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									                                                                                                                                                                  InformationToday            15
                                                                                                                                                             April 2010

                                                                                                                                             consider what we recommend and what
       Focus on Publishing                                                                                                                   we do. Social networking falls into a gray
                                                                                                                                             area. Is a Tweet a published work? Blogs

The New Ethos of Publishing                                                                                                                  certainly run the gamut from inane com-
                                                                                                                                             munication to full-blown published sources

                       by ROBIN PEEK   |         to put my stuff up in Google Docs and have    The data was sucked from my contact list
                                                 access to it anywhere. Well, you get what     that I have with Google because I am liv-
                                                                                                                                                               So I am left

                            n the new “coin      you pay for, particularly when you don’t      ing my life in the Google cloud. Google
                            of the realm,”       pay for it.                                   Buzz is Google’s latest attempt to find a                    wondering, as I
                            who do we trust                                                    place in the social networking world, and
                                                                                                                                                               write this in
                      when it comes to                                                         it automatically attaches itself to your
                      the published word
                                                 Dealing With Failure to Load                  Gmail account. Unattaching it did prove                    Google Docs, are
                      and those who keep            But there are times when life can get      to be a problem, and Google was flooded
                                                                                                                                                         there ethical lines
                      those words within         a little cloudy. On more than one occa-       with complaints and eventually found a
     Robin Peek       the clouds?                sion, I have tried to access one of my Goo-   way to let people stop buzzing if they                          that have to
                          Now I should ad-       gle apps, only to be told, “Oops, Google      wanted. Was Google wrong in making all
                                                                                                                                                           be drawn in the
mit that I am writing this on Google Docs.       Calendar Failed to Load.” That’s when         of its users automatically attached to a
So for the record, yes, I drank the Google       my little cyberheart skips a virtual beat     social networking engine? But were pub-                        digital sand?
Kool-Aid, even though I have Open Office         because it was clearly at that particular     lishers who sold their mailing lists to ad-
at home and at school. But even a flash          moment that I wanted something from           vertisers on the same footing?
drive seems to be a hassle, doesn’t it? It re-   that app. While we can emote at times                                                       frequently referenced by the
minds me of the good old disk days, when         such as this, what exactly do you do about                                                  fourth estate of journalism. The question
you would be working at home and you             it? Complain to management? Leave?
                                                                                               ‘In Google We Trust’                          is not an easy one to answer. For every
suddenly realized that the document you          And go where?                                    I often jokingly say, “In Google We        “good” journalist who adheres to a code
needed was still on your office hard drive          I have been thinking about this lately,    Trust,” but I have been giving some seri-     of ethics, there is another who writes for
or that you had copied it over to another        particularly after Google Buzz entered        ous thought to the obligations of content     publications with a lesser pedigree and
media and left it at work. So I bought into      my life and then promptly found people        platforms (such as Google’s Blogger), con-
the convenience factor. It was just easier       for me to follow and others to follow me.     tent providers, and even consumers to                             (continued on page 16)

       Internet Waves                                                                                Legal Issues

Lists and More Lists Google Books Unsettled
by SHIRLEY DUGLIN KENNEDY    |                     And how about five wonderful things         by GEORGE H. PIKE   |                                          In a previous column, I
                                                 about Twitter?                                                                                            suggested that this matter

L                                                                                              S
           ists. The truth is that people love                                                         omeday I may no longer                              had grown beyond a lawsuit
                                                 1.   You can review and absorb
           them. For example, there are the                                                            need to write about the                             and was now a business nego-
                                                      a lot of information quickly.
           five must-have beauty products,                                                             Google Books settlement                             tiation. But there is a problem
five pieces to update your spring war-           2.   You can follow current events            and can instead focus on the                                with that assessment: While
                        drobe, five super-            in real time.                            future of a dynamic new mech-                               the discussions between Google
                        foods to keep you                                                      anism for universal access to                               and the authors/publishers are
                        healthy, five web-       3.   You can use search tools to find         an incredible wealth of stored                              focused on finding a business
                        sites to help you             experts—and local experts at that.       knowledge. But today is not            George H. Pike       solution to the problem, the
                        manage your money,       4.   You can ask the “Twitterverse”           that day.                                                   underlying legal challenges
                        the five most highly          for help and receive it                     The Google Books settlement is back have not disappeared. There are still
                        cited papers in mi-           almost immediately.                      before the courts, and yet again, there is copyright violations that have been al-
                        crobiology, and even                                                   uncertainty about the viability and le- leged, and as the DOJ has pointed out,
                        five easy recipes to     5.   You can attract the attention of         gality of the latest settlement proposal. there are potential violations of federal
                        get you out of the            corporations when other customer         Neither the lawsuit that began more antitrust and class action law.
Shirley Duglin Kennedy  kitchen in 30 min-            service conduits prove unfruitful.       than 4.5 years ago nor the settlement,              The lawsuit, filed by The Authors
                        utes or less.                                                          which was originally reached more than Guild in September 2005, complained
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