Wiley-Blackwell Partners With APS by ProQuest


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									10       InformationToday
April 2010   www.infotoday.com

     NewsBytes                                    provide insight into users’ questions,       plans to produce vooks by Anne Rice and      analytic comparison systems are either
     (continued from page 9)                      which arrive via SMS and a web browser       Seth Godin.                                  “very” or “somewhat” useful.
                                                  interface. With the new APIs, publishers        The Vook investors include Ron Con-          Source: Thomson Reuters (www.thom
        Springer also entered an agreement        are able to customize questions and an-      way; Kenneth Lerer, chairman of The          sonreuters.com)
     to publish the European Journal of Drug      swers around specific topics, guiding the    Huffington Post; Maples Investments;
     Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, a           real-time updates to specific topics that    Baseline Ventures; and Founder Collec-
     Swiss journal that focuses on drug de-       will interest readers of the website. The    tive. The company plans to use the funds     Ex Libris Adds
     velopment, delivery, and metabolism.
        Source: Springer Science+Business
                                                  three APIs are also designed to compli-
                                                  ment the recently released Facebook,
                                                                                               to expedite growth and support its plans
                                                                                               for expansion in 2010.
                                                                                                                                            Scandinavian Distributor
     Media (www.springer.com)                     iPhone, and Twitter applications from           Source: Vook (www.vook.com)                  Ex Libris Group announced the ac-
                                                  the service.                                                                              quisition of Fujitsu Services A/S library
                                                     Source: ChaCha (www.chacha.com)                                                        division. Fujitsu has handled distribu-
     API Enables ChaCha Q&A                                                                    Wiley-Blackwell                              tion of Ex Libris products in Denmark,
     Service on Websites, Apps                    Vook Lands $2.5 Million                      Partners With APS
                                                                                                                                            Sweden, and the Faeroe Islands since

        The free service ChaCha, which pro-
     vides quick answers to users’ questions,
                                                  in Seed Funding                                 Science, technical, and medical pub-
     launched three APIs to developers that          A group of New York and Silicon Val-      lisher Wiley-Blackwell announced a
     will provide access to the service’s data-   ley investors pooled $2.5 million in seed    partnership with the Australian Psycho-
     base of questions and answers through        funding for Vook, the startup company        logical Society (APS). Under the terms
     any website or application. The three        behind the product of the same name. A       of the agreement, Wiley-Blackwell will
     APIs allow developers to access the data-    vook is a mixed-media form that com-
     base for quick responses, display the        bines elements of text, video, images, and
     most popular questions and answers un-       social networking into a single product.
     der a given topic, and find out popular      Since its debut late last year, Vook inked
     topics and questions across the service.     partnership agreements with Simon &
        ChaCha’s database of questions and        Schuster, HarperStudio, and Hachette
     answers is updated in near real time to      Filipacchi Media U.S. and announced                                                       1992. The newly formed Ex Libris Scan-
                                                                                                                                            dinavia will interact with the 200 Ex Lib-
                                                                                                                                            ris customer institutions following the
                                                                                                                                            first sale of the Ex Libris Aleph inte-
                                                                                                                                            grated library system in Scandinavia to
                                                                                               publish the three APS flagship journals:     the Technical Information Center of Den-
                                                                                               Australian Journal of Psychology, Aus-       mark. Other prominent Scandinavian
                                                                                               tralian Psychologist, and Clinical Psy-      customers include the Royal Library of
                                                                                               chologist starting in 2011. APS signed       Denmark, the Royal Library of Sweden,
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