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									                   Sport Marketing Quarterly, 2010, 19, 4-7, © 2010 West Virginia University

Industry Insider   Industry Insider:
                   Sport Marketing Forecast
                   The following industry leaders consider five areas of sport marketing and tell Sport Marketing Quarterly what
                   they expect in 2010. The interviews were conducted by Jim Kadlecek, associate professor and chair of the
                   Department of Human Performance and Sport Business at Mount Union College and Vice President for
                   Industry Relations of the Sport Marketing Association.

                   John Brody, Senior Vice President of Corporate Sales & Marketing, Major League Baseball
                   Vic Gregovits, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Cleveland Indians
                   Nancy Hill, President & CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies
                   Mike McGee, Managing Director, ANNIKA Brand of Businesses
                   Patrick J. McGee, Jr., President, ProVentures Sports & Entertainment Marketing
                   Scott O’Neil, President, Madison Square Garden Sports
                   Kurt Schwartzkopf, Chief Marketing Officer, Denver Nuggets & Colorado Avalanche

                   Ticket Sales                                                        teams and tournaments trying to “over deliver” to pro-
                                                                                       vide the best possible experience to their fans.
                      O’Neil: Big and unique events with marquis proper-
                                                                                         Brody: Last year unequivocally was a time of great
                   ties will continue to sell for bigger dollars and increase
                                                                                       economic challenge for all people around the country
                   their slice of the pie in 2010.
                                                                                       and around the world. We were very fortunate as a
                      Schwartzkopf: Big-ticket items such as club seats,
                                                                                       sports property, not because of luck or because of pre-
                   suites and some season seats continue to be a tough
                                                                                       dictions, but because of preparation and commitment
                   product for teams in the lower to mid rankings around
                                                                                       to the fan, that we enjoyed the 5th best attendance mark
                   all leagues—major and minor alike. The emotional
                                                                                       in our history of over 139 years. That is people kind of
                   spend is as great as the financial spend; however, econ-
                                                                                       voting with their feet by saying in good times and bad,
                   omy is king, and sometimes even the most passionate
                                                                                       baseball is an important component in my life. We are
                   fans just can’t afford to be a season ticket holder any
                                                                                       very fortunate because of what we have in a product.
                   longer until they are back to a strong financial position
                                                                                       And why we were and will be able to continue to have
                   at home. This makes the promotional campaigns,
                                                                                       fans go to our ballpark, it is about affordability, it is
                   group campaigns, and mini plans a critical product to
                                                                                       about access, and it is about und
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