Soup chain opens first New Jersey location by ProQuest


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									                in BriEF                           tOrt Caps would place artificial limit on compensation                                                          Bufano, director of the product liability practice
                                                                                                                                                                   at the newark law firm Gibbons P.C.
                                                   ➤➤   Continued from page 1                                                                                            A trial judge, appellate panel or state
 Solar-design company                                                                                                                                              supreme court ruling may

 continues with leasing                            called a “growing awareness” on the part of the
                                                   public and politicians that tax-paying businesses
                                                                                                        a member of nJlRA’s roster. “We’re chipping
                                                                                                        away at the problem.”
                                                                                                                                                                   overturn an excessively high
                                                                                                                                                                   jury award, but the battle
 Solar deSign and installation compa-              and jobs are being driven out of new Jersey — or         Meanwhile, many small businesses are                   can drain a firm’s finances,
 ny Geoscape Solar, in the Short Hills sec-        don’t consider coming here — because of “run-        “one lawsuit away from financial ruin,” said               another attorney said.
 tion of Millburn, said last week it would         away verdicts” and “nuisance lawsuits” that tort     Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-Middle-                             “We’ve had a num-
 continue to offer leases for residential          reform supporters say defy                                                                                      ber of cases where people
 installations, though state subsidies to          common sense.                                                                                                   stuck their hand in a snow-
 defray such costs may be in jeopardy.                   “We just want to ensure                        “We’ve heard a number of cases                             blower trying to clear a            Amy Handlin
       President Jeffrey Chavkin said state        that civil justice is applied in                     where people stuck their hand in                           clog, despite clearly stated warning labels on
 incentives help underwrite those leases.          a fair manner,” said Marcus                           a snow-blower trying to clear a                           the unit,” said David R. Kott, a product liability
 gov. Chris Christie saved $158 million in         Rayner, executive director                                                                                      partner at McCarter & English LLP, in newark,
                                                                                                        clog, despite clearly stated warn-
 the fiscal year by slashing the Board of          of the nJlRA, a statewide                                                                                       which is an nJlRA member. “in some cases,
 Public Utilities’ clean-energy program.           group of individuals, busi-                            ing labels on the unit. In some                          they lost fingers and filed suit against the manu-
       “Should they lock up additional funds       nesses and organizations.           Marcus Rayner     cases, they lost fingers and filed                        facturer. Most of the time we won at trial, but it
 for the state rebate, we still feel the incen-    “there’s a growing recognition in the state that      suit against the manufacturer.”                           was at a significant cost to the company — and
 tives are good enough to continue to offer        some laws are bad for the public at large, since                                                                also kept some key employees in court, instead
                                                                                                             David R. Kott, partner, McCarter & English LLP
 our lease,” Chavkin said. – João-Pierre S. Ruth   they result in less doctors and fewer employers.”                                                               of back at the office.”
                                                         but restricting the right to sue could                                                                          but monetary caps and other tort reform
 Soup chain opens first                            harm individuals and small businesses,               town), who spoke at a meeting of the nJlRA 
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