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Scholastic/Orchard isbn 978-0-545-05748-6 $6.99 (3) Announcing that he's "not a dog" (despite all appearances to the contrary) but instead is "a great hunter," spaniel Max proceeds to gather everyday items found in the yard in order to piece together a dinosaur skeleton. Children dressed as Halloween monsters of all shapes and sizes participate in a trick-or-treat parade: "Monsters go from door to door. / The street's a giant candy store!" The bouncy rhymes, featuring kid-pleasing monster noises, encourage participation. Gerald is spouting "achoos" all over the place. Since Piggie is near, Gerald diagnoses his problem as a swine allergy, and, with remorse, removes himself from his friend.

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									The HORN BOOK GUIDE                                              July–December 2009                                         EASY READERS • 53

                      EASY READERS                                              L Becker, Bonny Birthday for Bear
                                                                                      56 pp. Candlewick isbn 978-0-7636-3746-0 $15.99
                                                                                      pe isbn 978-0-7636-4579-3 $5.99
Adler, David A. Young Cam Jansen and the 100th                                  (2) Illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton. Though Bear
Day of School Mystery                                                           insists it’s not his birthday, Mouse has an invitation that
     32 pp. Viking isbn 978-0-670-06172-3 $13.99                                says differently. The witty back-and-forth between the spar-
(3) Illustrated by Susanna Natti. Viking Easy-to-Read                           ring partners from the picture book A Visitor for Bear is simi-
series. Cam’s class celebrates the hundredth day of school                      lar here, but the easy reader format is an even better choice
with a “Letter P Party.” All their snacks fit the theme: pop-                   for a fifty-six-page illustrated story. Denton’s friendly ink
corn, pretzels, pineapple juice. When the pièce de résis-                       and watercolor pictures effectively convey tone and emo-
tance—pizza!—goes missing, Cam puts her detective skills                        tion. Review 9/09. kf
to good use. Plenty of humor and lots of cheerful spot- and
half-page illustrations round out the easy-to-read (and not                     Berenstain, Jan, and Mike Berenstain Berenstain
too difficult to solve) mystery. tda
                                                                                Bears’ Class Trip
                                                                                      32 pp. HarperCollins isbn 978-0-06-168973-4 $16.99
Arnold, Tedd I Spy Fly Guy!                                                           pe isbn 978-0-06-057416-1 $3.99
     32 pp. Scholastic/Cartwheel isbn 978-0-545-11028-0 $5.99                   (5) I Can Read Book series. Mama and Papa Bear act as
(3) While Buzz and his beloved pet insect are playing hide-                     chaperones for Brother Bear’s class trip to a honey farm
and-seek, a garbage collector makes off with Fly Guy, pre-                      (Sister Bear gets to go too). While teacher Bob vaguely
cipitating a search at the town dump. The series’ latest little                 instructs the kids about honey production, Papa Bear inex-
story is so fleet and suspenseful, fans may not even notice                     plicably frees the bees, then sticks his tongue in the honey
how simple the new-reader-friendly sentences are. Cartoony                      vat. Readers may glean some information or humor from
illustrations star humans and flies, all with bulbous bug                       the story but more likely will be bored. erg
eyes. nb

Birthday for Bear. Illustration © 2009 by Kady MacDonald Denton. Review on page 53.
54 • EASY READERS                                        July–December 2009                            The HORN BOOK GUIDE

Caple, Kathy Termite Tales                                         Hapka, Catherine Pony Scouts: Really Riding!
    40 pp. Candlewick isbn 978-0-7636-3896-2 $14.99                    32 pp. HarperCollins isbn 978-0-06-125536-6 $16.99
    pe isbn 978-0-7636-3901-3 $5.99                                (4) Illustrated by Anne Kennedy. I Can Read Book series.
(3) Brand New Readers series. Following short introduc-            Jill, who lives on a pony farm, is excited to teach her friends
tions (to be read by adults), these four brief stories describe    about riding. After a busy day, the girls can’t sleep. They
the adventures of industrious and creative Termite. As with        sneak out to the barn—and are surprised by a new arrival.
the other books in the series, the simple, uncluttered illus-      The fact that Jill’s mom doesn’t know her pony is pregnant
trations help support the amusing, easy-to-r
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