Client Security v9.0 by ProQuest


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									                                               GROUP TEST l Anti-malware management

Client Security v9.0                                                           Kaspersky Open
                                                                               Space Security
                                       age offers seamless integration of                                            load and guides users through
                                       several protection technologies,                                              the initial configuration of the
                                       such as anti-virus, anti-spyware,                                             system, the discovery of devices
                                       web traffic scanning, firewall,                                                 and the creation of client loads.
                                       email scanning, intrusion preven-                                             Active Directory (AD) integra-
                                       tion and DeepGuard application                                                tion is strong and even supports
                                       rules monitoring.                                                             deployment through an AD
                                          Reporting, alerting and log-                                               group policy.
                                       ging are all available through                                                  The product works like a tra-
                                       the user interface. There is also                                             ditional AV solution, scanning
                                       a web reporting module for                                                    incoming and outgoing data
Vendor F-Secure                        easily browsing to basic report         Vendor Kaspersky Lab                  traffic for malicious content,
Price  $31.24 per license              information. Alerting is solid,         Price  starts at $675 for             including email, web traffic and
         for 100-249 users             tunable and deliverable via email                a one-year license           network interactions.
Contact               integration. The user interface is      Contact               Some new features included
                                       tab-based and very easy to use.                                               the opportunity to create a
       -Secure’s Client Security       User management was handled                      aspersky Open Space          standalone installation package,

F      v9.0 provides automatic,
       centrally managed, real-
time protection against online
                                       through either an import from
                                       a Windows domain or through
                                       polling the network. Creating
                                                                               K        Security is a suite of
                                                                                        products that offers secu-
                                                                               rity coverage for all types of net-
                                                                                                                     a redesigned user interface that
                                                                                                                     added a results pane, reports
                                                                                                                     view and information panel.
threats, such as browser exploits,     initial policies was very easy using    work endpoints – from mobile            Five-days-a-week/13-hours-
               viruses, spyware,       the editor in the Policy Manager.       devices to servers. The Kasper-       a-day telephone support is
               riskware, zero-day         Some enhancements added              sky Open Space Security Kit           included in the sale price, and
               attacks, rootkits and   in v9.0 include new virus               includes an administration server     additional levels
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