; Internet Security Business Edition v9.0
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Internet Security Business Edition v9.0


The AVG Admin Console uses the Admin Server to approach the AVG DataCenter database and to centrally define settings for stations. AVG stations approach the AVG Admin Server to read the setup parameters and to save their currently defined setting and scan results into the AVG DataCenter. AVG Admin Console is a program for administration of AVG stations. It communicates directly with the AVG Admin Server. For scalability, these various server roles can be deployed separately or on a single device.

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									» GROUP TEST l Anti-malware management
Internet Security                                                              Client Security v3.1.8
Business Edition v9.0
                                      remaining configuration is wiz-                                               discovery) and a Deployment
                                      ard-driven, including an Installer                                           Tool utility. The dashboard for
                                      Wizard that helped with remote                                               managing the systems was easy to
                                      installation of the program on                                               use and gives a nice snapshot of
                                      remote systems. Discovery of                                                 the environment readily identify-
                                      workstations was supported                                                   ing any policy or out-of-compli-
                                      through domain, Active Direc-                                                ance issues.
                                      tory or IP Discovery.                                                          Centralized reports from all
                                        The admin interface was easy                                               managed computers are available
                                      to use and provided us every-                                                in Management Console. Pre-
Vendor AVG Technologies               thing we needed to configure              Vendor BitDefender                  defined reports include malware
Price   $944.99 one year/per seat     and manage our endpoints. The            Price   $31.95 per user/per year    activity, engines and signatures,
Contact www.avg.com                   product delivers centralized             Contact www.bitdefender.com         product updates and installed
                                      configuration, management and                                                 software. Using the included
         VG Internet Secu-            alerting, updated reporting,                                                 Crystal Reports, users can create

A        rity Business Edition v9.0
         consists of several compo-
nents. AVG DataCenter consists
                                      one-stop license management,
                                      remote installation and repair,
                                      security policy enforcement,             B
                                                                                        itDefender Client Secu-
                                                                                        rity v3.1.8 is a robust
                                                                                        business security and
                                                                                                                   any custom reports they like.
                                                                                                                     New features include
                                                                                                                   B-HAVE, a technology for
of a database and AVG Admin           improved deployment capa-                management solution that deliv-     analyzing behavior of malicious
               Server. The Admin      bilities, an update manager, and         ers proactive protection from       code inside a virtual computer,
               Server performs the    options for rescue CD creation.          viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam,   increasing detection rates for
               role of a mediator     Communication between server             trojan threats, phishing and        unknown malware.
               between the AVG        and stations is encrypted.               other malware.                        While the solution delivers a lot
DataCenter and AVG stations.            Other new features in v9.0               It is composed of the Manage-     of capabilities, it will take some
   The AVG Admin Console uses         include a high-speed anti-virus/         ment Server, the central manage-    time to correctly deploy, tune
the Admin Server to approach          anti-spyware scanner, a new              
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