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      26 APRIL 2010
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                                                                                          An IndyCar Series race winner and a
                                                                                          maturing sophomore bring ambition
                                                                                          to Dreyer & Reinbold. By Jeff Olson
                                                                                          Main Images Phillip Abbott/LAT

                                                                                                  he Speedway Club, an imposing glass and steel tower
                                                                                                  looming nine stories above Turn 1 at Texas Motor
                                                                                                  Speedway, rises out of the prairie, visible from several
                                                                                          miles away. It’s a sight that once made Justin Wilson uneasy, a
                                                                                          silent sentry to a mammoth racetrack that open-wheel purists
                                                                                          have argued – and still argue – has no business in the single-
                                                                                          seater business. The first time he saw the Speedway Club casting
                                                                                          its shadow in 2008, Wilson knew he was about to see something
                                                                                          out of this world. Hours later, in his first laps around TMS, he
                                                                                          simply wanted to keep his car from going into orbit. You’re not in
                                                                                          F1 anymore, mate. You’re in Texas. You’re in another dimension.
                                                                                              Skip ahead two years. Wilson, already regarded as one of the
                                                                                          best road racers in the U.S., is gaining experience and confidence as
                                                                                          an oval racer. In 2008, he crashed at Texas. In ’09, he finished 15th.
                                                                                          In 2010, he’s actually looking forward to seeing the Speedway Club
                                                                                          on the horizon. His improvement on and enthusiasm toward long
                                                                                          left turns is fundamental to his new team, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing:
                                                                                          He must mentor another Brit who’s still learning about ovals.
                                                                                              That mentor role doesn’t exist only between Wilson and his
                                                                                          new teammate, Mike Conway. It goes from team to driver and
                                                                                          back again. Wilson’s new employer – one of just three old-school,
                                                                                          full-time Indy Racing League teams remaining – will further
                                                                                          counsel Wilson in his oval progression, while Wilson, who won
                                                                                          last year at Watkins Glen with another midpack team, Dale Coyne
                                                                                          Racing, will advise his new team on its emerging road course
                                                                                          program. The timing of the proper recipe is, as legendary TV chef
                                                                                          Julia Child would have said, almost as important as the
                                                                                          experience that goes into it. “I was 32 before I started cooking,”
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