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									160 • SPORTS                                                        July–December 2009                             The HORN BOOK GUIDE

                               SPORTS                                         ers are then discussed (off-field player antics are largely
                                                                              omitted). “On the Sidelines” sidebars and large, vivid pho-
                                                                              tographs bring fans onto the fields and into the conversa-
Berman, Len The Greatest Moments in Sports                                    tions about football legends and future stars. Ind. nlh
     138 pp. Sourcebooks/Jabberwocky
     isbn 978-1-4022-2099-9 $16.99
                                                                              George, Jean Craighead Pocket Guide to the
(3) 4–6 Sportscaster Berman selects twenty-five athletic
accomplishments from sports including baseball, football,
                                                                                  138 pp. Dutton isbn 978-0-525-42163-4 $9.99
hockey, and horse racing as the “greatest moments” in
sporting history. Each readable entry, packed with bits of                    (3) 4–6 With Twig C. George and John C. George. Pho-
trivia, is enhanced by photographs that heighten interest.                    tographs by T. Luke George. Based on George’s classic
An accompanying CD includes replays of live broadcasts of                     novel My Side of the Mountain, this nonfiction paperback
eleven memorable events. The book will have decided                           guide includes sections on camping, animal tracks, edible
appeal for sports lovers. lbc                                                 plants, and birdsongs. Sketches and quotes from the novel
                                                                              are sprinkled throughout, but the bulk of the guide consists
                                                                              of clear, simple information that forms a thorough introduc-
Caffrey, Scott The Story of the Oakland Raiders                               tion to life in the outdoors. Perfect for intrepid explorers,
     48 pp. Creative Education le isbn 978-1-58341-765-2 $32.80               from backyard to backwoods. Bib., ind. hrb
LeBoutillier, Nate The Story of the Chicago Bears
     48 pp. Creative Education le isbn 978-1-58341-750-8 $32.80               Herzog, Brad Full Count: A Baseball Number
O’Hearn, Michael The Story of the New England                                 Book
Patriots                                                                          32 pp. Sleeping Bear isbn 978-1-58536-429-9 $17.95
     48 pp. Creative Education le isbn 978-1-58341-763-8 $32.80               (5) 4–6 Illustrated by Bruce Langton. The text uses ran-
                                                                              dom baseball-related examples to discuss numbers one
Omoth, Tyler The Story of the Indianapolis Colts
                                                                              through ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, fifty, seventy-five,
     48 pp. Creative Education le isbn 978-1-58341-758-4 $32.80
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