Annual Refresher Training 2005 by fyx28874


									Annual Refresher
Training 2005
Marcy Whitney
Environmental Health and Safety
October 13, 2005
Good Afternoon!

    Required Annual Refresher Training
    OSHA Lab Standard
    HazCom
    UA CHP
    Emergency Preparedness Planning
Other Annual Training

    Radiation Safety
    Laser Safety
    Animal Management/Occupational Safety
    Biological Safety
    Fire Drills
Lab Standard/HazCom

  As employees, you should be notified of
   the hazards in your area and the
   methods used to protect you from those
  UA CHP contains this information in
   general form
  Location of the UA CHP:
Lab Standard
  Signs and symptoms of exposure for all things
   you work with
  Location and availability of reference materials
   and MSDS information
  Hazards, handling, storage, and disposal
  Methods to detect exposure
  Protective methods in place to
   mitigate/eliminate exposure
CHP and BSP updates

  Chemical Hygiene, Biological Safety, and
   Laser Safety guidelines are being
   combined into one document
  These are being updated with most
   recent regulatory changes and
  Should be posted on the web soon –
   committee review to start asap
Annual Review
  Should have received an annual verification
   form through campus mail
  Explanation
  If CHP not submitted in 2004 or if major
   changes to your program, will need a lab
   specific CHP before December 1
  Will contact everyone who marks significant
   changes to get documentation
  Done with major documentation until 2009!
Chemical Inventory
  Chemical Environmental Management System
  Required for all chemicals on campus
  Faculty and Staff are ‘owners’ – grad students,
   undergrads, etc, can be given access
  All owners must be trained on the system
  Training dates all on Thursdays, will announce
   other dates when scheduled
Recent ADEM Inspection

  Inspected in Bevill, Biology, Shelby, Art,
   along with other areas/programs
  Items noted
      Funnels in bottles – no lids
      Improper labels
      ‘Waste’ written on bottles, labels
      Little or no chemical segregation
Other recent inspections

    OSHA – construction sites
    CDC
    EPA – stormwater
    EPA expected for chemical management
     (University of Puerto Rico fined $1 mil US
     by EPA for Hazardous Materials
Accident Reporting

  Employees – On The Job Injury Form –
   must go to University Medical Center for
   treatment (DCH ER if UMC is closed)
  Students/Visitors/Other – Student
   Accident Form (Non-Employee Injury) –
   must go to Russell Student Health Center
   for treatment (DCH ER if RSHC is
Accident Reporting Cont

  OJIs are submitted through Risk Management,
   reviewed by Janie Fowler
  Student Accidents should be submitted to EHS,
   reviewed by Christy Herron
  Submission instructions are on both forms
  We do not contact A&S Deans Office –
   however, they want to be notified if a student
   receives medical care
Emergency Evacuation
  Posted in corridors throughout Shelby
  Tornado shelter areas notated on
  Locations of fire extinguishers, pull
   stations, etc, notated on diagram
  Should review diagrams in your area
Emergency Phones

  Seven emergency phones are located in
   public areas of Shelby Hall
  Intended for emergency use
  Not intended for extended personal calls
   or for incoming calls
  Dialing 911 on these phones will contact
   UAPD dispatch – calling 911 on a cell will
   get TPD/TFD dispatch
Equipment Inspection
  Fire Extinguishers
      Common Areas – monthly
    Fire Alarms – annually
    Fire Drills - annually
    Safety Showers – annually
    Hoods – twice a year
    Eyewashes – quarterly by EHS, should
     be flushed weekly
Emergency Preparedness
  Plans written by each college, then each
   department/program/area if needed
  Sample template for lab areas to be
   included in new CHP
  Not written by EHS, will assist if
  Annual training on contents and
   procedures required
 Thank you for your time and attention!

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