BISG, NISO to Co-Host ALA Standards Forum by ProQuest


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									6        InformationToday
April 2010

    NewsBytes                                  bum, and anti-fraud analysis software
    (continued from page 3)                    HealthFraud Preventor.
                                                  Source: DataStream Content Solu-
    (OpenPHI). The deal combines the data      tions, LLC (
    markup capabilities of DSCS, the creator
    of Legislative Impact and Regulatory Im-
    pact, with the semantic search and open    BISG, NISO to Co-Host
    access background of OpenPHI.
       OpenPHI concentrates on offering
                                               ALA Standards Forum
    tools and data to the healthcare indus-       The Book Industry Study Group
    try. Among OpenPHI’s offerings are se-     (BISG) and the National Information
    mantic search engine Health Librarian,     Standards Organization (NISO) will co-
    portable health record service HealthAl-   host a session called The Changing Stan-
                                               dards Landscape immediately before the
                                               American Library Association’s Annual
                                               Conference. The free, half-day conference
                                               will take place from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
                                               on June 25, immediately before the ALA

                                               conference begins in Washington, D.C.
                                               This will be the fourth consecutive year
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