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									             ON THE RUN with Cruz Pedregon

   As owner of his race team, Pedregon faces
   new challenges and adventures this season

       ecause this is my first On the Run           they seem to get a big kick out of it when I show
       column of the year, I wanted to give         up in their shops. It’s also been very educational
       all NHRA fans a quick update on              for me to see how the franchisees and their                  I do hit a few big events every year, like Tony
                                                    customers run their businesses, and I’ve picked          Stewart’s Prelude to the Dream, where I run my
what’s been going on with Cruz Pedregon             up some great ideas on how to better-run our             Late Model car among some of NASCAR’s
Racing since the end of the 2009 season.            business.                                                biggest stars in an HBO pay-per-view event.
    One of the most exciting things about owning                                                                 The Chili Bowl is another big event where I

your own race team is also what’s the most                 We’ve gotten off to a bit                         race my midget car. It’s held every year at the
challenging thing, and that’s trying to secure                                                               Tulsa Expo Center, and this year, I had my best
sponsorship to race and stay in business. As any           of a slow start, but every                        performance in five years. I love racing in the
small-business owner knows, the economy hasn’t                                                               Chili Bowl, and what’s awesome about these
been the greatest lately, so every day provides
                                                    week we’re getting better, so I                          events is that I get to race against NASCAR

new challenges and adventures to keep your          know we’ll have a great                                  drivers, like Kasey Kahne, and several other
business running well. As you can imagine,                                                                   drivers from a ton of other racing series.
finding sponsorship dollars in this economy is
                                                    year in 2010.                                                Last but not least, I built a ’78 Arrow
also tough, and every race team in every race                                                                Nostalgia Funny Car that I’ll race when I can this
series is having the                                                      I’ve done several ride alongs so   year. The two big events for the Nostalgia Funny
same challenge of                                                     far (in Dallas and right before the    Cars are the March Meet and The Reunion in
finding the dollars                                                   Pomona and Phoenix races), and         Bakersfield, Calif., at Auto Club Famoso
needed to compete.                                                    I’m looking forward to doing           Raceway. The March Meet is March 5-7 and The
    Well, we are very                                                 many more this year. So if you see     Reunion is later this year, so I’m really looking
happy to report that                                                  a Snap-on truck driving down the       forward to those.
our good friends at                                                   street and see me riding shotgun,          As you can see, my job is also my hobby. If I
Snap-on made it                                                       don’t be surprised.                    could figure out a way to race every day of the
happen and came on                                                        One of the questions I get         year, I think I would be a pretty happy guy (laugh
board as
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