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									Beyond the “Brief”

I                                                            Projections by State
    n addition to this issue of the OOQ, other BLS
    publications have information about the 2008–18
    projections and about careers.
                                                             The projections in BLS publications are national in
    The 2010–11 edition of Occupational Outlook
                                                             scope. But job prospects vary from one geographic area
Handbook contains detailed information about occupa-
                                                             to another. For State-specific employment informa-
tions’ job tasks, training and skill requirements, earn-
                                                             tion, including projections and other resources, visit
ings, and job outlook. It also lists sources of additional
                                                             America’s Career InfoNet at Click
information for each occupation.
                                                             on the “State Information” link; for projections, choose
    The winter 2009–10 issue of the OOQ includes
                                                             “State Profile,” and select the State for which you seek
charts that show detailed projections of occupations,
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