health insurers to provide coverage for autism and other developmental disabilities.

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									SPOTLIGHT: POWER 50
                             N.J. Department                                                                                                                                                                                            Visiting Nurse
 Poonam                         of Health and            Mary Ann                         Samaritan      Annette                                                                                       Mary Ann                         Association of

 Alaigh                       Senior Services
                                 Commissioner            Boccolini                          Hospice
                                                                                               CEO       Catino                                                             QualCare
                                                                                                                                                                                CEO                    Christopher                       Central Jersey

 A medical doctor and                                    As chief of South Jer-                                            Catino founded Qual-                                                        A registered nurse, Chris-
 former executive at                                     sey’s largest hospice,                                            Care in 1991, and has                                                       topher works on the front
 Horizon Blue Cross                                      Boccolini is working                                              led its growth into a                                                       lines of the state’s effort
 Blue Shield of New                                      to redefine the field                                             managed health care                                                         to deliver better primary
 Jersey and GlaxoS-                                      of end-of-life medi-                                              system owned by 14                                                          care; improve the state of
 mithKline, Alaigh was                                   cal care. Samaritan                                               New Jersey hospitals                                                        public health; and give
 named to the gover-                                     cares for 400 patients                                            and doctor groups,                                                          more people the option
 nor’s cabinet in Janu-     Poonam Alaigh                a day, many in their       Mary Ann Boccolini     Annette Catino  providing care to more                                                      of getting cared for at       Mary Ann Christopher
 ary. Growing up in Zambia, New York,                    own homes, while Boccolini advocates            than 750,000 members. She’s an advo-                                                          home, instead of in the hospital.
 India and Ethiopia taught her to “connect               for family-centered policies that expand        cate for encouraging individuals to make                                                            She heads the state’s largest visiting
 with people, with issues and with differ-               availability of nonhospital choices for the     better nutrition and exercise choices to                                                      nurse association, which provides care to
 ent perspectives.”                                      terminally ill.                                 improve public health.                                                                        more than 100,000 people in eight counties.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             “The biggest imperative for all health
                                                                                            Camden                                                                                                     care organizations right now is to come
 Sol                                  Celgene            Jeffrey             Coalition of Healthcare     Joel                   Center for State Health Policy,                                        together and address the issues of health

 Barer                                                   Brenner                                         Cantor
                                     Chairman,                                             Providers                                        Rutgers University                                         care availability,” she said. The trend is
                                          CEO                                         Medical director                                        Executive director                                       toward an interdisciplinary delivery of med-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       ical care, and nurses are the bridge between
                     Celgene’s rise, Barer                                 Brenner led a study           Cantor has a major                                                                            community social services and medical
                     said, is one of “bravery,                             revealing that a lack of      impact on the state’s                                                                         expertise, she said. “Today we can care for
                     adversity, humanity,                                  access to primary care        health policy debate.                                                                         patients, in their homes, who five years ago
                     disease, arrogance, altru-                            was behind excessive          Through research and                                                                          would have been in the intensive care unit.”
                     ism, greed, naïveté and                               reliance on emergency         conferences, he focuses                                                                             Christopher also chairs the Robert
                     ultimate redemption.”                                 rooms in Camden,              on such issues as where                                                                       Wood Johnson Foundation’s nursing initia-
                     The company was once                                  where millions in             New Jersey ranks on                                                                           tive, which is addressing the state’s looming
       Sol Barer     “barely able to keep the              Je rey Brenner  Medicaid and Medi-            health care quality and        Joel Cantor                                                    nurse shortage by training faculty in the
 lights on,” but succeeded in building an                care funds are spent without improving          spending, the movement to digital medi-                                                       state’s 42 nurse education programs. The
 empire on thalidomide after finding uses                public health. The coalition is working to      cal records, the impact of hospital closings                                                  initiative is fast-tracking scholars through
 for the controversial drug. Its market cap is           expand primary care and break depen-            and how to get more residents covered by                                                      school “to provide the nurses we need to
 nearly $30 billion.                                     dence on the ER.                                health insurance.                                                                             care for an aging population,” she said.
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               Two new centrally located
               medical office buildings

              100 Federal City Road, Lawrenceville • From 1,900 sf to 17,200 sf
                              Lawrence Campus West
           (9.6 miles)                        (2.6 miles)                      (9.2 miles)
   Robert Wood Johnson               Capital Health System           Princeton Medical Center
           (5.4 miles)                        (11.4 miles)                      (5.6 miles)
                                     Capital Commons
       4056 Quakerbridge Road, Lawrenceville • From 1,600 sf to 6,900 sf remaining

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