Introducing The Knowledge Network: Scotland's source of knowledge for health and care by ProQuest


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									Bulletin 30 (1) 2010                                     Libraries for Nursing

Introducing The Knowledge Network:
Scotland’s source of knowledge for
health and care.
Adapted from a document by Eilean Craig, NHS
Education for Scotland

The NHS Scotland e-Library has evolved into The Knowledge
Network as Scotland‟s source of
knowledge for health and care. It continues to support clinical
practice, learning and research but now goes beyond traditional
library books and journals. It offers a much wider range of
resources and services to support evidence-based practice,
communication and collaboration, and access to e-learning
content. It also provides partner organisations with electronic
tools for sharing resources and creating online knowledge
services to meet their own needs.

Features of the new service include:
     a “Google-style” search giving instant access to 11 million
        learning and information resources from over 100
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